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Enjoying My Penis

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Enjoying my penis
I can remember when I first became fascinated with my penis, an interest that I‚??ve never lost. The first time I ejaculated is very clear, as was the amazement at what was going on. I was about thirteen, alone in the house and had taken all my clothes off. This was enough to give me a rigid erection that left my penis standing out and pointing somewhat down. I‚??m aware that some penises point up when erect, but the weight of mine always has made it point down at about 30 degrees.
I sat on the lounge chair and grasped my penis near the base without any clear idea of what I was doing. I‚??d heard talk about sex but was amazingly innocent about things. I squeezed firmly and stroked up the shaft towards the swollen base of the head of my circumcised organ. A slow stroke back down to the base followed. Then a steady up and down motion seemed to take on a life of its own.
All I was thinking about was what I was watching, my erect penis standing up and throbbing steadily with a strange liquid oozing out of the increasingly engorged tip as my hand moved faster in its up and down motion. I‚??d like to say that there was the traditional tingly feeling in the base of my scrotum, but it all happened too quick for that. Before I knew or fully understood what had happened, I had ejaculated copiously right onto the floor. My stroking slowed down while a sort of bemused feeling came over me as the thrill of it all registered. It was only then that the need to clean up entered my mind.
Like a kid at Christmas with a new toy, from that time I took advantage of every opportunity to admire my penis, to stroke it and enjoy the feelings it gave me. I gradually grew to understand that reading sexual stories added to my ability to generate excitement out my penis and soon had a collection of books with page corners turned down so I could skip straight to the part where I could masturbate contentedly. The wonder of pictures of naked women, particularly those with large thighs and huge breasts also supported my habit.
Despite all these external stimulants, the primary source of my excitement still lay directly in my penis and its capacity to give me seemingly unlimited enjoyment. I was very innocent and had never heard of incest and so took to showing my wonderful organ to my younger sister. I would wait until she went to bed for some pre-sleep reading, then wander into her room and sit on the chair to one side of the end of her bed. I‚??d say things like, ‚??What do you think of this?‚?? and poke my always-throbbing organ out of my pyjamas for her to see. She‚??d feign shock or disinterest, hiding her eyes, but always, it seemed to me, having a really good look at my engorged, purple lined and red tipped member.
On other occasions I‚??d call her into the bathroom where I‚??d be lying in the bath with a washer over my groin and say things like, ‚??Watch this.‚?? I‚??d then squeeze down and make my penis point skywards so that the washer was flung aside. Again she seemed to be interested and certainly never said anything to any other family members.
Of course while solo sex is wonderful, fun shared is fun doubled. I had been friends with a boy of my own age for years when all this penis fascination first began. We‚??d built play houses, climbed trees and all those other things boys do at that age. One day he said, ‚??My mum gave me this book about sex.‚?? He showed me a pamphlet that we explored together. It had line drawing of the male and female sexual organs and we giggled about the whole thing for a while then he asked me how big my penis was. It was something I‚??d never considered so I said I didn‚??t know.
‚??Why don‚??t we measure ours?‚?? he asked so we agreed to measure our penises that night and tell each other the next day. By the time I got home the excitement of what was happening had so engorged my member that I was having trouble walking but had no trouble in getting a ruler and discovering to my surprise that my penis was seven and three quarter inches long. Was that big? I didn‚??t have any idea and looked forward to seeing my friend the next day so we could share reports.
We went down the back of the yard into the playhouse we‚??d built and sat not looking at each other feeling more than a little awkward at the territory we were entering. ‚??Well?‚?? he said.
‚??Seven and three quarter inches,‚?? I replied rather nervously but even then feeling my organ straining in my underpants.
‚??Wow, really? Mine‚??s not that big.‚??
‚??How big?‚??
‚??Six inches.‚??
I was surprised and I guess a little proud that mine was the bigger of the two.
‚??Seven and three quarters?‚?? he repeated. ‚??Come on, give me a look.‚??
This was it, one of those moments when either you do or you don‚??t. So I did. Smiling nervously and looking at the ground I stood up and slowly lowered my shorts. My penis was outlined in stark detail as it strained against the thin white material of my underpants. I heard mum take a deep breath as he began to see that my claims weren‚??t exaggerated at all. A small moist patch was evident where the tip pushed to be free of the constraining material. With a deep breath and still looking at the ground, I dropped my underpants. My penis sprung to its normal angle and stood there twitching for his inspection.
‚??You‚??re circumcised too. So am I. Look.‚?? And with hardly any hesitation he dropped his clothes and stood naked from the waist down before me. His penis was shorter than mine but much thicker, swelling out behind the head so that at the base it was huge. It was also darker and surrounded by a bush of tightly curled black hair. My pubic hair was much lighter and maybe not as thick.
‚??Do you ever masturbate?‚?? he asked and shyly I admitted I did. "Want to show me how you do it?‚?? he asked and somehow it seemed to most natural thing in the world to reach down and grasp the swollen base on my penis and begin stroking. He watched closely and almost immediately I felt the well-known pressure build and before either of us really knew what was happening, I had ejaculated all over his feet. He ignored the splotches of semen and began stroking his thick and throbbing organ. He had a very different technique to me. He stroked up to the head, then paused, then stroked down and paused again. He kept this slow rhythm going for what seemed like ages then he stopped completely. He said he was saving it for later, and that was the first time I had considered the fact that masturbating was limited by bodily functions, that you couldn‚??t just keep doing it forever, that there needed to be some rest periods between.
But we were young and I was never much good at saving so I said, ‚??Can I touch yours?‚?? He said I could and we sat down on two old chairs and slowly I reached out to touch his delicious looking member. Shyly I circled the base with my fingers and was surprised at the heat it generated. Ignoring his slow pausing technique I stroked to the head, a shorter distance than mine then before either of us really knew what was happening, my stoking became faster and faster. The fluid oozing out of the glistening end of his penis lubricated my hand so it slid a little over the head, then back down, then up and down and he ejaculated. I kept stroking, slowing down gradually as I so enjoyed myself, as the semen spurted then oozed out the end and dribbled over my hand.
My penis was throbbingly erect again and so I asked him to pull me off in turn. He grasped my penis, still slick with my last explosion, and did the slow stroke up, pause, slow stroke down, pause routine that he had used on himself. It was amazing. I tingled and watched his sliding hand, looked at his own slowly engorging member then reached out and grasped him again. We each followed the slow pause rhythm but the whole thing was just too exciting to resist. Without speaking and just staring at our stroking hands, we stroked faster and faster then both ejaculated together.
It was a wonderful beginning to a life of solo pleasure because I never found a masturbating partner after our ways parted. I still masturbate regularly. Even now, reflecting on the lost days of my youth, I can feel my penis stirring in my pants and as soon as I‚??ve finished this story, I‚??m going to do it all again.
PART II: orMore adventures with Dick

Having discovered and shared the wonders of penis manipulation, not surprisingly the friendship I had with my masturbatory accomplice changed. We were both consumed by the need to repeat the excitement of that first shared experience and took every opportunity to practise our craft.
His parents were often away and on one occasion we went into his bedroom. To this point we had removed our shorts and underwear in front of each other, but now the occasion called for total nudity for the first time. I was a bit nervous wondering what would happen if his father, a policeman, came home.
'Come on,' he urged. 'I've seen it before.'
My emotions were oddly mixed. As he removed his shirt I found myself watching. That familiar stirring was starting and I found myself wanting to see him totally naked. As if he read my mind, he dropped his shorts and underpants and his penis sprang free. The dark flesh seemed almost darker this time and it stood out directly from the curly hair at its base. I noticed for the first time that his scrotum was almost hairless and hanging down lower than mine did.
He stood facing me with his hands on his hips and smiled. 'Well?' he said.
It was one of those moments where you had to decide, but I found the decision was being made for me. My penis was by now fully engorged and forcing the front of my shorts into a tent of taut fabric. Just for comfort, I thought, I had only one course of action.
I dropped my shorts and found the head of my penis had squeezed out from my underpants into the open.
'There you go,' he said. 'Look who's come out to play?'
With a slight smile I removed my shirt, paused and peered at his twitching member again, then I dropped my underpants. As usual my penis hung pointing slightly towards the floor with regular twitches as it responded to the engorgement of blood within it.
'Come on,' he said as he walked to his bed, 'come here.' He lay on the bed with his hands behind his head and looked at me. Nobody had ever looked at me like this. I guess it was my first experience of being desired. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed with my feet firmly on the floor. 'Do you want to pull me or watch as I pull myself?' he asked.
'You can do it,' I said because by this time I found my hand had discovered my penis and was gently fondling just below the head. I had not been masturbating long but I had soon discovered that those two or three inches just below the head were particularly sensitive. My stroking slowly increased in vigour with each becoming longer and faster. He was doing the same to his penis that by now seemed to have swollen in width quite dramatically.
We were watching each other's throbbing organ and stroking with singular purpose towards completion. With a tightening in my scrotum and a wild increase in rhythm I felt the pressure build, then explode. I watched the globs of semen spurt out and onto the carpet with some alarm. I glanced at my friend and was surprised to see that he had stopped his sliding motion and was just holding his penis firmly around the base. This, as I have mentioned before, was no mean feat as his penis was distinctly conical with a base much larger than the head.
'Hang on,' he said. 'We'd better clean that up.' He slid off the bed and left the room. I found my hand still gently stroking those special inches below the head of my penis as it slowly shrunk back into a half flaccid state.
'Strange,' I thought. 'I've never seen that before.' Usually after ejaculation that was it, but this time there seemed to be more. Interesting.
'Here you go,' my friend said as he returned with some tissues. 'Don't want a stain or something,' he said as he bent over to wipe the offending fluid off the floor. I noticed while he was doing this that his penis was still fully engorged and standing out proudly from his body.
He stood up. 'Want to try something different?' he asked.
'Like what?' I replied. I was beginning to realise that my friend might be somewhat more experienced in these things than was I.
'My cousin showed me this,' he went on and crawled back onto his bed with his bottom raised and his head and shoulders resting on the pillows. 'Crawl up behind me,' he said.
I thought 'What for?' but didn't say anything. I obligingly did as I was requested but stopped short of touching him. Mind you, despite my general ignorance about the possibilities of what was going on, by this time I was surprised to see that my penis was again fully erect.
'Come on,' he said. 'Sort of climb on top of me.'
While it sounded silly, my penis had taken control of things by prodding him in the back of his leg. I moved closer and found my pulsating member threading its way between his legs and, amazingly, touching his scrotum.
'That's it,' he said. 'Now reach around and play with me.'
I moved even closer poking his scrotum out of the way until my own penis for the first time touched his. Still not understanding what was going on but liking the feelings nonetheless, I reached around and gently grasped his swollen penis.
'Come on,' he said impatiently so I slid my hand up to the head of his organ then slid the heated flesh back down to its base. With something of a shock I found I touched my own penis on the downstroke. That was an interesting development. I stroked back to the head and found myself pressing in even closer so that when I completed the next downstroke I was able to grasp the first few inches of my own organ. I squeezed gently on both penises, my fingers unable to fully enclose them both.
On the next upstroke, I found I pulled my frenulum forward in a very exciting manner. My friend started thrusting back into me so that soon the bed groaned alarmingly.
My own penis seemed not so sensitive this time so I was able to keep the stroking going without coming to any completion.
'Hold on,' my friend said and to my surprise he rolled away and stood up. The he said something that surprised me beyond belief. 'Want to suck mine?'
Such a thing had never occurred to me but while the idea settled in mind as quite an interesting proposition, I found myself speaking. 'Only if you wash it first.'
Where had that come from, I wondered? But he said OK and went into the bathroom. I could hear the water running and soon he returned with his penis still damp. He led the way into the sitting room and sat on a large lounge chair. I sat beside him and considered his penis from a new perspective.
'Come on,' he said impatiently.
I took a deep breath and lowered my head towards his groin. I paused and opened my mouth and sort of tried to swallow him. The head of his organ struck the back of my throat and I gagged and sat up.
'Careful,' he said. 'Don't break something.'
I approached again, this time more cautiously and wrapped my mouth around the head of his member. There was a faint musty smell and a slightly bitter taste but I sort of licked for a while then stopped because he lifted my head away.
'What's up?' I asked.
'I want to save some for next time,' he said.
I was mildly disappointed but by then my hand had found my own penis again. As I stroked in my friend's sitting room I found I started thinking of his mother. She was a well-built women but the image that crept into my mind was an occasion some time ago when we came upon her cleaning. She had one knee on the floor and the other raised. Her skirt was resting high on her parted thighs and a good portion of her creamy white thighs was visible.
Somehow the whole notion of thinking of my friend's mother in her own house was particularly erotic and I found myself experiencing the familiar sensation of an approaching climax. Still stroking with increasing vigour I walked quickly to the bathroom and ejaculated into the wash basin that his mother probably used to wash her face in. That thought provided an extra twist to the pulsating excitement of the moment.
There were many other similar occasions that would soon occur, but over the next few months, I found myself wanting to show my erect penis to others. I was becoming something of an exhibitionist, though the term was completely foreign to me at the time.
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