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Embarrassment at the Doctor's Office

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This occurred this morning. I've kind of paraphrased based upon how I remember the conversation going, but you'll get the point. I had been to Solo Touch once or twice before, but it was probably a year ago, and after this happened, the first thing I did when I got home today was jump on the internet and try to find it. This isn't really the kind of thing I could share with my buddies so I'm glad I managed to find the site again.


I went into my dermatologist this morning to have some moles removed. It's kind of a genetic trait in my family, but they're pretty annoying, and hardly aesthetically pleasing. Lots of people have moles, but I tend to have the ones that aren't just freckles, but 3D and very unattractive. They're embarrassing enough as it is. I used to take my shirt off, and it looked like I had a few extra nipples everywhere. They rubbed against my clothes and in general were an issue I was self conscious about when I'm in bed with a woman. In particular, because I had one at the base of my dick right where it meets the scrotum, so you can imagine the embarrassment this might cause me. While no one ever said anything, the sheer thought of a partner mistaking that particular mole for an STD or a wart was horrifying for me.

So I went to this appointment and once they put me into the room, the nurse instructed me to put on a paper gown. When she left, I did so, keeping my underwear on. Now I'll also mention that in finding a dermatologist, with my insurance, my choices were limited. When I chose this office, I didn't know if I was going to be getting a male or female doctor, but before I went I told myself that even if it was a female, that I wasn't going to chicken out in getting 'that one' removed. Sure enough, it was. Anyway, she knocked on the door and came in, but in a split second my courage went down the drain. I don't know how med-school residencies work, but a girl in her 20's that looked no older than me followed behind her. I wouldn't say she was hot, but she was nowhere near what I would consider 'unattractive. Just kind of a thin, plain looking brunette.

Introductions ensued; I described what I wanted to have taken care of, etc. All the while, I was just hoping for one opportunity for the young woman to leave the office so I could talk to my doctor. I was actually pissed off. It's enough of a problem to talk of an embarrassing issue with your doctor; it's another altogether when there's a girl my age in the room that, for all I know, I could have done my undergrad with... maybe she even knows friends of mine. It's annoying enough seeing a dermatologist with my health coverage (like most, they want to ensure that procedures aren't simply cosmetic), was I going to have to do this all over again just on the crapshoot chance that I might get some privacy next time? The doctor then grabbed a marker, and to my horror, handed it off to the student who would be evaluating me and instructed to find her when she was ready.

The doctor then left the room, and I was alone, half-naked in a paper gown with this girl. She explained that not only did they have to examine each mole's size, type and whether they had potential to be cancerous, but that the differences in size, shape and type can require different procedures. Some can apparently be lasered off, and others they can just slice. It was a little disconcerting seeing that she was holding some soft of reference card/ size chart for the moles, but I went with it. Anyways, she folded the gown down to my waist and I directed here and there for where to find them. She was getting up close and personal with these moles. Wearing gloves, touching and kind of moving each one under a magnifier. She circled them with the marker and put some other symbol next to different ones. She said she didn't see any more on my chest neck and back, then asked if there were any more that concerned me. I started to say something, but cut myself off and said 'nope'... nice work, Captain Obvious. She got the point so I didn't have to actually say it, but she started giving some whole line about healthcare professional this and that, and no need to be embarrassed... That's all fine and good, at least with my doctor, but again, this girl is my age.

I finally got the nerve, stood up and tore off the adhesive thing holding on the paper gown, and was left standing there in my boxer briefs. I wore pretty constricting ones intentionally (just in case), but I felt a twitch, and was suddenly terrified of getting an erection. I sat back down on the table and began to stretch my underwear over to the side. I was barely able to expose the mole by doing so, and knew by her hand-gesture I was going to have to take them off. She said she knew it was embarrassing, but that she has to see it. I can't remember her exact words, but the line about 'the last thing you want is for us to make a mistake down there, right?' I just knew I wanted this over with as soon as possible. Despite all of my best efforts, I could feel I was about half-hard. I put my feet back on the ground and pulled my briefs down to my knees, leaning into the table. While half-erect, I could definitely play it off as just having a thick cock. I kind of moved things to the side to show her, and she wheeled her stool a little closer and sat down. I was reluctant to move my hands, but once I did she started to examine the mole just like the others, which required moving my dick to the side a little bit.

Immediately I could feel it coming, but I honestly still thought I could fight the erection long enough for her to finish, but then she paused, looked right up and into my eyes and I lost it. My dick just started throbbing to capacity pretty much in unison with my heart-rate. Before she could even roll back a bit I was rock solid and incredibly embarrassed. I said I'm sorry, and something about it having a mind of its own, how embarrassed I was, etc... she said she was sorry, she should have been more careful. She was probably more embarrassed than I was, and I think she honestly felt like she had done something to cause my erection. She asked me if I wanted her to get the doctor, and to break the tension, I quipped something about a threesome. It was a stupid joke but she cracked a smile. I obviously did not want further embarrassment and suggested we just get it over with. I asked if she would mind locking the door. She did, then sat back on the stool, wheeled between my legs, looked right at my dick (still pretty hard at this point), and let out this huge sigh. Then professionally and with barely any contact, she moved my shaft out of the way with her thumb and forefinger and held it against my stomach with her left hand.

She touched the mole a little bit and held the card up next to it. She made her mark, and that was that, but she continued to stare for a brief, and seemingly unnecessary and awkward moment. Then she said 'it's big' ....I said 'thanks' but a second later, and with a kind of naughty looking smile she said sarcastically 'oh I'm sorry, I was talking about the mole.' I told her she was hilarious and that she missed her calling for stand-up. She again lightly grabbed my dick at the base with her thumb and forefinger, then pointed it in different directions (I guess under the pretense of continuing the 'exam') while saying something asking if I was sure that was all of them. She then let go, and again stared at my cock for an awkward second. By that point, I definitely had a drop of precum showing, and she said 'for both our sakes, I think you need to take care of that before I go to get Dr. Anonymous', then asked if I could be quick. I said I was sure I could, and suggested something about her helping out, but got denied.

I got the 'anyplace but here' excuse, which I guess was understandable. At this point, I was beyond caring too much. I just started on my own. I've never jerked off in front of anyone before, but having her watch me intently from a stool that's basically between my legs, glancing from my dick to looking straight in my eyes, was pretty damn incredible. I'd say I probably lasted less than a minute, considering that this all took place in less than ten minutes. She put her hand on my knee and was kind of rubbing it and right away I started climaxing. When I came it was probably one of the better orgasms I can remember, and more than a little messy. She handed me a paper towel, I cleaned up, put my underwear and the gown back on, and that was that. She went to get the doctor and came back a few minutes later. The younger girl assisted as they removed all of the moles, and we kept making eye contact the whole time. On the way out, she gave me her number on (of all things) a comment card. I'll definitely be calling.



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