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Evening Walk

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This is my first post after visiting this excellent site for over 10 years, I thought it's about time to contribute.


In the UK we are enjoying some great weather of late, yesterday I decided to take an evening walk with the dog and persuaded my wife to come along by bringing a bottle of wine out to enjoy. We walked about 20 minutes before finding a quiet place amongst some long grass on a local river bank. We sat down while the dog ran around the open fields chasing sky larks. After a couple of glasses of wine, my wife starts to unwind after her days work and we begin to relax having this rare time away from our children.

After the pretence of checking the dog is ok by standing up and making sure no one is walking the river bank, (I can see for a mile in each direction from my well chosen spot) I sit back down behind her. She sinks back onto me and I announce 'I am going to rub your clitoris until you come'............'here?' she replies, looking around for signs of life. By now I have already pulled her dress up to her waist and gently began tickling the front of her knickers. 'what if someone comes?' she asks but already the tickling is having the desired effect and any worries are fading fast.

After a while of this and sensing that I have her full attention, I gently but firmly spread her legs so the cool breeze can be felt between them, and I pull her knickers to one side. Dipping down further for some lubrication I then return to her clitoris and ask how she would like me to touch her.......gently, firmer, faster more friction? With each category, mimicking my words with actions on her now slippery clit. 'just keep doing that........I'm going to come already'. She has always been blessed with the ability to come very easily and quickly so with the added stimulus of being outside it was no surprise she was already there.

Moments later after her orgasm had washed over her I passed her the wine glass and we reclined a bit enjoying the scenery. A train went by on the other side of the river about half a mile away so although visible, any detail would be impossible to see without binoculars. The perfect distance to add to the daring exhibitionist in us. We must look like any normal seated couple on the river bank. The train stops as it usually does awaiting the signal to allow it through the busy junction ahead.

I am now gently massaging her breasts by this point and begin slipping my hand inside her dress and bra gently teasing a nipple. 'I must come for a walk more often' she purrs, as I continue on the other breast. 'they can't see can they' she enquiries nodding toward the stationary train in the distance. 'not unless they have a telescope' I reassure her as I manoeuvre so I can pull down the dress and bra enough to get her half inch erect nipple into my mouth.

I return to being sat straight up behind her and pull her knickers right to one side and spread her legs as far as they allow. 'play with yourself now while I play with your nipples, I want you to orgasm properly this time'. I keep the knickers out of the way, while she scrabbles frantically on her clit, I alternate between her nipples and pushing my fingers in and out of her, all the while she is becoming more urgent in her masterbating. I love watching her do this, I always have, and I encourage her to do it in front of me as often as possible.

The train starts to move off in the distance and her moans are becoming deeper in tone, she is nearly there now, 'can I wank you?' she asks breathlessly. 'can you go inside me?' .......I am now trying to curl my finger into her g spot but it isn't easy to do from the position we are in, but it's near enough and she grunts and moans into a more intense orgasm this time. Lasting about 30 seconds or so, we again recline back. She wants to reciprocate now, but I am wearing shorts and they are not as easy to access..........as the dog comes bounding back. 'when we get back.....' I say as I think we have pushed our luck enough for 20 odd minutes without interruption.

On the way back home, we make plans for other 'walks' over the weekend. I love this weather!



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