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Making the best of getting old after prostate cancer. Don't forget to have annual prostate check-up.



I really envy those beautiful creatures who are born with a pussy. It must have lots of advantages especially after mid-life when the periods end and pregnancy is no longer a concern. There is nothing hanging out and when trimmed and groomed it is a beautiful thing to behold. Men envy the size of the larger penises they see in the locker rooms at the club. Women envy the power of the erect male penis and what it can do to give them pleasure. To fulfill their wish to have one, they wear strap-on penises and pretend they are all powerful with their partner, male or female. But who has ever heard of pussy envy?

After a life, all these years as a man, who has wooed and won many a lass, young and old, with the power of the penis I find that in my old age after prostate cancer treatment with radioactive seed implants my penis has totally disappeared. I have been left with nothing but a clit and a 'mangina' (pussy) to play with that looks and feels just like a real vagina. My breasts and nipples have grown to the size a young teen girl's due to the lack of testosterone. They are sensitive all the time and my nipples stay hard and crave attention.

The libido is still strong and my interest in sex has never waned. I still long for the wonderful loving feelings that come (no pun intended) when making love with my wife but but now we share the feelings with the foreplay of caressing each other, especially nipples and pussies.

I love the feeling of my nipples being teased, pinched and pulled and it makes my 'pussy' get wet. She will tease my nipples just like I have always played with her's.

We now make love like two women and I love her as I always have. As I swirl my finger around her clit enjoying her wetness, the aroma drives me wild. I feel a stirring in my groin as I begin to do the same with my pussy. With a little KY, I slide my finger up and down lips now formed by my scrotum. I let my fingers lightly glide up and down my slick, swollen vaginal lips, tracing the folds. With a feather's touch, I eased in between them and feel like I am fingering a wet pussy. As my finger slips inside, I can feel my sweet moisture flow out, I moan with pleasure letting me know how much I like it! I will drive my finger into my 'pussy' looking for my clit and getting me so wet my finger will slide in easily all the way up to the second knuckle. Oh, the things one can do with a pussy. It can be teased, playing with the clit. It can be filled with a finger or a dildo vibrating inside. My 'g' spot begs for attention as my finger twirls around, stroking the frenulum and finding the other sensitive spots with gentle pressure mounting in my pussy. Soon I begin to feel the internal build up and my PC muscles squeeze involuntarily. Oh, what a wonderful feeling that comes over my whole being from my breasts to my toes! I am transformed mentally into a tantra state of womanhood through my orgasmic exstacy. As I begin to relax my mangina is flooded with a clear slicky fluid that is more like precum and different from the usual semen. There is not the usual cum to clean up and we can now cuddle before going to sleep in each others arms Knowing the pleasures a woman enjoys with a pussy and tits and not having to worry about performance of a hard penis is a very satisfied feeling. It's nice to be soft. Getting old is not all bad.



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