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Embarrassing Mess

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Visit to the dentist leads to an orgasm and more


My dentist was a woman, an unmarried and reasonably attractive lady who was in her mid 30s when this happened. I was terribly afraid to go to the dentist, jumping at every pain and because of this she scheduled me for a Saturday morning when she did not regularly have patients. She told me that she was going to take care of three cavities all at once and also teach me how to relax in her chair.

I wore a pair of tan stretch jeans, and to make matters worse I did not have any undewear on. I had just gotten these jeans and really enjoyed the sensations of wearing them without my jockey shorts. I'm not sure why I wore them that day, probably because I imagined that I would have some fun later that afternoon by masturbating on the bus ride home or in the town park after my appointment. I did not plan for what was about to happen.

She greeted me and ushered me to her chair and asked me to try to relax. I jumped when she first touched me with the drill and she chastised me, telling me that I had to relax and let my feelings flow. As she worked I did begin to relax and for the first time, even with the numbing shot that she gave me, I let the vibrations of the drill flow through my body and dissipate as she instructed me.

She complimented me as she continued, cradling my head between her arm and the edge of her body. Suddenly I was aware of the side of her breast touching my cheek and as the vibrations continued, I began to feel them in my crotch.

My penis was pushed off to the left side of my jeans and as she continued I could feel it steadily growing. Her drilling and her feel and smell against my cheek was giving me an enormous erection. Glancing down I was embarrassed by seeing that the entire outline of my erect penis was clearly visible through my pants as they rode up. I continued to glance down and finally she noticed my problem.

'Don't worry about that', she whispered, 'it is perfectly normal and a sign that you are relaxing.' She continued and as she did the pressure in my penis was building. Suddenly I was aware of the fact that I might have an orgasm right there in the chair. I gulped and asked for a break. She left the room for a minute. While she was gone, I adjusted myself so that my penis was on the other side of my pants, hoping that the change in position would make things easier.

She returned, looked down and without saying anything, continued her work. But my adjustment had made things worse, The pulsating vibrations of the drill found their way right to my penis and within a few moments I was gasping and trying to hold myself from moving when a stream of cum began squirting into my pants.

The wet spot that I generated in my pants, made my previously visible penis look almost as if I had no pants on at all. The entire thing was visible and she was distracted. Even though she didn't say anything at the time, I was sure that she was looking at the mess in my pants, and as she completed her work and helped me out of the chair, she took a look and said, 'See how relaxed you were, that sort of thing usually happens to boys your age when they are sleeping.'

Half way between aroused and embarrassed I left her office and punched the button for the elevator down the hall. In those days elevators were run by actual operators, and the small blonde haired man who opened the door for me took one look and asked what had happened. I told him that I had an accident, and he pointed and said that it looked like I was about to have another one.

My erection had returned with a vengeance and was again highly visible in the wet spot.

'You can't go outside like that,' he said, and whisked me to the building's top floor where he escorted me into the mens room. The floor was empty because it was a Saturday, and he instructed me to take my pants off so that he could clean them for me. He told me to wait for him inside one of the toilet stalls just in case anyone came along, and left with my pants.

I sat there wondering if he would ever return, and 30 minutes later he came back into the room with my pants and with a soapy cloth and a towel. He told me that the elevator service ended at Noon and that he would be able to take time to help me clean up.

I walked with him to the sink where he began to wipe my penis and legs with the cloth, but the friction soon had me aroused again and I was bucking against the pressure of his hand with my penis pointing into a sink. In a matter of seconds I had another huge orgasm spilling semen all over the edge of the sink. He then used the dry towel to wipe me off and clean the sink and floor.

'Be sure to stop and see me after your next appointment,' he said as he escorted me back down the elevator.



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