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Elder Brother Was My Teacher!

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It had been a long hot day, and my brother and I had been on a family day out. Andy (my brother) was 15 at the time and I was 13. Once home, we all had dinner together. I got a few things together for school the following day, and went for a bath.

I was so 'Horny' that night. The bathroom door was open to the bedroom I shared with my brother, and I could hear him moving around. Neither of us were particularly worried about being naked around the house, so I grabbed a towel, dried off, and headed for bed.

Andy, my brother, was sat at his desk in his underwear, and said that he was going to take a shower, since I had used most of the hot water. I dried off some more, and got into bed - still rock hard! - I had never had anything like this 'Hardon' before, and it was 'Fit to Burst!'

I turned off the main light, and I could hear mum and dad walk along the passageway, to their own room. Dad put his head around the door, and said goodnight.

A few moments later, Andy came out of the bathroom. He was still drying off, and had a towel draped around him casually.

I was lying on my back, and he walked over to his bed. He looked in my direction, and said 'That looks a pretty nice boner you have under the sheets, there!' I felt embarrassed, and turned to one side, so that the 'Tent' would not show!

'Don't worry!' He said, 'I have got the Boner from Hell!' With that, he let the towel drop, and I could see the full extent of his throbbing meat! 'WOW Andy! - That's huge!' Whilst we had been very casual about nudity, we had never seen each other hard.

'Mmmmmm' He said, clasping his hand around his cock! '- Think I will beat one off! - Care to join me?' I didn't really know what he meant, but threw back the sheet, and got out of bed. Andy looked at me, and said 'Phew! - I see that I have some competition!'

Both of us had started puberty early, at around eleven, and I can remember taunting Andy about his bush of pubes. As time went on, we saw each other; but there was never any physical contact between us. We were both around six inches, and uncut. Andy's cock was a little fatter, and longer than mine, but I was not far behind him!

We moved over to the window, and I could see him stroking the whole length of his cock. His head had kicked back a little, and he began to stroke faster. I just tried to mimic what he was doing, and it was feeling pretty good!

After a couple of minutes, he suggested that I lie on the floor. He sat astride me, stroking his cock faster and faster, until he shot several bursts of cum over my chest! I was surprised, as I thought that he had 'Pissed' over me, but then saw that he was still riding out his orgasm! - Stroking the end of his cock with one hand, and rubbing the cum into my chest with the other!

'WOW Andy!' I said, '- What the Hell was that!' He came closer to me, and said 'You want to try?' With that, I moved up a little, and took a hold of my cock, following what Andy had just done. He was kneeling next to me, going around for a second time.

I began to feel something build inside me, and eased-off pumping my cock. Andy told me to carry-on, and when I felt it again, to just pump faster! The feeling came around again, and I followed what he had said. I raised my hips off the floor, and continued to stroke harder and harder. Then I had the most wonderful feeling! - Cum shot from my cock in about three or four bursts. I held onto my cock and teased the last pleasure out of it! Andy was still kneeling next to me, and shot off another 'Blast of Cum' which landed on top of mine.

'WOW you did good bro! - Now that you have started, you will never stop!'



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