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Employee Appreciation

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A beautiful woman in our office enjoys masturbating...


I'm the head of a small, progressive design firm. It's me, an older man, and three women in their twenties. As you would expect in a design office, they're awesome and sexy dressers, and I long ago learned it was useless to pretend that they didn't sometimes turn me on. In fact, the girls know it, and I've heard from them they laugh about it sometimes, and they enjoy exercising their powers on me.

When I hired one slim black girl, fresh out of college, she showed me her portfolio. In it were several drawings and artistic photos of her, and as I admired them, I asked who had done them. Different students, it turned out she enjoyed modelling for them. Hmmmm, I thought. I would love to see her naked. Lean, smooth, and with large, pear-shaped breasts too big for her frame, and nipples too hard for her bras. A few times I asked her for copies, but she only frowned and said it probably wasn't appropriate.

One hot summer day we had to drive a few hours to a remote site of a client. We had taken her car, which didn't have air conditioning, and were sweating like pigs, and decided to pull over and make our way down to the river and cool off. Well, of course we didn't have swim suits, and there was an awkward moment when she stood in her pink bra and panties, wondering if the water or complete nudity would come next. Nudity won, and I got to drink in her beautiful, and very graceful form. And cold as the water was, I couldn't suppress my obvious arousal at being naked with her, which got larger as we stood at the edge drying and putting our clothes back on. Nicki was making no effort to be 'shy', and gave me a full view of her breasts and tight, hard nipples and nicely trimmed pussy.

Later, in the car, the talk turned to dating, sex and those things, and Nicki was very candid about her boyfriends and girlfriends and how she discovered sex very early. I had overheard her giving one of the girls some advice about sex toys one day, so I knew she masturbated, and when she politely said she'd 'discovered' sex as a barely teen, I asked if she meant masturbation. She didn't hesitate to tell me she had, and that a friend and she had 'explored a lot'.

Then she turned the tables and asked when I'd discovered sex like that, and I told her it was before I even knew what sex was about. Then she said, 'You must masturbate a lot, being around so many women and old and single and all, at least that's what we all think!'

She laughed, looking at me, and I was speechless, 'Come on, admit it!!' Well, that broke the ice, and the rest of the trip we talked about masturbation and sex. She had lots of guys hit on her for sex, and she learned early to give 'em hand-jobs. And she loved to talk about her different sex toys and how they fit her different moods. The trip went really fast, and suddenly we were pulled up in the dark parking lot, next to my car and I was about to get out.

'Boss, I can't let you go home yet. Let me pull down your zipper....' Her hand reached in and flipped out my penis, crusty with precum from our hours of sex talk, and smoothly and expertly rolled the shaft in her hand and rubbed her thumb over the tip. She had me completely in her control, and we both felt the buzz. She laughed and said something about a raise, and she teased me on the brink of orgasm for what seemed hours, toying with me and even slapping my cock a little.

I was beginning to go out of my mind with the urge to cum, but she kept me from it, over and over again.

Finally, she let go, and told me to stroke it myself...wow, my hand felt so amazing on my shaft, so perfect, so....god I had such an awesome orgasm, while she watched and made little cooing sounds of encouragement.

She pushed me out of the car, barely zippered and with cum on my clothes, with a little kiss and the words, 'Tomorrow, this never happened.'

It never happened again as long as she worked there, but believe me, I masturbated a LOT thinking of her. I know she told at least one other girl, too, who said something like, 'too bad I'm not as skilled with my hands as Nicki...'

She got a steady boyfriend a couple of weeks after our trip, or she probably would have unzipped me other times after work. Often, if she was working late, she'd unbutton her blouse, or even remove her bra, and make a point of showing me, 'for later,' as she said.

She moved out of town with her boyfriend, and yesterday sent me an email, saying she's really appreciating what she learned in our office, and thanking me for being a great mentor. She said she really didn't know how to repay me, but then she thought of a gift she knew 'was just the perfect thing for [me] to use over and over. There was a link, that said, 'Clit here', and it was a portfolio of pictures of her, naked and beautiful!



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