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Enjoying Her Panties

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I still masturbate about this story 13 years later


My first year out of college found me working for a large well known personal loan company. At the end of each month I had to go out and knock on doors of customers who were behind on their payments and ignored all of our phone calls for payments on their delinquent loans.
I had a couple of interesting things happen to me while I was in some customer's homes, so I have to share the best one of all.
Every month I would have to go to this same house where the customer's wife was always home with the kids. They had about 5 or 6 kids and the wife was very good looking for an 'older' lady.(I was 22 at the time, I think she was about 33). Anyway, after about the 4th month in a row, I asked her if I could use her bathroom because it was my last stop and my office was about 45 miles away. She said no problem and showed me upstairs.
As I was relieving myself, I noticed a pair of her panties on the floor so I picked them up and checked them out. I noticed that they were worn away to a hole at the crotch and also in the area where her clit would be. This immediately made me hard so I jerked off right after I was done pissing. She had to have noticed how long I was in there since I lost track of time and all I could think about was her rubbing her pussy in those panties. After I was done, I put them back in the exact position that I found them and went downstairs where she gave me the money for her payment and I left. On the way back to the office I got another hard on and had to pull over to jerk off again. Once I was back at the office I couldn't wait to go to that house again next month.
So, as luck would have it, I did get to go back and I always found a pair of her panties nearby while I was supposed to be going to the bathroom. As time went by, I would actually stop at a restroom right before going to her house so I could have more time to look for her panties while I was in her bathroom. And finally during what would turn out to be the last time I was at her house because I got promoted to another location, I had the best experience of them all. As soon as I walked in the door, I asked to use her bathroom again and she rounded up all the kids and told them it was time for a nap (thinking back, she did this every time I was there). All of the kid's rooms were on the same floor as the bathroom, so I figured this would give me some extra time in there. When I walked in the bathroom, I noticed a pair of panties right in front of the toilet right where I have to stand (if I was actually taking a piss - haha). Upon inspection of the little bonus that was placed right in front of me, I noticed that the panties were soaked obviously from a little fun she must have had prior to my arrival. At this point, I realized why it took so long for her to answer the door. She was giving me the ultimate treat because at that exact time, I heard one of the kids say, 'mommy why are you looking through the keyhole'. I just smiled, and finished jerking off with one pair of her masturbation worn panties while sniffing and licking the wet ones that were neatly placed there for my enjoyment. I really made this session last because I now knew she had been watching me jack off with her panties every time I visited her house. The only thing I didn't know was how long she was doing it. I didn't care. I was on top of the world thinking this hot mom was actually watching me masturbate in her panties while she was outside the door watching me and masturbating herself.
When I finished, I flushed the toilet and found her waiting in the hallway for me. She said 'I thought you fell in' and we both laughed. As we were walking down the steps, she suddenly stopped in the middle and I ran into her. My still raging hardon hit her right in the middle of the back and she just turned and smiled at me. The rest of the story is for another time and place, but I will never forget her.



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