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Enan Okeano Asteria (An Ocean of Stars)

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*NOTE: Names have been changed

She was so beautiful. A raven-haired, celestial moon-child with espresso-brown eyes and cafe-au-lait skin. I first met Asta (Greek for "star") in grade school, and we've been friends ever since. I always felt so ugly next to her, and I was sure once we got older than one day she'd ditch me for better social prospects, but she stuck by me, even through our university days. By some crazy, perfect twist of fate, we managed to stay roomates the entire time. She was very free with her body and frequently walked around the small dorm room naked. I always found myself stealing glances at her small, perfect breasts, noticing her dusky pink nipples getting tight when it got cold in the room. And of course, I saw that she kept herself clean-shaven. I wanted her so badly, but I was afraid to lose her as a friend so I said nothing, just kept everything to myself.

Our senior year, we decided to get an apartment together rather than live in the dorms. One evening, I came home from a class to see her masturbating on our little sofa. Her pussy was spread wide open, pink on the inside but edged with a little brown, and dripping wet. The scent hung thick in the room and I was instantly throbbing and soaked from smelling her. Her eyes opened and, instead of stopping, she finished. I couldn't help but wonder if she had wanted me to catch her, but I never brought it up.

A few weeks later, while we were watching a movie, she paused the DVD and turned to me. "I want to talk about it." "Nothing to talk about. Everyone does it." "I know, but-" "Look, Asta... I don't know if you wanted me to catch you or what, but..." I paused. "You didn't, did you?" "Yeah, actually. I did." Neither of us said a word for a few moments. Eventually I found my voice. "Do you... like me that way?" "I do." She took my hand. "I always tried to forget it, I didn't want to ruin our friendship. I dated boys in high school, and up until a year ago, but I never really wanted any of them." "Look... We kissed that one time at that sleepover, but... I never really thought you would think of me that way. I mean, next to you, I'm nothing. Nobody notices me, they just see this beautiful creature standing next to someone who's in their way." "They don't matter." She moved closer. "None of that matters, only this."

Our lips met, and we melted together. Her hands fondled my breasts, making my nipples poke out, even through my heavily-padded bra. I pulled my mouth away to suck an unprotected nipple through her thin T-shirt. Untying her yoga pants and pushing them down, I thought to myself, "This is really happening." I gently bit the side of her breast and slid my fingers inside her slick-wet pussy. She came quickly, recovered, and tore her clothes off. I leaned forward, nudged her legs a bit further apart, and I licked the outer edge of her pussy lips. A low moan escaped her, encouraging me, and I began going to town, licking and sucking and fingering until warm, clearish liquid gushed out of her and onto the floor. Her eyes cleared a bit, and she spoke. "That's never happened before..." "It was so fucking sexy, too. Make me do it."

I stood up, grabbed her, and kissed her. We stumbled into my bedroom, and she undressed me. I laid back on my bed and spread my pussy open for her. Her fingers slid inside me, and her tongue circled my clit until I was close. I already was getting that need-to-pee sensation I'd heard came along with this. She hooked the two fingers she was fucking me with into my G-spot and thrust back and forth until I lost control and, suddenly, I was squirting on her. When I came to my senses, she had liquid on her from her lower chest to her upper thighs. The bed was soaked where I had been laying. Her eyes were glittering and almost pitch-black with lust. "It wasn't much, but it went all over the place." "Really..?" "Yeah..." She laid on top of me and we kissed again.

For hours, all we did was lay there and kiss. That night was the beginning of the best relationship I could imagine. We haven't come out as lesbians yet, because we aren't really, but all our friends know we're in love. And we spend all our nights together, sometimes making love, sometimes not, but it's always passionate and wet.



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