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Encouraged To Expose Myself

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I own and run an ice cream palor near the beach. Emily has been working for me for the last three years. She is only 19 but is very trust worthy and for that reason I let her move into my house 10 months ago. I was married once but it didn't work out too well and have been living alone for many years. I presently have a girlfriend but she know nothing of what's going on in my house.


Living alone is relaxing and most of all totally private. I did often walk around the house naked but most of the time at least had boxer shorts on. When Emily first moved in it wasn't like I was intentionally exposing myself to her but she frequently saw me in my boxer shorts and in the first month saw me naked twice that I knew of. One day in work I said something to the effect that I didn't want to offend her and told her I knew she saw me naked. She informed me that she had seen me nude six or seven times and not twice as I had thought. She also said she knows I sleep naked all the time. I didn't expect her to react the way she did and was taken back when she told me she peeked in at me a few times and hoped she would see me naked more often. I thought she was just kidding me when she said that but she bluntly told me she like seeing me nude. I must explain also that Emily is not a very pretty girl and is a little chunky. I never considered having any sexual contact with her mainly because of her age and appearance.

She had been living here less than two months and I thought she was out when I went into the kitchen naked after my shower. She was sitting at the table and I just stopped dead in my tracks. I began by saying I didn't know she was home and said I'd go put something on. As I turned to go back to my room she boldly asked me to stay naked and that she really enjoyed looking at me. I know I am built well and perhaps that's the reason she said what she did. I turned back round facing her and started questioning her. First I asked why she wasn't offended or afraid of me and then asked what her interest was in seeing me naked. She started by telling me I am the only grown man she has ever seen naked. Then she said she thinks it's 'cool' that I wasn't embarrassed about her seeing me this way. She even went further telling me I had a nice ass and my penis is pretty. I never had any girl ever talk to me this way or say those kind of things. What it was I'm not sure but I believe the way she kept looking at my penis caused me to become aroused. At that point I think I was finally embarrassed, not by being naked but that I had an erection. Then the questions flew at me as to having sex with my girlfriend and Emily then asked if I masturbate telling me she does a few times a week. It ended when she asked me to masturbate in front of her. I think I wanted to but thought it too humiliating since I am her boss.

From that night on I didn't worry about her seeing me naked at all. Emily would say things to me like, she hasn't seen me naked for a few days. She also began asking me when I would be naked again and then one night asked if she could watch me shower. I often asked her why she wanted to see me naked again and she would only say she likes looking at me. So I started letting her see me undressed more often than ever. I'd say about four months went by when I originally let her watch me take a shower. A few nights later she asked again if she could watch. I did get an erection the first time and also the second time she watched. That time she asked me to masturbate for her and by this time I was so comfortable I did. I have never seen her naked but she sees me nude almost every day since then. She watches me shower a few times a week and six months ago began masturbating me while I'm in the shower. I offered to do the same for her many times but so far she always refuses. It is a strange relationship we have and she has promised never to tell my girlfriend about any of it. I am naked around her so often now I rarely wear anything when I am home. She still compliments me every time and at least twice to three times a week jerks me off. She always says she enjoys watching me cum and loves to see my body. Why she is like this I don't know but look forward to it.



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