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Elle, Nikki and I

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after talking with Nikki and Elle, they decided to let me submit this story, which i think made my 21st birthday, the best one i could possibly have

Also forgive me if anything doesnt make sense, as im posting this right before i go to bed, so i am tired but enjoy *smile*


Well after submitting a few stories here, all my wonderful memories of my mastubatory life with elle and so on have come back to me more so here is one that I rather like

and dont think its just us three, there have been other people

So onto the story.............

It was my up coming 21st birthday and I already knew what a couple of my presents were in one way or another, one being a new computer from my folks, and I mean not just any new one, a fully kitted out one that would make any hardcore gamer cream in his pants, as my folks were in the US and had friends there, they decided to get me something that would last me a while and thats what they could think of (although I would of preferred a car but beggars cant be choosers)

Anyway im getting off track here, so Elle was planning my 21st party which was at her folks Beach house, so there was bound to be plenty of alcohol and music and so forth. I was hoping Nikki, and a few of my and elle's friends from the cosplay store would be able to come but they had other committments (or so I was told anyway), so I had some friends from my work (i work at a games store) come plus other friends and family relatives and elle's siblings and parents.

So the night arrives and people come in steadily and by 9pm was a pretty happening place and to avoid any problems, we hired security near the house just to make sure, so alcohol was flowing freely and people behaving themselves as much as possible

The music gets turned down and Elle's brother grabs a mic (as he was dj at my party) and announces that there is still one more present for me to arrive.

I wonder what it could possibly be. I hear a beeping out the back and we all rush outside and to my amazement there is a Shelby GT 500 (the silver car in Gone in 60 seconds with Nick Cage) and out come 5 maids all dressed identically, with Nikki at the wheel, She gets out and hands me the keys to the car. I almost pass out in shock.

Elle's brother announces that there is still more to be had, so we all go inside, I get sat down and the girls in maids outfits all line up and start dancing to 5,6,7,8

I start laughing and soon realise everyone was in on it.

Seeing as everyone was at least 20 I was expecting something else to happen, of a sexual nature of course and just as I had expected, and it did.

When the song is done, Nikki tears off the chest area of her outfit, revealing her breasts and does a sexy walk over towards me, unzipping my pants and telling me to take it out.

I take my cock out and she asks if she can hold it, which I let her and oh boy she sure hadn't changed, cause her hand still engulfed my cock. Although her hands seemed to have gotten a little bigger cause her fingers (well middle finger at least) could go all the way past my balls, mind you her wrist was where the top of my cock was.

She is no short woman either, being 6 foot 4, I think, and I'm only 5 foot 8, she had a good 8 inches on me.

'Did you miss it?' she asks me, which I soon gather they are the same gloves she wore back when we first met (although under a bit of controversy at the time)

'I sure did' I replied and with a few quick rubs she left me sitting there with a huge erection. I soon realise my situation and quickly get myself together, albeit going really red

The rest of the night goes off without any problems, while also being ribbed by mates about the earlier events (And if you are wondering, the car was only a rental one). By 6am in the morning, majority of people had found their sleeping bags and were either passed out on top of them on the beach or sleeping inside on the dancefloor. I had passed out about an hour earlier, but I was awoken by the bright sunlight in my eyes.

To my surprise I was woken up by Nikki and told me to follow her upstairs. I was greeted by Elle with a range of gloves on the bed and a massage table of sorts type bed next to it. I get told to strip and lay down on it face down.

I get on it and it soon is apparant to me that where my crotch is, there is a hole, and to my surprise im strapped into the massage table. Elle starts off by teasing my cock with rubber gloves, I couldnt tell what colour they were but I knew they were rubber ones as I heard her put them on.

My legs were parted and soon Nikki joined in on the action as well, with her maid gloves she had on still, playing with my balls. Elle lubes up the gloves a bit and 'milks' me, which makes me come.

I hear Elle go, 'well thats too bad, you came early, I wonder how you are going to go with another 20 pairs of gloves'.

My eyes almost pop out of my eyes and I say 'oh dear god yes!'

For what seems like hours of glove punishment I am truly happy, and sore, they finally let me out, but not before being pushed onto the bed and having at least two or three boxes of gloves poured onto me.

I almost die of pleasure cause I havent done this since I met elle.

I romp around in the gloves and grind and rub against them till I come, and more than once as well. Nikki and Elle strip down and join me, we all romp and come and orgasm amongst the gloves for what seems like neverending bliss. After about half an hour of romping, we all stop and get dressed and leave the room, although walking for me was a little difficult due to the punishing I took from the two girls.

When I get downstairs I see all the p eople who are awake, wearing a range of gloves (including the 3 guys that were awake)

Elle's brother goes 'So who's first?'

what I didnt realise, was that he was serious

and im going to leave it there before I babble to much but needless to say, I had enough action to last me till next birthday and I was sore for a week (literally!)

see you in my next submission



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