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European Discovery

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Spain was great, the hotel rooms were better


This is my first time posting on this site, and it makes me a little nervous to do so, because somehow I think everyone will know that this was me, even though only I (and I guess the other) know that this even happened.

Well, when I was in grade 11 I took part in a school field trip to Spain. There was a group of about 25 people and only 3 of them were guys. I knew one of the guys pretty well because he was in my grade, and after we found out that we would be going on the trip together, we started talking a lot more, and actually became quite good friends. We'll call him 'Josh'. The other guy was in the grade below me. I had run into a couple of times and said a few words and he seemed like a really nice guy. When I found out he was on the trip, I asked people about him, and I only got positive comments. I knew I was interested in guys as well as girls at the time, and this guy 'Alex' became my sole interest.

His looks, his personality, and his slight accent didn't hurt. We ended up spending time together on a weekend trip during the fall before the spring Eurotrip and that's when my feelings for him grew even more. I gave up any hope though, because he was being chased by a couple of girls, and I was not open yet with my sexuality, so even if he was interested in me, he had no idea I returned the favor.

Well, then came March Break, and the trip. The three of us got into our rooms and settled down in Barcelona. We were all exhausted and went immediately to sleep. The next morning I woke up to the sound of the shower. It was Josh, he came out and woke up Alex since we had scheduled our order for showering. Alex got out of his bed, grabbed his towel, and stripped down to his underwear. For a lean guy, his toneage was pretty good. His arms were small but his stomach was amazing. It wasn't washboard, but nicely toned with just the right amount of treasure trail. I pretended to close my eyes again, when he came back from his shower, still slightly wet and glowing in all of his godliness. He shook me and 'woke me up', and my eyes opened right at his crotch level. Let's just say, I took a while before removing the sheets from my waist area. After this experience, I knew I had to make some kind of move at some point on the trip. I was worried about him telling others (since I still was not 'out') but at the time the positives outweighed the negatives and I wanted Alex so badly.

That night, after another busy day-this time we actually got to see the city-we returned to our hotel. Josh decided to slip out of the room to his girlfriend's after curfew, and so, Alex and I were left there alone. This was my chance. We sat up on our beds talking about random things, just getting to know each other a bit more. I wanted to splurt out my feelings for him so badly, but even after that morning, I could not. Then Alex started talking to me about that fall's weekend trip, and how the girl were chasing after him. I laughed and told him he was lucky. And he just shrugged and said 'not really'. I was confused so I asked him what he meant so he continued. 'I know we don't know each other all that well, but I thought I should tell you anyway since my friends know, and I AM spending a week with you. I hope this doesn't make things awkward, but. Well, I'm gay.' My mouth dropped and I smiled and laughed a bit. He then got defensive saying 'I knew I shouldn't have told you. Man I'm stupid'. I stopped him and said 'No, you're wrong. I'm glad you told me. I am just laughing at myself for wasting an entire school year thinking that this was impossible'. He asked me what I meant, and I put my hand on his leg. I was too nervous to actually say the words so I just mouthed them 'US'.

There were no more words needed to be spoken. Alex took my hand and pushed me backwards onto my bed. He crossed the 2 foot gap and came onto my bed as well. I lied down as he put a leg on either side of me straddling my crotch. He bent over and kissed me on the lips. It seemed like it lasted for ever. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it off, revealing those abs once again. I grazed my fingers along his chest and down towards his waist, as he continued to work his lips down my now shirtless chest. He moved down a bit more and took off my boxers shorts. He took his hands and slowly started to rub my rock hard 7 inch dick with one hand while he removed his shorts and started rubbing himself with the other.

I got up off the bed and grabbed Alex by the hand, leading him to the shower. We got in and I turned on the hot water. Grabbing the nearby bodywash I began to lather up his raging 7.5 er. I was pumping like a madman when he told me to stop. We switched positions, and he went at me with amazing skill. He pumped my painfully hard dick as he massaged my balls with a soap bar. He continued on and on. I was feeling my self climaxing and tried to hold it as long as possible. Suddenly he took both of his hands and pumped vigorously. I shot all over his neck and chest and he just smiled. I knelt down and he stood up. First, I built up a lather and washed my cum off of him. Each rotation on his chest I would move closer and closer to his penis and watch it pulsate over and over until I finally washed right above, in his pubes. At this point I grabbed his dick and jerked away. I reached my other hand around back, and moved my fingers around the outside of his anus, never penetrating. I knew he liked this, (I didn't think it was possible for him to be any larger) as his dick grew harder to a full 8 inches of uncut glory. His head was massive, and I used his foreskin to slowly pass over it, teasing him with slow, then fast strokes. Just when I thought I was letting him cool down again, he yelled out 'GO!' so I thrust my hands up and down and he splattered a juicy load all over me. I wiped away the remaining dribbles and we washed each other off, making sure to wash each others now soft, but still horny penises. After finishing up we dried ourselves off and returned to our beds. A couple more things happened at different times in the night and I didn't wake up the next morning all that recovered. Needless to say, we suggested Josh spend more nights in his girlfriends room. One night, however, he came back early and lets just say that I learned a lot of things about Josh that I didn't know. But that's for another story.



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