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Empty House Delight(s)

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Please click the following links for information on James and I, and for our previous 'encounters'


James was home from college for the weekend. We had been planning bits and pieces of what we might do. You've got to know that jacking off together was one of them! We were planning on sneaking around the house at 'lights on' hours of the night...sketchy if you ask me!

I found out the day before, however, that the house, in the evening time, would be unoccupied! I sent a text to James to warn him that pleasure town was right around the corner!

Saturday night came (like a snail!) and it got to be around 7:30. We got up to the extra room of the house where the T.V. is set up. I had then hooked up my computer to display a compilation of good porn that I had downloaded from the internet. This included mostly girl-guy stuff, but also had girl-girl and guy-guy clips as well. After we watched this 7 minute video, we started talking and realized we had no creative way of getting undressed. After a few minutes of thinking and internet searching for ideas, he went to the bathroom, and I took off my jeans to reveal only my undershirt and briefs.

He asked me 'wow, where'd you get those!?' and all I did was smile!

James then felt me up a little but then we sat back down to watch a bit more porn.

James then started slowly taking stuff off. Once he was to his boxer-briefs, I said 'let me help you with those.' What I thought I might see was his dick in glory, but instead I saw a turquoise man-bikini! It was hot!

Throughout the next few minutes of internet surfing we would spontaneously reach over and grab each other's bulges still tucked away in our briefs and bikini. After that we moved to my room. We took down some of the covers and I got under them and took off my briefs and I threw them at his face. He was surprised by the throw, but I then threw him a pillow to cover himself up as he took off his bikini.

We then exposed our bodies to each other and began jacking each other off. We would move around a little bit, and the closest chance I got to his dick near my face, I started to eat it up (but I'll fast forward a bit here). We than began a plethora of different ways of jacking each other off and making each other feel as good as one man can to another. This included such things as taking the other's full dick in your open palm and forcibly running your hand up and down their shaft. This also meant frivolous examination and feeling-up of the other's balls. James took initiative and got on top of me facing the wall to my right (we were perpendicular at the pelvis) and he got his dick tucked between the top of my dick and my stomach, as likewise, I got my dick tucked between the top of his dick and his stomach. This created ease of humping and maximum pleasure. After talking later, we would find out that this was both of our favorite thing of the whole night. We did this for a while, trying different configurations and different variations on this fun exercise. It was my time to take the wheel, so I wrapped my thighs around his hard dick and he thrusted into my legs. I knew James liked this one; he liked it so much this night that he even let out an 'ahh' which got me even harder! We then went simple, and simple jacked each other off laying down, but what we did this time that we did never before was face each other while laying back. This gave me the opportunity to grab his nips and see a different angle of his body. As we continued switching between different variations of hand grabbings and thrustings of sorts, it was time to end the night out with a bang (pun intended?)

Being that it was James's birthday, I asked him how he wanted to end the night. He quickly stated that we wanted to finish me off and for me to use my cum to finish him off. It took me a while, but as James got me going it wasn't long then, before I started cumming and he pointed my spurting cum towards his dick. Once I recovered I extended out my hand and started lathering his dick up with my cum. He told me, at different times, where to be focusing on his dick, but towards his climax, I started focusing on his head. The slurping of my cum and my hand on his dick got louder, James started panting, and before I knew it he was thrusting into my hand. This had to have been the point of no return. Next thing I knew, James blurted out an unrecognizable phrase, and it turns out he was cumming! He started with little spurts all around my softening dick and pubes. I milked out his cum for a short while, and then when he said 'ok, I'm getting sensitive now' I pulled on his dick as a 'parting gift' if you will, and he shot a huge spurt all the way to my calf! I was so proud of him for that spurt, and congratulated him on it! It was a hot night and I continue to look back and get hard thinking about it. I know that James enjoyed this and is probably anticipating his 'Winter Holiday Gift'. Hehe.

P.S. James has read this story, and approves it with a smile, thumbs up, and a hard-on.

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