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English Maid

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May be a long story


Back in 1999 I sold all my stock at the end of the year because no one new what would happen when we hit 2000. I had a lot of shares of a stock that I bought low and sold high after it split a few times. I made a few million and after nothing happened to the stock market I didn't go back in right away. I had a lot of money and decided to by a house and have a live in maid and cook. I am single and hate to cook and clean so I went on line and found a site for English maids and cooks. I called up the service and told them I wanted a combo maid/cook and they had a perfect woman. They sent over her resume and I thought it looked good. She was from a family of cook/maids/butlers and was in her late twenties and single. The house I bought had a big maid suite.

When I met Veronica at the airport I was stunned by her beauty. She was tall with blonde hair and a presence about her. She shook my hand and introduced herself and we went to get her bags. I drove to my home and showed her her room and the rest of the house. She asked why I only wanted one person and not both a cook and a maid. I told her two was company and three was a crowd. I then informed her she would be eating with me at all meals. She asked why and I told her I wanted company and didn't want someone who knew I had money and was a gold digger. Veronica laughed and said she was going to freshen up and go to her room.

I went to the den and started to watch a soccer game on tv from England. It was Liverpool which is the team I follow. During the second half Veronica walks in with a sandwich and sits the plate next to me. She asks if I like football and I tell her no I love it. I ask her to sit and she does. I let her know I have a dish on the roof and always watch the games. I ask Veronica who she likes and she says Manchester United. I jokingly tell her she has to go. We laugh and watch the rest of the game. After it was over I asked her a few personal questions about her parents, boyfriends, girlfriends and plans. Her parents were workers, no boy or girlfriends and she didn't have any plans. Veronica asked me about my parents, family, girlfriends or boyfriends and work. My parents are retired to Florida and travel, my brother and sister don't talk to me any more my girl or boyfriends and I bought out my father half of his business so he would retire and travel. She asked about my brother and sister. I said that after I sold my stock and made the money they wanted part of it. I gave each a nice sum and they want more and I told them no. Since then I haven't talked with either. Veronica asked how come no girlfriend. I had one and when I told her what happened she blabbed it to everyone and I had everyone asking me for money. I dumped her and only see two or three friends.

After a few months I began dating a woman who Veronica hated. I asked her why and she told me she just had a womans feeling. A month after dating the women I heard her telling Veronica what to do in front of her friends and I told her and her friends to go blow. Veronica liked this and for some reason I think she had a crush on me. I had a gym with all different type of weight and fitness equipment installed and Veronica likes to work out with me. In the past few months her workout clothing is getting smaller and smaller. I enjoy it and so does Veronica.

In May we are watching an English football game with Liverpool vs Manchester United. We are going back and forth taunting each other and when Manchester scores Veronica jumps on me and ends up laying on me. It went very quite in the room as we looked into each others eyes. Veronica got up and sat at the far end of the couch. I was on the other side. We kept looking at each other and soon were sitting side by side. Manchester won the game and I told her good game. Veronica didn't say anything except to kiss me. We made out like school kids and ended up in my bed.

Once on my bed I told Veronica she has been the best thing in my life since she arrived. Every time you were in the gym with me in the tight clothes I had to either take a cold shower or relieve myself. Veronica said she has seen me naked a few times and once while I was masturbating I said her name. Serving you has been the best thing I have ever done. I took off her shirt and saw she had no bra on. I saw her very perky breasts. I then slid off her shorts and saw a very small g string. When sliding them off they felt wet and I sniffed them. I told her it smelled like a fine wine. I then stripped and she told me I have a nice chest and love handles. She also said she has wanted to feel my dick and balls for a few months. We laid on the bed and started to kiss very slow and softly. We touched all the body parts we wanted and each of us got the other one off. Veronica gave me a slow hand job that curled my toes when I cummed. I sucked on her breasts and gave her a nice orgasm where she dug her nails into my back. We laid around the rest of the day taking it slowly. At night when we were going to bed I asked her to join me in mine. Veronica smiled and giggled like a school girl. We then made love nice and slow and fell asleep in each other arms.

The next morning I woke up alone and went looking for Veronica. I found her outside in her robe looking at the pool. I asked if everything was okay. She said no and told me she broke a rule by sleeping with me. I asked what rule and she told me she wasn't supposed to fool around with the boss. I looked at her and went and got the phone. I called a number and put it on speaker phone. The woman who answered was the service that I hired from. I told her Veronica was no longer working for me and I needed a replacement asap. She asked why Veronica was let go and I told her because I'm in love with her and didn't want her to be my maid anymore. Veronica finally talked and said she was here and told her sorry for any problems. The woman said she was happy for us and we both sounded happy. Veronica asked this time for a maid and cook to be hired who were married and in their mid 50's. The woman said she would have someone by tonight. Veronica said to make it for the next night. We all laughed and she said no problem.

Veronica stood up and gave me a long kiss and told me now she feels better. I told her I loved her and wanted to share my home with my queen. We kissed again and Veronica asked if I ever have had sex outside and took off her robe revealing her naked body. I took mine off and said for a MU fan you are mischief. We made love on the patio outside and then made it over to the jacuzzi. While relaxing in the jacuzzi Veronica had her foot rubbing my dick. After a few minutes it was her hand and then mine. I asked if she wanted to see a whale blow water out of his hole. Veronica laughingly said yes. I started to jerk off quickly and when I was ready to cum I positioned my cock head out of the water and squirted cum out like a whale. Veronica laughed and told me I was crazy. She kissed me again and asked me to make her breakfast for the first time.

A week after the new help arrived Veronica set up B-B-Que with my sister and brother and their families. We talked it over and I told them I would give each a little more money but that was it. Veronica then asked me to set up a college fund for each of my nephews and nieces. I said no problem. Both my sister and brother were happy with the arrangement. A year after Veronica started to work for me we went over to England to meet her parents and family. They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. I asked to talk to her father and asked him if I could marry his daughter. He said yes. We went to a MU game, I am now a fan, and had secured tickets for her whole family. During intermission I asked Veronica to marry me. She was stunned but said yes. She looked at the family and they were equally as happy. We celebrated after a MU win and went out to dinner later. The next morning while in bed I asked how long have your parents been working for. She said a long time. I asked if we gave them some money would they retire. Veronica didn't know but had tears in her eyes because I suggested it. I also told her I would get them home tickets to every MU game for the next 40 years. Veronica laughed and said that would help. After breakfast while we were drinking our tea Veronica told her parents what I said. They kept saying no until the MU tickets and then they said yes. Her mom asked why and I told them my father worked for 50 years busting his ass and never complaining. When I got lucky with a stock and made the money I bought out his share of the business. I wanted him to retire and sightsee for a few years. Veronica told me how the two of you have worked long hours and days and never complain and it's time for you to enjoy yourself. Veronica added plus I may need you in seven months to help with the baby. I looked at Veronica and said your pregnant. She held up the test and said your going to be a daddy.

This happened five years ago and Veronica and I have two children. We have the same couple as helpers who have become apart of our family. Every July fourth we invite over Veronicas family and mine and have a big family party with all the parents, siblings and cousins. We talk about work, stocks and MU. I have bought all my nieces and nephews and my kids MU Kits every year.

Last night after everyone was asleep Veronica and I went to the Jacuzzi and after an hour of edging I gave Veronica another whale blowing out water. Veronica still laughs the same way. We love looking at the stars from their and enjoying each other.



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