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Erotic History

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After reading this site for more than a year, I recalled many of the events in my sexual history, several of which contributed heavily to my erotic life. The first event happened when I was not quite six, and saw my aunt spank my ten-year-old cousin on her bare behind while I watched. It was then that I had my first remembered erection clearly reacting to the exciting sight of my cousin's cheeks going from white to pink to red as her mother's hand struck one and then the other of her buns. Luckily, I didn't follow my cousin over my aunt's lap that time. I found the experience very exciting, and as soon as I could, I went into the bathroom to inspect my tingling penis. It was rock hard about three inches long, and when I rubbed it, I got the most pleasing sensation I ever had. Thereafter, I lulled my self to sleep every night reproducing this lovely feeling by holding my little penis between my thumb and forefinger and stroking its hard little shaft. The down side of my new delight was that every time I was to be spanked, I got hard which for some reason I found embarrassing in that my mother, aunt, or other spanker got to see my hard little penis sticking out rigidly before I went over the knees, and I was aware that while I was so positioned, they could feel the little spike jabbing their leg. Things went on like this until I was nine when I happened to walk into the bathroom and saw my 12 year old cousin, the brother of the girl whose spanking inspired my first hard, sitting on the toilet with his fist round his hard penis stroking it vigorously. We were both surprised. He told me to come in, close and lock the door, and watch. I egearly did. He continued, I gaped, and before long great ropes of thick white liquid squirted out of his penis. I was amazed, asked for and got an explanation of what I had seen. He said that stroking your penis is called jacking off and the climax coming. I was greatly interested. He became my tutor, and before we left the bathroom, I had my penis (he called it prick and dick) out jacking away myself but only with thumb and first two fingers. I got the usual good feeling, but kept going at his urging until I had my first orgasm. It was dry unlike his, and he very wisely remarked that I wouldn't squirt until I grew hair on my dick. Unknowingly, I now embarked on the route of pleasure that all males travel. My nightly penis plesure now included orgasms. Soon my nightly shower wasn't complete until I had a come. Finally one night as I was jacking away in bed when I was 12, I felt some thing sticky, but since I wasn't yet at the point of no return, I kept going, and when I came this time, a white drop tumbled out of my dick with the first five spasms. This was indeed another climactic experience both for pleasure and problems. I now had to worry about come stains on the sheets. By that time, my penis was very impressive I thought. It was five inches long hard and three and a half inches around crowned by a thin blond moustache like spread of pubic hair. The future seemed very promising. (I'll continue this in later posts.)



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