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Enjoying a Schoolgirl's Bottom

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The most exciting feeling of all


When I went to university in 1955, my circle of friends would never regard sexual intercourse as an option, but we knew all about 'heavy petting', as it was called in those days. Girls wore pretty dresses, with waists and close-fitting bodices which showed their breasts to full advantage.
At 18, I got to know a girl of 13 who lived close to my home. We became friends, and eventually, when she was 17 and I had my first car, we got into snogging. At her house in the late evenings, her mum used to go to bed and leave us to it in the lounge. My girl was quite petite, but I especially liked the shape of her bottom, which stuck out quite noticeably. Her school uniform included a short pleated skirt, and her bum stuck out to such an extent that the hem at the back was actually higher than in the front. By that time I was 22, but it seemed quite daring in those cautious times whan I cupped her buttocks in my hands while in a standing embrace, especially when she did not object when I put my hands up her little skirt and felt her knickers.
We lost no time in lying on the carpet together. I turned her on to her front, so that her bottom stuck out very prominently indeed, and lifted her skirt right up so that her knickers were completely exposed. We both realised that if her mum suddenly decided to come downstairs Mary could quickly cover herself, and thus emboldened she unexpectedly took off her knickers and hid them. The sight of her bare bottom made me more horny than ever, and instinctively I whipped off my trousers. This wasn't enough, and I quickly removed my underpants as well, stuffing them into a pocket out of sight.
My penis had become very big and very stiff, and the temptation was too much: as she continued to lie face down on the carpet I lay on top of her, with my circumcised penis embedded between the cheeks of her lovely bottom. She raised her top part and rested on her elbows, so that I could see the shape of her breasts, but I could not of course hold them while supporting myself with my hands on the floor, so I just moved slowly backwards and forwards, while a wonderful warm and fruity feeling built up all round my bulging penis.
I no longer cared whether anyone came downstairs, having lost all control of myself, and Mary said 'Go on, go on, let it happen'. The feeling of my cock moving against all that lovely soft flesh was out of this world, and all the tension kept building up until it reached a stage where everything seemed to be held back at full stretch. I stopped moving, and waited for perhaps three full seconds for the inevitable. Then a massive convulsion sent a great wad of thick gunge bursting through my shaft, followed by another and another, spurting all my sperm on to my schoolgirl friend's back, until at last I collapsed exhausted on to her body.
She looked at me with a gorgeous smile and reached for some tissues that had been left conveniently by an arm chair. It took many tissues to clean up all the wonderful mess from her body, and to this day I remember the absolute ecstasy of that feeling I had. Needless to say it was an experience we repeated many times. Looking back, I wonder if she ever regretted that everything shot out on to her skin, instead of into her womb. This way she could have experienced a tremendous thrill as well.
Does anyone else out there enjoy doing what we did?



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