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Even Good Girls Get Dirty When Alone

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I love Solo Touch!


Well, most people think I'm a good girl, or maybe even a prude. Because I am a virgin and have never done anything except kiss a boy once. And I get kind of shy and uncomfortable when my girlfriends start talking about sex. Maybe because my parents are a bit overprotective and expect me to be innocent forever, or at least that's how it seems.

But despite my awkwardness, I have a ravenous sex drive. I've masturbated ever since I can remember, even if I didn't really know what I was doing. I had my first orgasm around 10. I remember going in my Mom's room when she was at work and reading the sex tips section of her magazines, and touching myself. Which now, is funny, because I didn't understand most of what they were talking about, I just knew it was sex, and reading about it made me want to touch myself.

Anyways nowadays my private pleasures have gotten a lot more sophisticated. I masturbate to delicious orgasm, usually several, every night before I fall asleep. What I LOVE is being alone in the house because I finally get to be loud. Very loud, and dirty-talk my way through it. The sound of my voice describing all the dirty fantasies I've been keeping inside my head is so sexy. Ugh, it's amazing and I feel so bad, even though there's no one around to hear or see me (I hope!). It always makes me come SO much harder and better than when I must be silent.

I start out by sitting on my bed and starting to fantasize, feeling my body heat up and wetness build in my pussy. Then I play with my breasts, which have recently grown from being an AA cup to a plump and firm 36B, which I am enjoying quite a lot... cupping them and rubbing them gently, letting my fingers play with my nipples. My nipples are so sensitive so this is total heaven. I lick my fingers and swirl them around my nipples until they are rock hard, my pussy really begging for attention now, but I don't touch yet. I'm grinding my hips and moaning and just savouring the feelings. I'm usually thinking of my friend Michael, who I really want to be my first (but he doesn't know this yet!).

I'm thinking that my fingers are his tounge, flicking and teasing and sucking at my hard nipples. If I'm completely alone I am delighting in whispering things like 'Oh yes, lick me Michael.' and 'God I want your hard cock in me so bad', in my sexiest whisper, just how I'd say it to him. Then I finally can't take it anymore and I reach down inside my panties (for some reason it feels dirtier and sexier to me to rub myself and come while I'm still in my panties), and I lightly feel my wetness, and I gasp at both how wet I am and how amazing it feels.

I want to ram my fingers in me right then (and sometimes I just can't help myself and do so!), but instead I take my now wet finger and tease my clit with it, grinding my hips as I do so, moaning. I imagine that my finger is the head of his cock, wet with my juices and ready to enter me.

(My God I am getting so hot writing this..)

And finally I slip my fingers inside my shaved little pussy, and I cry out at how good it is. I am so tight, hot, and dripping wet and my pussy grips my fingers as I thrust them in and out teasingly slow, feeling every bit of sensation, loving the sweet feeling of having something inside me, the feeling I've been aching for all day.

At some point I lose control and start fucking myself faster, in so much pleasure that I'm dizzy, gasping and whispering dirty words, my other hand playing with my nipples, clit and ass, feeling so fucking dirty. And I feel my orgasm is very close, and start rubbing and fingering even faster than before. And finally, my orgasm begins, like being hit by a brick wall, and seems to last forever, as I'm shaking and moaning and rocking my hips with the convulsions of my pussy. Afterwards, all sweaty and fingers covered in sweet white cum, I know that a few more orgasms are right around the coner if I want them. But usually I am too worn out!

So girls, don't be ashamed anymore. Masturbation is a girls' best friend, even if you're a 'good girl'!



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