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Enjoyable Experimentation

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Enjoyable Experimentation
I feel like I found a sister when I read the post by Lisa. I have been masturbating since I was four years old. It's kind of weird how it started. I accidentally saw a man I didn't know peeing. I was playing and when he saw me, he turned toward me and showed me his genitals and said something like, "do you want to play ball?" I ran away. I didn't consciously feel anything sexual.
Later that evening I was in bed and found my pussy. I started playing with it for the first time using the following technique: I was laying on my stomach. I placed the forefinger of each hand on either side of my puss and held my hands rigid, sort of catching it like a vise. Then I moved my pelvis up and down, which pulled it and pushed it through my hands. It was delicious and I used this as my only method for many, many years. I don't do it often that way now, just once in a while for old time's sake. Unfortunately, during that first time, my sister walked into the room and asked me what I was doing. She was embarrassed and knew what I was doing, and suddenly I felt ashamed. I masturbated with guilt until about ten years ago when I decided this was a viable, reasonable, and safe way to have sexual fun. I don't feel guilty now, but I still don't want other people to know what I am doing. There is a lot of social stigma attached to it. The idea of sharing this information is very stimulating. I love the idea of having a support group of masturbators and often when I'm doing it I fantasize about doing it with other people in a group setting.
When I was about eight I discovered toys. I used a pen to stimulate my clitoris and once it went up inside me. I was very shocked when this happened. I stayed away from the pen for a while. Around the same time some older girls and I were having a sexy fashion show with scarves. The outfits kept getting skimpier and skimpier and I think we were all getting horny and so my sister (bless her heart) made us all stop. But from that I got the idea to take a scarf and stretch it through my legs. I grabbed one end in front of me and the other behind. I could rub my cunt with it softly by pulling it back and forth, or, when I got hot, I could pull it up tight, rub it hard and briskly and have an orgasm. I have also tried this with string and leather latigo thongs. It's all fun.
As a youngster I also had a favorite fantasy I made up about a huge sex machine. It was like a factory with various automated apparatus that stimulated by cunt as I rode through, sort of conveyer belt style.
In my teens I used to have a boyfriend that finger-fucked me, and I really enjoyed this but I didn't put my own fingers inside until I saw it done in a prono movie at a friend's house when I was about 15. To this day, I have to be in a special mood to do it that way. As a teenager I had the house to myself a lot and did a lot of masturbating all over the house. I sometimes made dildos using cucumbers wrapped with a few layers of toilet paper to make them softer, then covered with a plastic bag, to which I applied vaseline. By the time I got done with this ritual my cunt was dripping hot and the dildos were so thick that it only took a couple of seconds to climax.
I was 17 before I had an orgasm during coitus. It took many years before I could consistently come during coitus without any "help." I never felt comfortable enough to masturbate with the knowledge of my male partners. I have been left horny many times after sex, when the guy was done and fell asleep. I often secretly masturbated lying next to them just so I could get to sleep. A few years ago I did masturbate with a guy's knowledge after he came and he didn't seem to mind, but it didn't seem to turn him on either. All in all, I have found most men rather conservative in the bedroom. Through the years I found a handful who were more open and with them I finally got up the courage to stimulate myself to orgasm with my fingers while being fucked. I love to suck cock and masturbate at the same time. I also love to have my cunt sucked while watching a guy jack off.
I have been without a sex partner for several years, except for a couple of times. Nowadays, with AIDS and other STDs to worry about, masturbation is more attractive then ever, but it does get a little lonely sometimes. I go through cycles. Sometimes I go for weeks without sex, other times I masturbate every day, or even three or four times a day. On days where I masturbate a lot, I start looking for something fat to stick up my vagina. I don't own a dildo because I wouldn't want anybody to find it. I had one once but got rid of it in a fit of embarrassment.
When I was pregnant with my first child I masturbated a lot because I was very turned on by my enlarged breasts. I like to start masturbation by pulling on my nipples, looking at, and stroking my breasts, and thinking about women's tits. Sometimes I grab my nipples and shake and bounce my breasts around. I also can pull one of my tits to my face and lick my nipple. I find it very exciting to look at women's big tits. I always get hot and masturbate when I read the female "same looking for same" singles ads. I fantasize about experimenting with supportive, liberated, playful, masturbating females. But I also really love to see guys jacking off and think about that when I am playing. Sometimes grab the arm of the hand I am using and think what it would be like to have a big cock. I also fantasize about filming myself or others masturbating, but I have never done it.
When I was in my late twenties I was housesitting and there was a copy of the Hite Report there. The book is filled with people's accounts about how they get off and has a section on women's masturbation. It was very encouraging because for the first time, it made me feel like others were like me. I couldn't put the book down. I read it with my hand attached to my cunt all day and I lost count of how many times I came.
Sometimes I get a mirror and look at my pussy close up. I grab both sides of it and open it up wide. I stretch the labia and the folds of skin as far as I can and find my clit. I put some spit on a finger and gently and quickly rub the surface of it. This makes me pretty wild and I stop before I come so I can draw it out longer. A few times I have positioned my clit in front of a hot tub jet. Wow. My blood pressure went up and I came so fast I didn't even have a chance to think about it. Somebody gave me two of those Chinese balls with chimes inside and I heard Chinese women use them to get off. I put them in my panties one day when I was driving down the road. I rolled my pelvis around and used one hand to reposition them at times. One of them went into my vagina and I felt that for a while, and I pushed the other one onto my clitoris until I came. I think it would be fun to put a dildo up my cunt, put on my jeans, and walk around like that for a while.
I have never told anybody these things before. I am in my mid forties and there is no sign that my interest in all this is waning in the least. In fact, overall, I enjoy it now more than ever, and I hope that soon I will experience my favorite fantasies. Then I will have to get some new ones.



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