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Erection Problems (Chapter 1)

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I had always been very sexual,masturbating several times a day through my teens. Then even when married in my 20s I enjoyed a good wank almost everyday, despite regular and frequent intercourse with my very attractive wife who was similarly inclined.


Due to a medical condition I began having erection problems in my early 40s. My increasing inability to perform led to my depression and some strife between us. It was not that I could not get an erection, but that it was not hard enough to engage in intercourse.

After several years of me performing oral sex on my wife and receiving hand jobs on those days that I could get hard enough, I consulted an urologist. He prescribed an injection, which enhanced the normal erection mechanism. It caused my penis to fill with blood, swell, and become quite hard for almost an hour. It wasn't quite as good as being 16 again, but the erection was adequate for good penetrative sex.

Sometimes I just enjoyed injecting myself and walking around with a hard-on for an hour, then having a jerk-off session. For those readers who might be horrified at the prospect, I assure you the hypodermic needle is very fine, very sharp and I inject into the side of the penis, near the base where there is little sensation. The needle does not hurt and only occasionally do I observe a bruise after vigorous sex. My wife thinks this is great, saying that I am a considerate lover and feeling no decline in her own interest.

The only embarrassment I have felt is picking up the bottles and needles from the compounding chemist. The chemist's assistants are all females and I always fantasize about what they think of me, as they process my order before handing me the prescription. When I first started with this medication I had been going to the same chemist for several months, when an older lady with large breasts and her hair up in a bun asked me how I was making out with the injecting. No one else was within earshot so I explained that I was feeling pain and having extensive bruising. Her name was Abigail and she offered to show me how to improve my technique.

She led me into their consultation room, closed the blind on the window and locked the door. She asked me to pull down my pants and underwear, then sit on the examining table. She filled a disposable syringe with the prescribed amount, then grasped my penis in her hand and swabbed it with alcohol. She injected the drug into my penis, as I have described above and began stroking me.

All this time she talked on about herself. Her husband had been diabetic and used this medication for years. The last time she had a good stiff one up her was two days before he died 15 months ago. She continued stroking me, so I was getting more and more aroused. She kept on talking and I couldn't get a word in edgewise. I wanted to tell her I was going to cum any minute, but I couldn't get a word in and suddenly I just shot all over her lab coat.

I apologized profusely but she didn't seem to mind. She asked me when I could slip away to dinner and spend an evening with her. I was quite stunned, but recovered quickly upon realizing the opportunity she presented. I suggested the following Thursday, and we exchanged phone numbers.

Thursday came and we settled on a kosher delicatessen near her apartment. This surprised me as I had fine dining in mind but she said that she was observant and this inexpensive place suited her, plus eating would not waste half the evening. I left my car behind and we walked the three short blocks to her two-bedroom apartment. This was when she told me that she had become so aroused during our lesson in the consultation room, that she had masturbated right after I left, then twice more upon arriving home and again at bedtime.

She talked quite a bit and we undressed. It was then I realized she was actually younger than I thought. She had large, but perky breasts and her reddish pubic hair had not begun to turn grey. She was a bit plump, but I prefer round women. My wife had recently lost 100 pounds and I found her less attractive when thinner. Abigail had me sit on the vanity counter in her bathroom and she expertly injected me.

She began stroking me, then asked me to go sit on the toilet and pee, bearing down as much as possible. She left the bathroom and I did as she suggested. This produced a throbbing erection very quickly, a new technique for me!

I walked out of the bathroom with my boner pointing at her ceiling and found her reclining on a leather couch. While I felt like immediately mounting her I asked her where we could lie down together. She said that my erection would be much harder if I did it standing up.

She led me back into the bathroom and slipped a lubricated condom onto my erection. She sat on the edge of the vanity countertop, with me standing there between her knees, with my ball sack resting on the cool surface. We embraced, hugging and kissing for a few minutes. She grasped my tool and began gently stroking it. I began fingering her and she spread her legs wider apart. After a few minutes she took my hand from her pussy and placed it on her breast, then began stroking her clit with the tip of my love wand.

My desire to cum was becoming quite urgent now. I was massaging her left breast with my hand and sucking her right, moaning all the while with each stroke of her handwork. I clasped her body to me with both my arms wrapped round her back, and began thrusting furiously into her fist. She matched my pace and suddenly I felt the tension in my legs increase, then I ejaculated five or six shots into the rubber. My pace slowed then stopped and I kissed her repeatedly on the lips.

I began fingering her again, her bush was very wet and she directed me to her clitoris, which was now quite large. I continued to massage her 'little sailor in the boat' for what seemed like an eternity, until finally she moaned and gasped. Clinging tightly to me she thrust her hips rapidly and then suddenly paused. By this time I was getting hard again.

She explained that the ring end of the condom performed like a cock-ring and was keeping me stiff. She eased herself off the counter and knelt on a folded bath sheet on the floor. She proceeded to suck me off quite expertly and after the 'second cumming' I serviced her with a glass dildo, which she provided. When she was resting afterwards I grasped my cock and brought myself off with about 30 well-timed strokes.

She tenderly removed the condom and cleaned me up. I had learned a lot from her. We met several times after this. Then I moved... (see chapter 2)



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