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Enjoy Mutual Masturbation Together

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This is long. But you'll find it's a true, account of my relationship experiences.


When I was 13 I moved from East Australia to West Australia. Enrolling at a private school in Perth (WA) I first noticed a girl that was rather friendly towards me, for privacy's sake I'll call her Becka. For the first few months at the school I started to develop a crush on her. Before she stopped paying attention to me and it petered out. I eventually ended up going out with another girl about 8 months after I had moved. That ended quickly before anything happened.
About a year later, in one of my classes I was moved near Becka in a seating rearrangement and we started talking again. Within a few months I gathered up the courage to ask her out. This was in September. I first kissed her a month after we were manacled together, and within a few months of that we progressed further into our relationship.
The first real sexual move beyond kissing happened at her house one day during December that year. We were in a spare room watching a portable TV, lying on a bean bag chair together facing each other. We were kissing when she ran her hand down my body and started rubbing me ever so gently through my shorts. It didn't progress any further than that at the time. She continued doing this for a while until I had to leave (we were still only 14 so we could see each other only for an arranged amount of time.)
A week or so later I moved houses (We were staying in a rented house when we moved until we finished building our new house.) Everything was unsorted so we had dragged a couch into a room and plugged in a TV so we had somewhere to relax after working. I was tired so I called up Becka and asked her to come around.
We ended up watching a few DVD's and spent most of the time tongue-wrestling on the couch as usual. She began rubbing me the same way she did before so I asked her if she wanted me to do the same. She agreed but she seemed hesitant (as most inexperienced females are.) So I undid a few buttons on her dress and placed my hand inside, I ran my fingers down her body until I reached her private area. I ran my hand on the outside of her underwear softly to get a feel of the shape. I was surprised because it was very different to how I had imagined. She said it was nice but didn't do much for her at the time.
The next time she came around we ended up watching DVD's again. A little into the first movie she asked me to try touching her again. She was wearing a miniskirt this time so she just unzipped that and I reached in. lying next to each other on the couch I started rubbing her through her underwear while I kissed her. After a little while she began moving her hips back and forth ever so slightly. She asked me to apply a little more pressure, so I did and I could feel how her underwear was sliding around a little easier than before, less friction. I knew about the clitoris and I must have been rubbing in the right place. She was moving her hips back and forth faster now, not violently fast, just faster and she began kissing me harder. I kept rubbing and she finally pressed her hips into mine, basically crushing my hand between us. She broke off our kiss and moaned into my neck as she had her first orgasm. It eventually subsided and she kissed me and thanked me. She said it wasn't as intense as she expected, but as time went on the orgasms I gave her got better and better as she grew accustomed to me.
Once I did this for her she asked if she could try to return the favour. I agreed of course as seeing her orgasm for the first time was possibly the most erotic experience of my life up to this point. She unzipped my shorts and reaching inside, she rubbed my penis through my boxers but it soon became apparent she had no idea what she was doing. I tried to show her how to do it by rubbing up and down but she couldn't get the hang of it, so we left it for another time.
I saw her again a few more times over January and masturbated her to orgasm each time. We perfected our way of masturbating her one day. She was lying on top of me kissing me and I was rubbing her back. She asked me to try masturbating her from behind. She was a petite person so her butt was not big, and I'm tall so I could reach that far easily. I slipped my hand down the back of her jeans and began rubbing her from behind, she especially liked this because she could go through all the motions of sex to help her get off. As I rubbed her she would move her hips in a circular pattern, grinding into my hips in the form of dry sex. Our bodies would move together, up and down, faster and faster. Every now and then I would move my hips up as hers went down to give her extra pressure, which usually sent her over the edge into orgasm quickly. She would bury her face into my neck and moan as she thrust her hips down. Once her orgasm subsided she would lie on top of me and stare into my eyes and kiss me lightly. I still remember this so vividly. She had the heart of an angel to me at that moment. Our bodies still hot from the energy she spent, we felt so close at that moment.
It was towards the end of January that she started returning the favour. Over the phone I had discussed with her how I masturbated. Using hand lotion as a lubricant to increase the sensation that inevitably leads to an intense orgasm. While walking with her in a park one day, she just blurted out, 'I want to help you masturbate.' It must have been on her mind for quite a while.
Before school went back (In Australia our Christmas holidays are also our summer holidays, so we have December and January off.) I invited her to my house again. We were lying on my bed side by side kissing and she slid her hand down my side and unzipped my shorts. She told me to lay back and slide down my shorts. I did so and she undid the buttons off my boxers and pulled my penis out. At first she wouldn't look, she had that embarrassed schoolgirl syndrome. I encouraged her and she took her first look. She had a dopey grin on her face and was probably happy to see her first penis. She wrapped her hand around it (It was, of course, erect.) and lightly stroked it, discovering every part of it, until she asked me for my hand lotion bottle. I squeezed some lotion into her palm and she lightly rubbed it into my penis.
Now this was her first time so she was by no means an expert at masturbating a male. She began lightly stroking up and down; she was very gentle and followed my instructions closely. I eventually told her to tighten her grip, speed up, add more lotion, etc. We spent a wonderful 20 minutes on this first handjob. She had this natural tendency to try to 'milk' the penis in a way. As in, she would apply more pressure on the up stroke than the down stroke. After about 15 minutes her arm became tired, so I told her to slow down a little and tighten her grip a bit. I concentrated and within a few minutes I had my first ejaculation from a handjob. She was quite pleased with herself to be able to bring me to orgasm, and was fascinated by my semen. She got some tissues and cleaned us both up, but not before taking a good look at the globs of semen on my exposed belly. I kissed her and felt I had to thank her. So she climbed on top of me and I masturbated her to orgasm as well. We were both really happy as now we could both enjoy masturbation together.
Over the year of 2002, we spent most of our time together masturbating each other, occasionally trying new things. One vivid memory I have is the first time we masturbated together. She had called me on the phone a few days before and excitedly told me that for the first time she had masturbated herself to orgasm. She seemed quite happy. So the next time I saw her I asked her if we could masturbate ourselves together. After some hesitation she agreed. I lay down on my back on my bed, and she lay on her stomach beside me. She slipped her hand down her pants and began rubbing herself as I lubed my penis up and started my own session. We tried to time it so we would cum together. Naturally I was ready to cum before she was, but thanks to lots of practice with the 'Stop & Go' method I learned from Jackinworld, I managed to hold myself off. She said she was about to cum so I let myself go, I came onto my belly, which in turn triggered her orgasm. She moaned into the pillow and tried to press herself against me as she came. The experience was enjoyable but sadly never happened again.
On some occasions when she was masturbating me I would suggest other ways of doing it. One of my favorites was to climb on top of her and kneel over her on my knees. This way she could masturbate me and I could still kiss her in a position that was similar to a sex position. I really enjoyed this position, as it felt so much more intense than when I was on my back. As I came she would milk my penis onto her belly. Once I had finished I would kiss her on the lips and thank her, before climbing off and cleaning her up.
We mutually masturbated each other several times for almost 2 years. We broke up in June of 2003 due to priority issues. Not once did we have sex during our almost 2 year relationship. Mutual Masturbation was a good way to rid the urge of sex and still feel satisfied with each other. To this day I still have the memories of this relationship. I don't think I will ever forget either.



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