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European Massage

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I just read a story about a guy getting a massage in Europe. I had a similar experience about two months ago. I was traveling in Eastern Europe, and the first night I was there, I read a little pamphlet that an attractive young girl stuck in my hand at the Airport. It was an entertainment guide for the city. It had many ads for massages, escorts and adult entertainment. I noticed that one of the places was about a block from the hotel so I called and asked about the services. The lady was very vague on the phone about what was involved, but did say that they had an erotic massage and that I would be able to 'finish.'

I walked to the place, but had a hard time finding it because the signs were very small. Finally, I found it in an old building. I walked in and rang the doorbell. A young lady welcomed me in and told me to sit. The place was very dimly lit, somewhat seedy looking with mood music playing softly in the background. In very broken English, the lady described to me what was involved, the price and then brought in two other girls. She said I could choose. Two of the girls were dressed in silk robes, and one was in jeans and a sweater. The one in jeans was the youngest, and definitely the prettiest, so I chose her.

She lead me into a room and told me to undress. She asked if I needed to take a shower. I had just showered, so I refused. She said she'd be right back. I laid on a soft mattress on the floor and closed my eyes. I could feel my heart pumping. I heard the door open, but did not look up. Then I heard the girl moving about.

Soon she put some oil on my feet and started to rub them. She worked her way up my legs. She massaged my buttocks, and as her hand went up, it brushed my balls. I was hard instantly. She then rubbed my back, and next I felt her massage me with her body. It was intense. About halfway through the one-hour session, she asked me to turn over. I did and my hardon stood out from my pelvis. She again used her body to massage me, eventually focusing on my penis. She then put a generous amount of oil on my penis and started to jerk me off. I had kept my eyes closed most of the time, but opened them now. We made eye contact and she spoke softly 'you like.'

I could barely mumble a yes and she smiled. I was soon at the boiling point. I started to breath heavy. She had moved around so that I could feel her breasts. They were small and perky. I had not cum in about 6 days so I had quite a build up. I started to shake and then shot a long string of cum up to my neck. Some of it went on her arm and then a second shot out, not as far. The third was weaker and finally a fair amount just oozed out. She kept stroking and looking at me.

It was such an intense orgasm. She got some tissues and cleaned me up. She commented on how far I shot and how much. The last thing she cleaned was my penis and then her arm.

She got up and told me to relax, since we had 15 minutes left. She gently rubbed my chest and shoulders. However, my penis stayed hard and she asked if I wanted to cum again. I said yes, eagerly and she got some more oil and lubed up. I told her it might take a little longer, and she said it was okay, she would make it happen quick. I got bolder and asked if I could put my hands on her pussy. She said yes. She had a thong on, her only clothes, but it was not difficult to move it out of the way. I rubbed her clit, and even inserted a finger in her pussy. It was nice and wet and I slid it in and out trying to see if she'd react. She relaxed her body a little and told me it felt good. I was turned on by the comment, and was soon on the verge of coming agin. She lowered her mouth to my neck and softly kissed my neck, ear and cheek. She then put another hand on my balls and rubbed them, and then went down towards my butthole. She poked it just a little and I started to have orgasm number 2. This one was even more intense, but I had much less cum. It did not shoot, but only dribbled out. I was thoroughly satisfied. It was about 5 minutes past my hour, so I gave her an extra tip. I again passed on the shower, threw on my clothes and walked briskly back to the hotel.

I visited there every night of my visit. I had that same girl once again, and two other girls as well. The last, was a tall, strikingly beautiful girl.

I wish I could go back there soon.



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