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Autumn arrived here in the UK on the 3rd of September on the tail of a hurricane in the US, and it was like throwing a switch. One day it was glorious summer, and the next the leaves were blowing from the trees and turning red, yellow and gold almost before my eyes, it seemed. But this Sunday morning was different. The wind was still, and the temperature soared. Often known as an 'Indian Summer', ocassionally, we get these all-too-short respites before we enter the interminable greyness that is autumn winter and often much of spring in the UK.

So, in the heat I went for a walk into the achingly beautiful hills at the back of my home. Up there, it is still quiet and with a little imagination even the riding school that is the only building for miles can fade back into the 14th century farm it once was. I didn't have any conscious intention to do anything sexual as I walked through the stubble of harvested wheat, and when I saw three dots on the horizon of some of the young riders who use the riding stables, again, I had no intent of sexuality. I wasn't even wet, or thinking about sex which is perhaps unusual for me.

The riders approached. They were three girls ranging in ages from I would say 15 to 18. They nodded politely as I stood away from the track to let them pass. I didn't even attempt my usual psychic bond with them. I merely let them pass and the soft breeze brought snatches of their conversation to me. It is strange, isn't it, how well bred, well mannered girls often descend into depravity of speech when they are alone together. I heard one of them say 'Oh shit, yes. I need to as well.' A slight change in the wind made me miss the next few words until I heard '....well, let's go over there.' I turned my head to see them dismount and lead their horses into a thicket, tying the beasts to a tree where they began to crop the grass. Curious, I ducked into the other side of the thicket and approached them carefully. I was instantly aroused, not sexually, but that I was about to spy on something. I have always loved covert operations like this!

After only a few seconds, I saw them through the trees. They were in a small clearing, looking around them. 'You first' came from one of them, followed by 'Oh fuck. I can't wait. Let's do it together.' They fumbled with their jodphurs tugging them down as low as their riding boots would permit, followed by their panties. I was close enough that, had I stretched out a hand I could have touched one of them. They squatted, in a circle, facing each other, and started to pee onto the grass. From where I was I could see into the crotches of two of their panties. Unusually, one was wearing brown panties! I haven't seen any like that but, of course, they only served to show me how wet this young girl was! There was some whiteness there, of course, but the crotch was quite literally moist running the whole of the gusset. Similarly, the other girl whose panties I could see (although they were a pale blue and feminine thong, was also heavily stained.

As they peed they too were glancing into each other's panties. 'You slut! You're as wet as I am' from one. 'Yeah, it's true isn't it. Nothing like a gentle canter for a gentle cum.'...a lot of giggling ensued. One said 'My boyfriend won't know his luck is in when I get home later', another said 'I can't wait for later, I need to jill one off when I get home'. Oh, how I wanted them to jill off together there and then, but they finished their pee, rearranged their clothing and left. I waited until I heard them leave and walked into the same spot myself.

I was now sexually aroused. Standing there, in the exact spot where they had peed, the scent of them was still heavy. Pee, of course, but also pussy, and also sweat. Odd, isn't it, how one can differentiate. There was clean soap from one, and mild sweat, but there was one who was heavilly sweaty. I slipped my shoes off and stood where they had blessed the forest floor. For a moment I didn't know what I wanted to do. Then, I slipped my hand up my dress and into my panties and masturbated to orgasm standing, while feeling their wetness under my feet. After the orgasm had subsided, I lifted my dress, and, squatting over their pee, I indulged myself in something I enjoy now and then. I thought of the girl, the oldest one who had the pale blue thong, and the wetness in it. I imagined her under me as I peed into my panties. Of course, as usual, it triggered a second, followed by a third orgasm, as I imagined her blessing me in the same way.

I walked home, utterly wet, and utterly sated.



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