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Erotic Memories Of Long Ago

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Childhood memories of my skinny redhead sister.


Many of these stories remind me of childhood experiences I shared with my sister who is four years younger than me.

For a period of about twelve years, when we were younger, we saw each other naked both by accident and by intention on a fairly regular and frequent basis. For example, I would go to the bathroom to pee or dump and she would be taking a bath. If I sat on the toilet we would talk about stuff and, sometimes she would get out to dry herself in front of me. At some point-I cannot remember exactly when-I became aroused seeing her nude or looking up her dress when she sat carelessly around the house.

My brother (who was two years younger than me), my sister and I, often played strip poker when our parents were away. The game generally started because of my suggestion but we were all willing participants. First of all we would all count the items of clothing we all had on and those with fewer items would have to add clothing items to match the person with the most. During the early years my sister did not wear a bra so that was not an issue. One of the first times we played sticks in my mind. We played draw poker and were allowed to draw up to four cards. At that point there was no betting; the one with the worst hand had to remove an item of clothing. In this particular game I remember my sister had a difficult choice: she had to remove her panties or her jumper (she went to Catholic school and the jumper was part of her uniform). Finally, she decided to remove her panties so, I presume, her lower body would still be covered. The amusing thing to me was that I was sitting directly across from her and I saw her pussy while she removed her panties and after she removed them I still got occasional peeks up her jumper. She had not yet perfected the female art of sitting modestly. In the poker game, when one of us was naked and lost a hand, the others could do anything they wanted to the loser for one minute. When my sister lost I vividly remember my brother and I spreading her legs, tickling her pussy and examining her entire body and I would jack off afterwards-often in front of them. Many of these stories have a sister giving her brother a hand job resulting in a climax. This never happened to me but when I lost a strip poker time and I was examined, she handled my penis and played with it resulting in it getting large and hard. I loved it.

We were all quite athletic and-among other things-were into gymnastics. Often, while we were in our pajamas before going to bed my sister and I liked to do this particular stunt. I would lie on my back on the floor with the bottoms of my feet raised up over my chest. My sister-sometimes with the help of my brother-would climb up on me so she was standing on my feet. I would have to hold still and she would be balanced on my feet, then I would slowly straighten out my legs so she would rise up to the point that my legs were fully extended and she could barely touch the ceiling of the living room. My favorite part of this stunt of course was the marvelous view I had right up her nightgown.

Often my view was not even obstructed by panties and I could spread my legs (and feet) apart a bit which would cause her legs and feet to spread apart as well. Sometimes I would jack off while she was above me; other times immediately after she got down.

One other activity we used to engage in quite often as we got a bit older was when she got home from school. We both went to Catholic schools and had to wear uniforms. While I was in High school and she was in Grammar school, I would often get home before her or anyone else and would be sitting on the living room couch watching TV when she arrived. Almost always she would sit on the sofa beside me and we would start to tussle and she would often wind up lying across my lap bouncing her rear end up and down. I responded by putting my hand up under her dress and tickling her crotch.

Sometimes she would place her arm up my crotch also and after a while I would wind up with a sticky mess in my pants.

I remember one time in particular when I managed to get her underpants off and was tickling and examining her pussy and asshole when her girlfriend suddenly appeared on our front lawn on her way to the door.

My sister quickly jumped up-she still had her school jumper on-and went to the door to greet her friend. I don't think her friend saw what we were doing. They went outside to play together and I soon joined them in the back yard and pushed them on the swing set - her friend with her short jumper on and my sister dressed the same way but without underpants. It was a wonderful afternoon.

We never had intercourse although a few times we came close.

I may add more later as I have many more memories of more childhood masturbatory activities with my sister as we grew up together.



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