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Elementary School Football Game

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This is a story about me and my girlfriend Sara. we're both 18.


Sara and I met when we were both sophomores in high school. After a while we became pretty good friends. All the while she had been going out with a guy named Ernest. He was pretty much an asshole to her. But for some reason she stayed with him for almost two years. And I have to be honest, I was pretty jealous the whole time.

It was the beginning of this school year when she realized that he wasn't right for her. It took them about two weeks of fighting before they finally broke up. After it happened I guess I was there for Sara a lot because we became best friends. I felt kinda bad though, like I was in the friend zone. (isn't that just the worst feeling guys?)

So for about...I donno, a week and a half, Sara and I just spent a lot of time together. Even more than before. We had always spent a lot of tme with each other. So much that Ernest would jokingly act jealous that his girlfriend and I got to be together a lot. He would even say 'why don't you just go out with him? jeez. xD' And I won't lie. We actually DID spend more time together than she and Ernest did.

On I think a Wednesday, I finally got the guts to ask Sara if we could be ever more than friends. But I didn't have the gall to ask her in person. Yep. Lame. I know. But on Thursday I felt awkward because she still didn't know. And this year we have a lot of time to see each other. We ride the same bus, have the same friends, have the same second and fourth and sixth and seventh and eight periods together, then we ride the bus home. So that whole time that I was used to talking to her was aaaallllllll awkward that day. All up until that night when she said yes.

Everything started out slowly because it was weird going from best friends to being more. I mean it took us three weeks to kiss. But that was mostly my fault. Sara is my first girlfriend so I wasn't all that experienced parsay.

But as soon as we got more comfortable with each other, things really took off! I can barely contain myself when she's around. When we're sitting next to each other I usually rub up and down her inner thigh. Not too high though. People are around.

Sara has a really nice body with light skin and somewhat long brown hair. She is kinda short to me, but that's just because I'm 6' 2' so I guess she is average height for a girl. She isn't super skinny, which I like. She's actually a little fluffy. Whenever she says she's fat I tell her 'But I like your fluffiness. It's hot.'

I like being able to hold her and feel her nice figure being pressed against me. Her boobs are pretty big, perfectly sized and shaped. I love whe she wears something a little low cut because she knowingly gives me a good view down it.

I love the cold weather because she wears this little sweater that is kind of short. It only goes down to her mid stomach and has a pretty high kangaroo pocket. You know, the ones in the middle where you can put both hands. Well her hands are already naturally cold, so she usually puts them in there. And when it's especially cold, my hands are in there with hers to warm them up. But the pocket is so high, I might as well be feeling her up, because my hands are right under her boobs. I can feel them shake when she shivers and I can't help but smile.

After school we usually make out for awhile before we go home. We've found that our friends like to isolate us from the group when we do so, which is quite nice. Whenever we make out I get so turned on and feel my pants getting tighter. I grab a hold of her belt and pull her hips into mine. I can tell she gets hot too because of the noises she makes, which gets me going even more. We make out until the stupid bus shows up and I know we have to leave. But I don't ever want her to leave.

Anyway, sorry for the long intro. My actual story takes place on a Saturday. We're moving soon and Sara decided that she wanted to help us clean out the new house before we actually move in. She looked so hot in her work clothes which were just jeans and a t shirt.

Our job was to sweep out the rooms and vacuum and stuff. When she grabbed the broom I showed her where we would be working. We shared a kiss and went to work. The entire time I couldn't help but look at her beautiful body moving rhythmically with the broom. Her huge boobs bouncing and her nice hips moving side to side with each sweep. I wanted to touch her so badly, but my parents were there so I didn't want to risk anything.

After awhile of cleaning the house my parents said it was time to go to my little sister's elementary football game. She is a cheerleader for them. So I asked if Sara could come along and surprisingly they said yes.

By the time we got to the stadium it was already kind of dark out and Sara had a little headache. The actual stadium was kind of noisy so I told my parents that Sara and I would wait by the Expedition for awhile. They agreed with it. Again, a surprise.

So there we were. Just us too sitting in my mom's expedition in the dark. In literally the furthest away parking spot. And she didn't have a headache....

First we started off with some light kissing. No big deal. But like I said, things started to move fast. Soon enough, we were all over each other, and of course I was already turned on by just her presence. We were outside the truck and she was up against it.

She was really getting into it. I could feel her grinding her hips into mine. I let my hand roam free around her body, grabbing her boobs and her nice ass. Then things got great. She knew I was hard. So she started rubbing me through my jeans!

After awhile she decided to undo my pants and have a more hands on experience. Of course I didn't mind. Why would I? But it was a little cold out so I decided to move things into the truck.

Inside, we took off the rest of our clothes. Sara has the most amazing body I've ever seen. Her boobs, although big, are nice and firm, not too soft. her skin is so soft. After admiring her beauty for about a minute, we continued where we left off.

Here she started playing with herself but I took over and did it for her. I put two fingers in her pussy and pulled them in and out. At times would play with her clit. She laid back and enjoyed everything for about 15 minutes.

After she orgasmed a couple times she decided it was her turn. So she started to investigate my crime scene (as Dane Cook would say). It only took about 15 minutes for her to get me to come. It went all over her chest and stomach.

Luckily there were some napkins in the truck and we cleaned up as soon as it was all over. When we finally decided to go to the stadium the game was already half over!



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