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Erotic Massage

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This is a true account of what happened to me just 2 weeks ago.


I read an ad in the personals by a woman who would be coming to my city and would be offering erotic massage in her hotel room. It had been quite a while since I had sex of any kind and I had been having problems getting a strong erection so I contacted her and made an appointment. As it turned out, it was one of the best erotic massages I ever had.

I knocked on the hotel room door at the appointed time and a woman with dark hair and good figure opened the door and invited me in. After perfunctory greetings and small talk, she told me to get undressed for my massage while she did the same. I stripped and laid on the bed as she directed me to do with my head at the foot of the bed. I watched as she took off her clothes and could feel my penis stir a bit. She had really lovely breasts, about 38C in size, and nipples that were very large and dark colored. I have always been turned on by nipples and her areaolas were at least 4 inches in diameter with a large nipple that protruded an inch. As she stood in front of me and began to massage my back, I had a direct view of her pussy from a foot away. Her pussy lips were shaved but she had light brown fuzz on her mound and as I continued to look at her pussy my cock began to get aroused. She continued to massage my back, then began to lightly rub my ass and thighs, slipping her hands between my legs to tickle and massage my balls. I lifted up a little and she slid her hand futher under me and began to lightly caress my now throbbing penis. After playing with me for a while she asked me to turn over. When I did, my penis flopped onto my belly and I could feel it throbbing and bouncing as she began to slowly massage and stoke it. It was harder than it had been in a long time and I could see that the glans was swollen and purple around the edge. It felt so good as she tickled my glans with her fingers and continued to lightly rub my big balls. I knew I would ejaculate soon unless I could get her to stop for a while so I asked if I could give her a massage. She agreed and laid on her back.

I began by massaging her tits and rubbing her nipples in my hands. As I tweaked them, they began to swell and get really big and hard. I could tell she liked that and I lowered my head and began to suck and tongue her erect nipples, sucking them in and tickling them with my tongue, first one breast, then the other. As I did this I lowered my other hand to her genital area and began to stroke her pussy as she spread her legs wide apart to give me access. I could feel her clitoris as I massaged her mound and lips and I began to stroke it gently. It got very large, sticking out at least an inch or more and it was obvious that she was enjoying me stroking and playing with it. She asked me to put my fingers into her vagina which was soaking wet now so I began to finger fuck her pussy with one hand while I stroked her clit with the other. She began to moan, then her body began to buck wildly as I continued to finger fuck her and stroke her erect clit. Finally she began to moan very loudly and had an explosive orgasm. After that, she told me it was my turn so I laid on my back with my now fully erect cock thobbing and twitching as I anticipated her jacking me off.

She knelt beside me and oiled my cock, and began to gently stoke it up and down while she massaged my swollen balls with the other hand. At the same time she opened her thighs and thrust her pussy towards my hand and told me to finger fuck her while she was jacking my cock. She continued stroking and tickling my turgid penis and after a few minutes I could feel the eruption began to build as my cock throbbed and leaked pre-cum out of the head. Then there was no turning back as I began to arch my hips and stick my cock into the air as she began to stroke it up and down, faster and faster. I looked at her swollen pussy as I fingered it, then at her hand jacking my cock up and down. That was it, I could not hold back the flood any more and I said, 'Oh baby, I'm going to squirt!' She said, 'Let it go baby, let that hot cum squirt out of your cock for me!' The first three contractions of my penis squirted my cum into the air at least two feet and the globs landed on my belly. Then another four or five big globs of cum oozed out of my pecker and ran down her hand. Finally I was finished ejaculating and she said, 'Oh baby, you sure had a big load in you. You made quite a mess here.'

As I laid there with my cock still erect and twitching, she got a warm wash cloth and cleaned me up. Then I got dressed and left, feeling as good as I had felt in years. I hope she comes to town again soon. I can already feel my cock getting hard!



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