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Erotic Night Bus Ride in Thailand

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This is a true story of how a young woman bewitched me in a chance encounter. Girls, take note of the technique.


This happened to me when I was 30 years old on vacation in Thailand. The true story starts while I was buying a bus ticket at the travel desk in my hotel. The ride was from Chang Mai travelling south to Bangkok. It's a red eye trip that leaves at 9PM and rolls in at about 6AM. While the girl at the desk was asking me to pick my seat on a chart, her manager pointed at a vacant seat for me. When I looked at him quizically, he directed my attention to a trio of girls across the lobby. He was telling me to take a seat next to one of those cute students. I nodded and he gave me my seat assignment. Both he and his assistant thought it was pretty funny.

At 9PM we boarded the bus and I took my seat. A few minutes later the three girls got on the bus and the cutest one sat next to me. She was really small, perhaps only 4 foot 10 inches tall with long shiny black hair. A gorgeous petite young woman with a tiny waist and shapely hips. Her breasts were medium size, but very well defined under her tight tee shirt. I noticed her perfume right away - sort of a woodsy musk fragrance.

All three girls were giggling. I don't speak Thai, but I'm sure they were laughing about the normal girl stuff. They were all about 20 years old. College students from the look of their clothing and hair. I remember thinking that they looked quite conservative at the time.

The bus took off and we got settled. First class Thai buses are very deluxe, with reclining seats, restrooms, video screens, etc. The girls stopped talking amongst themselves, as it's bad form for Thai girls to chatter too much in public. Typical of hot humid countries, the aircon was cranked up too high and it was pretty chilly in there. A stewardess came by and handed out some blankets. We all covered ourselves up and the first movie started.

The movie was a silly romantic flick about a young boy and girl. This girl next to me kept looking at my reaction to the movie and I kept smiling back. I have to tell you that just her lips, smooth brown skin and almond eyes were turning me on. I couldn't see any more of her, but the thought of putting my lips on hers was driving me crazy.

A couple of hours passed and the looks kept coming. Another movie started and I decided to lean forward and kiss her. She was shocked and pulled away, but gave me a mischievous smile. She let me know with hand signals that she didn't want her friends to see her kissing me. I should have known that was a low class move. I figured I'd done enough damage, so I leaned back in my seat and watched the movie for a while. Then I felt her fingers touch my hand. We interlocked our fingers but remained facing the screen.

Then the most extraordinary thing happened. She took my other hand and placed it on my crotch and started rubbing. She was encouraging me to jack off. I turned to face her, but she made it clear that she wanted us both to look at the screen. Then she pulled her own hand off mine and put it between her legs. I could see her hand move under the blanket as she rubbed her pants. Her eyes were closed, but every once in a while she would turn to look at me for a few seconds. Even though it was cold in the bus, I saw little tiny beads of perspiration on her upper lip. She was getting herself pretty hot.

About 20 minutes of this was all I could take. I wanted to cum, so I unzipped my pants and got hold of my cock. My underwear was already wet from my pre-cum and I squeezed a few drops out and spread them over my shaft. I love the feeling of the first liquid on my cock. I started stoking myself a little faster and she looked down at my hand moving under the blanket. She started to match my movement. For a few minutes we were going at the same speed.

I knew that I was going to cum, but I wanted to feel her hand on me when I did. I let go of her hand, the one I'd been holding, and put it on my cock. She was a little resistant at first, but after looking around and seeing that most of the other passengers were asleep, she started working me. Then she pulled my hand onto her pants on top of her pussy.

I could feel the moist heat under the material. She started humping right away, pushing my hand down hard onto her pussy. I did what she wanted for a while, but then I tried to unbutton her pants. Again she looked around, then helped me to undo the top button and unzip her fly. I forced my hand down her panties and ran my middle finger over her soft pubic hair. She wiggled a little bit to loosen her pants and after some effort I was able to get just the tip of my middle finger onto her little clit. She made a little squeak when she gasped at the feel of my touch inside of her.

She only looked at me for a minute, her beautiful expressive eyes wide with excitement. Then she faced forward, closed her eyes and started humping silently on her seat, forcing her hips up so her clit rubbed against my fingertip. Other than that little point of contact and my palm against the top of her pussy, I had no other way to stimulate her. She quickly lost interest in my cock and started humping even faster. She kept fucking my fingertip for a very long time. I was rock hard and as big as I'd ever been, in fact my balls were aching from the tension, but I wanted to take care of her first. In a loud part of the movie she relaxed enough to get right to the edge, and then she pushed my finger deeper inside of her and slammed her legs together. Then she held my hand still and I felt her contractions as she quivered in her seat. Her back was arched and her thighs were pressed hard together. She had a very intense orgasm in total silence. In the dim light I could see her biting her lip and holding her eyes shut very tightly. After a while she relaxed a little and sat back against her seat. She looked around and then smiled at me.

She got a fine cotton handkerchief out of her pocket and patted the beads of sweat off her face. Then she slipped the white handkerchief under the blanket and wrapped it over the head of my cock. Taking one more quick look around, she was satisfied that no one was watching and she started wacking me off. This young woman had obviously done a few cocks in her time because she stroked me better than I'd ever been stroked before. Long slow pulls starting at the bottom of my shaft up to the top just behind the head, some gentle squeezes and then the long slow stroke back down again. With her hand at the bottom, she pushed hard at the base of my cock, making me feel like I was forcing my dick deep into a cunt. The feeling was exquisite and I responded by humping back at her. We quickly found our rhythm and in just a few minutes she had me racing toward an orgasm.

With her other hand she covered my mouth to keep me from making too much noise. The she wanked me hard and fast. I felt my jizz build up and travel up the length of my cock. A big white load shot out into the cotton. Then another and another. All the time she squeezed and pulled my just at the right time, even better than I could do it myself, maximizing the intensity of my orgasm. She was a mindreader. Her hand movements encouraged me to squirt more cum and my contractions continued for longer than I'd ever experienced them. When I was totally spent I sat back to catch my breath. She kept her hand wrapped around my cock and gently caressed me, milking every last drop into her handkerchief. I slipped my hand under the blanket to feel where all that cum had gone. Most of it got collected in the cotton, but some had gone onto her hand and wrist. She pulled back the blanket and cleaned me up. Then we buttoned our pants and held hands, leaning our heads together.

I started to fall asleep, but was awakened by her when she slipped my hand onto her cunt again. She was really wet this time, from sweat, her own pussy juice and my cum that she'd rubbed on herself. Her pussy was slimy with all those liquids and even though the movie was playing and the road noise was loud, I could hear my hand making wonderful wet slurping sounds as she guided me through a second hot finger fucking session. This time she looked right at me while she started to cum. As her orgasm began she pressed her lips onto mine and ran her tongue all around my mouth. Her hot breath and saliva was intoxicating. I followed her direction and ran my fingertip over her clit as fast as I could. She came hard, gasping for air as she rammed her pussy against my hand, pressing down on my fingers to get all the friction she could. When she was at the height of her pleasure, her whole tiny body was wiggling madly. I'd never felt a woman move like that before. She was electric and the thought of her doing that always makes me get hard.

After she put her clothes together, went to the restroom and came back, she let me put my arm around her and we slept for a few hours. I never exchanged one word with her, before, during or after our encounter. Neither of us spoke the other's language, and we didn't even try to speak. When we reached Bangkok I wrote down the hotel I planned to stay at on the back of my business card and gave it to her. She took it and smiled, but her friends were watching her so she pretended to brush me off.

A few days later the desk clerk at my hotel gave me an envelope with my business card taped to it. I rushed up to my room and opened it up. Inside were five Polaroid photos of her. Two were of her wearing a formal dress and three were of her naked. In one of the shots she was masturbating with a big pink dildo. No note, no address, no name.

The pictures had been sprayed with her perfume. I've jacked off to those photos at least five hundred times. There is still a faint scent of her on them. I've visited Bangkok many times since that experience, hoping I'd run into her in a city of ten million people. I even managed to find the perfume that she used and given bottles of it to girlfriends. I've sprayed dozens of bar girls with that scent and had them jack me off. Once in a while I can capture a little bit of that encounter, but it's never as good.

I'm looking at those photos right now and I'm going to unbutton my fly and pull out my cock, grease it up and shoot my wad into a white lace handkerchief. I miss her.



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