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Erotic Clubs

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I'm surprised no one mentions any gay clubs on this site, or rather, any experiences thereof. So I figured I can share mine.

For some reason I've always known I was gay, I just never really pursued it and opted for just masturbation as opposed to mutual sexual experiences. That was until I was about 17 when I had my first gay (and altogether first) sexual encounter. Basically it was just a friend of a friend, and one night at a sleepover, I woke to find him outside naked, and jerking off inside the pool. At first he was a little embarrassed, but I was completely comfortable and just took my clothes off revealing a raging boner, simply saying 'well I'm already awake anyway'. I was about to jump in the pool when he got out first and just jumped on me to kiss him. I guess we just kinda both knew, but whatever.

Anyway after that we lost touch a little, and then a few years later we hooked up again (apparently he had gone off to see the world). He then revealed another pet fetish of his (jerking at night being the first). He had enjoyed going to private gay clubs abroad and getting ravaged by the members. I have to say this did surprise me a bit at first, but after entertaining the thought and getting turned on I convinced him to take me to one.

Arrangements were made and we were off one weekend night to check it out. Now even I was extremely nervous not knowing what to expect, but he assured me it would all be fine. When I got in I was completely amazed. Basically once you got past the entrance area, you could either go inside and hit the bar, or you could take off all your clothes and put on one of their robes, or just go in naked, heading to the more adult area. My friend took off his clothes, put on the robe, while I remained clothed. There were three areas altogether, the main bar and dance area, the pool/hottub area, and the adult section with all sorts of extra rooms. He headed to the adult section and edged me to at least watch, saying there was an area there where you could watch and masturbate with other people. A bit hesitant I followed on.

He went inside this room and joined in this guy orgy that was happening, roughly 15-20 people. I watched from the sidelines and masturbated till I came. I left him there to explore a little and came across what today is my favourite area, which is kinda like a huge gloryhole area with both large and small rooms. I joined in the larger one and I must've jacked on about two or so dicks until I was forced to remove my clothes to prevent stains, then returned to do a few more. By the end of the night I was hooked and have been going there ever since. My friend and I have lost touch a bit, since he moved away.

My absolute favourite thing to do now is when I go there, I wear either stockings or a woman's bathing suit underneath my clothes and then go into the smaller glory hole rooms with only them on, and get just a bundle of cocks cumming all over me. By the end of the night I look like those asian bukkake chicks and it feels divine. Either that or join in a mutual masturbation party and volunteer to be the recepticle. Heck I've had people call me a slut while they cum on me because of that bathing suit. Since I live alone now I don't have to worry about coming home smelling like jizz.



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