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Erection Problems (Chapter 2)

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Due to a medical condition I began having erection problems in my early 40s. It was not that I could not get an erection, but that it was not hard enough to engage in intercourse.


Chapter 1 explains my erection problems and the medical solution. I had a good lesson from the chemist's assistant who taught me how to put that medical solution to good use.

Then I moved a few months later and changed to a different compounding chemist closer to my work. The assistants there were all much younger except for one woman close to my own age. She was tall and slim, with salt-'n-pepper grey hair. She wore a light blue uniform, which showed her wide hips with a flat belly and very small breasts.

I used the shop for about a year, when one Saturday I went in just before closing time. She had always been the friendly one in that place. I was always happy to see her, as she had a pretty face and always smiled at me. This day she was alone and we made some small talk about the weather. She wished me a good weekend.

As I was leaving she asked me if I had time for a coffee. I told her I was in no hurry, as the family was away for the weekend and I was on my own. Ten minutes later she closed up shop and we went to an outdoor cafe. As we sipped our coffees she explained that her husband suffered from ED and wouldn't do anything about it. She asked me who my doctor was, how he arrived at this solution to my problem, how well was it working for me and a lot of other questions.

She finally asked if I would mind showing her how I injected as she felt she would have to do that part for her husband. I immediately sensed an opportunity and said I would show her. I suggested sitting in my car, as I was planning on injecting and then jerking off in her presence.

She suggested that we go instead to her apartment, as her husband was away fishing for the weekend and she was alone. I could hardly contain myself. Her apartment was within a short walk and we went up three floors. She opened the door and let me into a cool, dark roomy three-bedroom place. She offered me some wine or a cool drink. We settled on cold white wine and sat chatting in her living room until the wine began to relax us.

Finally I suggested that we begin. I said that I normally urinated and then injected while standing up in the bathroom. She showed me where the bathroom was and closed the door so that I could pee in private. I undressed completely, urinated, then opened the door and asked her to come in.

She blushed when she saw I was totally naked. I showed her how I filled the syringe to the mark, swabbed the side of my penis with alcohol and then explained that it was easier to inject once it started to get erect. I was surprised to hear her offer to suck it and without waiting for my answer she knelt on a folded bath towel on the floor and began to suck my limp dick. Much to my amazement I began to get hard almost immediately.

At some point I asked her to stop, as that was enough. She remained kneeling to watch and with my dick just inches from her face I swabbed it again with alcohol. Holding it with my right hand I pushed the needle into the base about one inch from my belly. I pulled the plunger and some blood entered the syringe, so I explained that the needle was in the right place. I pushed the plunger to inject the drug, withdrew the needle and re-capped it, placing it on the vanity. Then I began to stroke my penis, explaining this was necessary to distribute the drug or I would end up with a severe curve to one side and much discomfort. She watched closely, before asking if she could help and then started stroking me. I had intended to quit, get dressed and leave right after the demonstration, but this was feeling too good.

She was stroking me with one hand and unbuttoning her uniform with the other. My hands grasped her head, then I knelt on the floor in front of her, kissing the side of her face and her neck. She just kept stroking me. She sighed and said she hadn't had any kind of sex in several years. She started to rub her pubic area through her uniform. I was good and hard now, so I suggested she undress. She said that rather than the hard floor we should retire to her guest room.

We went in to the cool and almost dark guest room. She pulled the bedcovers down to the foot of the bed. I helped her finish undressing. She had large nipples, which were quite erect, very flat firm breasts and she was quite trim. Her grey pubic hair was thick and curly extending onto her inner thighs. She hugged me and asked me to kiss her, but not on the lips. We lay down on the bed facing each other. She began to stroke me again. I could feel her rubbing the tip of my hard-on in her curly pubic hair. I was kissing her neck and behind her ear. I placed my hand over hers and began rubbing the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She thrust her hips toward me, pressing the entire length of her body tight against me.

I asked her if she wanted me to use a condom, but she said no and smiled. She rolled onto her stomach with her head resting on her folded arms and drew up her knees, which raised her bottom in the air. I got behind her. My cock was throbbing as I stroked it, before thrusting it back and forth along her wet slit. On the forward end of the stroke I could feel the hard nub of her clitoris with the sensitive tip of my engorged cock. She began to breathe heavily, squirming with pleasure and then she started to moan. She reached between her legs with one hand, pressing my shaft tighter against her lips and clit. My own orgasm started to build at her touch. I tensed my abdominal muscles and waited for the explosion to come. A convulsive throb racked my testicles. I could feel the thick spurt of jism surge past my sphincter, along my dick and out of my pee-hole. My hot cum splattered across her clit and into her thick pubic hair. Within a few seconds her back arched and a loud gasp signified her own orgasm.

We rested briefly in that position, then she rose while slowly released my penis and turned around. She was looking into my eyes. We kissed on the lips for the first time, passionately, her arms wrapped around me. With my left hand I milked myself dry while my right arm was around her waist, pulling her to me. We were both on our knees now, very close together. Her hand replaced mine on my cock. She buried my now very sensitive cockhead in her thick, crisp, wet pubic hair and the sensation was wonderful. We lay in each other's arms for some time.

She thanked me for my attentions and said that she'd really needed that. It would be almost a year before I would see her again, but that is a story for another time.



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