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Enjoying My Cousin's Panties/dildo

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Sometimes a little inconvenience leads to a great opportunity.


This previous Winter, my computer needed some major overhauling and I was forced to use my cousin's pc. I was fairly upset, given that I no longer had access to my primary means of getting off (i.e., reading Solo Touch, looking at some choice websites, etc.). However, what I thought was a misfortune wound up leading me to something exciting and even more pleasureable than I had planned for.

First, I will admit the obvious: I have a panty fetish and have stolen a pair or two of panties from a different cousin of mine, and from a girlfriend or two (not to mention the incredibly hot sister of one of my friends, who liked to leave delicious little thongs on her bedroom floor for me to swipe whenever I was in town to visit her brother. Another story, to be sure). Either way, I am the 'typical' attractive college guy, 20 something with a swimmer's build (5'11' 140lbs), fair complexion, brown hair and brown eyes, and an above average cock (just a bit above 'average' in length, quite solid as far as girth goes). If I had to pick a generalized description of my fashion/overall appearance, preppy or ivy league wouldn't be too bad (though I don't walk around wearing cardigans all of the time or anything like that).

My cousin, on the other hand, is a year younger than I am, is a bit shorter than I am, has a nice hour glass figure, round b-cups, and a tasty looking ass. I have always felt guitly about enjoying my cousin's company for reasons other than mere familial affection (i.e., although fairly kinky, I truly doubt anything would ever happen between us as she is happily engaged). She has olive skin, brown hair, blue eyes and she's a perfect example of the 'girl next door.' She seems very straight-laced if you were to speak to her (in fact, she's kind of uptight/ultra-religious when it comes down to it, though I always knew she masturbated from an early experience during our childhoods). I have cum many times thinking of her jilling off and pleasuring herself in the shower (i.e., part of the earlier childhood experience which also could be a story for a later time). The best memory I have of her (and of her body) was when we both went swimming during our early teens, and I stood gazing at her developing figure (as she coyly tried to catch glimpses of my aroused cock). We have always had a good relationship (though we weren't too open about sex with each other, unfortunately) but, this didn't stop me from taking advantage of her kindness when she offered to let me use her pc while she and her fiance were off running errands.

As soon as they left, I took care of the most pressing business that I had (i.e., things like important emails and research for internships), then began to read Solo Touch and to stroke my cock. It felt great to sit in her big empty house, fully exposed, listening to the sound of my hand as I read stories about brother/sister, cousin/cousin, panty-related masturbation (no surprise there, I suppose). As I became more aroused, I decided to snoop around a bit and walked into my cousin's bedroom. Of course, the thrill was even greater as I knew what I was doing was wrong (though, I was only mildly concerned about them returning too soon, as I knew that the errands they were running would take a while). I peaked in all the obvious places (dressers, night stands next to the bed) and as soon as my nervous hands opened her nightstand's top drawer, I knew what was bound to happen.

There in her nightstand sat a modest array of sex toys (i.e., a dildo, two vibrators, some feathers, a small paddle, and some lube). Naturally, I wasn't that surprised (since I knew that, prim-and-proper exterior aside, she has a healthy sex-life/knows how to pleasure herself). I loved the thought of her ass in the air (face buried in a pillow), her fiance playfully smacking it with the paddle then using the sex toys to get her off. I was especially turned on to see that she had three toys, all of which worked/had batteries, meaning that she probably used one of her clit, while her vibrating dildo pulsed in her pussy, and the metallic vibrator stimulated her ass. My favorites was the large, thick silicon cock with multiple speed settings. I gladly rubbed my fingers along the cock, licked it and jacked my cock as I murmured her name and thought of her getting off. All kinds of memories from our teens came flooding back to me.

Then, with my cock and her dildo still in hand I made my way over to what I had been waiting for: in her master bath sat a clothes hamper. A short search yielded the desire results: three pairs of panties from the top still fragrant with her scent and showing signs that she was aroused before she took them off. One pair were a soft, silky black material and I knew they were what I was going to use to stroke my cock with. The second was a string, see-through thong (almost as nice as the thongs from my sister's friends) and I deeply sighed, thinking of how good the tight material would feel running up my ass crack as I wore this thong and got off. Finally, a simple pair of cotton panties were my final pick as they seemed to smell the most like her and her sex (I would wear these on my head, to bask in the heaven of her scent).

With my treasures in hand, I readied myself and sat on her bed (which made me even hornier, as I thought of what I was doing was wrong/a violation of her trust). I turned the silicon dong on, pressed and rubbed it against my lubed cock and moaned her name. With my other hand, I pinched my nipples, pulled the thong in a way that stimulated my ass, and furiously jacked my cock with her wonderful soft panties. The whole time, I imagined my cousin going crazy with her toys, tweaking her beautiful nipples (that drove me wild years ago as I gazed at them through her swimming suit), and calling out my name while getting off on her darkest perversions. I shot an enormous load (a bit of which hit her headboard, above my head which I wiped off with her moist, silky panties) and the feeling was wonderful.

As my orgasm subsided (and I breathed in her scent), I cleaned up very thoroughly (plenty of time to do so), put back the stained silky panties and the thong (to be honest, I have plenty of thongs from my friend's sister), and I decided to keep the pair of her cotton panties (with their heavenly musk) as a souvenir. I stuffed her panties in one of the pockets of my bookbag, finished up a few emails and masturbated again (before she and her fiance eventually came home).



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