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Elle's Gloves

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Elle my wife, had come down hard with a cold as the previous day she got caught out in the rain while going for her daily walk/run so any action between us probably wouldn't happen for a few nights at least.

I was feeling the need for a good wank but with Elle out of commission I had to rely on myself for stimulation. I went searching through the gloves we had, as we have the box of gloves in the attic/spare bedroom of sorts and nothing really got me going. I went back to the room to have a look what we had there and there were my leather gloves, the $200 ones that I got with them back from the store a few years ago now, a couple of elle's gloves and an exfoliater glove in the bathroom. I was hard at this point as I was looking for gloves wanting to have a wank so I grab one of Elle's winter gloves that she had lying around and one of the $200 ones that I had gotten and left the room. Initially I sat on the couch with my pants to just above my knees and unbuttoned my shirt and just had a play. I wasn't really getting much enjoyment and I was actually going down which was a first, so I jump on the computer, initially on the net for gloved women but that was almost impossible to find decent ones, and free at that.

I searched through our own photo collection occasionally having a play but I remained semi at best. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I was supposed to get myself off as I was desperate as in the past week or so we hadn't done much in terms of masturbation. So I pull my pants up and head to the room to bed. I lay there for I guess 20 minutes just restless and stare at the clock which is now 12am. and with me having to get up for work at 9am (I started at 11am as i wanted to have a sleep in) and I wanted to go to sleep before 1am, I just tossed and turned, which I guess woke up Elle.

Elle turned to me and said "hey babe, if you really need to, go to the bottom drawer on my side up the back". Thinking what she could possibly mean I get up and go to the chest of drawers and open the bottom drawer, I see nothing so I reach in and up the back I feel something that excited me, and I instantly knew what it was. I grab them out and it was what I thought it was, Elle's "special occasion" gloves from when I proposed to her.

In that instant I rose to attention quite fast, so I took my pants off and jumped into bed. I was bursting with excitement. I slowly put them on, rubbing them against my face. I put my hands either side of my groin just staring down at myself and my rock hard cock. Not wanting to come early I rubbed inside my thigh and right up as close as possible to my groin. I then start going up my stomach getting quite hot, and at this point Elle turns over and starts watching me, I continue to my nipples which I rub a bit as that always get me going a bit further.

I could feel the build up and could tell that it was going to be a big one. I start rubbing my cock, wrapping one hand around it. I start dripping pre-cum and feel ready to come almost, Elle then tells me to do the ball and finger technique she does to me, so I grab my balls in my left hand and start massaging them then I rub one finger up and down the underside of my cock and wow, I love it.

I'm loving the gloves I have on so I go faster and start using two fingers rubbing the underside of my cock, then I just go all out and go full handed on my cock and I just come all over my stomach. I grab some tissues and clean myself up. I lay back down and take off the gloves.

Feeling relieved I decide to go to sleep, but Elle had other things in mind. She tells me to put them back on and come over to her. So I put them back on and move her towards me to the middle of the bed, which I soon discover she is butt naked.

I put my arms around her and cup one of her breasts in my hands and just play with the nipple with my thumb for a while so it become erect. I then start tweaking and twisting her nipple between my thumb and middle finger, which I start to get a reaction from. My other arm which is underneath her I move further down for a better angle at the other breast and start rubbing it with my palm, getting slight moans from her and tells me to go on.

I start rubbing both breasts, slowly moving down her chest to her stomach. Elle then grabs my butt and squeezes it, in playfulness, but at that I feel that she has the same pair of gloves on I do.

"Aren't they Nikki's?" I ask her.

"They are actually mine, I bought two pairs" she replies.

I don't say anything as Elle is known to make the odd buy that's insanely expensive but with rich parents giving you substantial amounts of money for birthdays and such, its kinda not hard to.

At this I get an erection pretty quickly which makes her laugh, but she leaves her hand on my butt and I continue down to her groin. She parts her legs a bit to allow me access, wanting to go to sleep I start giving her the clit flick, but she gave a sound meaning no, I still continue but she grabs my hand and moves it. So with no choice I play around her vagina for a while which surprisingly gets her going fairly well and within a minute she orgasms and thus rewards me with a crotch massage, but without making me come, as to tease me.

"If you make yourself come with those gloves or any others, you wont get to have access to them for quite a while" she said teasing me, so I agree and eventually doze off to sleep.

I wake up around 8am feeling crap and realizing I have Elle's cold, so I get up and go to the loo forgetting I have the gloves on still. It's not long before all of me wakes up thus making the toilet venture a little more interesting.

I manage to go (after taking off the gloves off course before I go) and I leave the bathroom to go back to bed, not before calling work saying I wont be able to come in. Elle wakes up and sees me erect, and rolls her eyes and goes to the toilet. I lay in the bed feeling crap when I feel something land on me, its those gloves.

"Put em on babe, seeing as you aren't going to work today, how about we have a day of fondling"

And I have to say that was the best day I've had in a long time. I just can't wait to use them again!



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