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Ejaculation Fun

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I really get a huge kick out of seeing how far I can pump my semen after a really long session. I love to go for hours before I unload, and when I cant hold it anymore, I stand and let the streams spew out all over. I have measured the 'output' quite a few times, especially when chatting with other jackers online :) Its really hot to tell someone that I've squirted a two or three foot sperm stream if I have a really good orgasm!
An hour of orgasm a night: Forevergasm
Imagine my typical evening: I wake up spontaneously at 2:00 a.m., and as soon as I realize I'm awake my cock starts to swell in anticipation of what's next.... I haven't gotten off in a couple weeks, so I'm pretty desperate. I sneak out of bed (careful not to wake my wife), get some AstroGlide and a towel from the bathroom, and shut myself into the family room in the dark, laying down on the spare bed, fully erect and aching.
I lube my hand and start stroking the already-hard shaft, letting my mind dwell on the delicious feelings spreading over my whole body. In less than a minute I'm ready to ejaculate: my cock is so tense and hard the veins make it rough, my balls are tight, my breathing a bit irregular, my cock starts to spasm, feeling unbelievably intense...
... so I stop, for just a moment, a second, still holding on, and let my body relax, let my cock relax and expand even more upward. Then I resume touching, gently, reaching the point of no return in another stroke or two... then stop again. My cock is twitching involuntarily now, it feels like cum has filled its underside, even the gentlest touch would send me over the edge, but I stroke anyway, a feather-touch, and yet the ejaculation doesn't happen, barely. Somehow, over a few years of this, my body has learned to accept this delicious intensity without exploding.
I'm in the groove now, as the orgasmic feelings course through my whole body. I feel my chest, biceps, stomach, back, thighs, all of them glowing with the pleasure radiating from my cock. The stroking is now very gentle, slow and continuous, my breathing deep and slow and even, my mind quiet and focussed only on my body, the air, the bed, the sublime tension and yearning and gratification all together. The yummy stroking and the body are everything, no space to think, no other thoughts (not even fantasies!). It's a struggle to stop for just a moment to put on a few more drops of lube, I only want to continue, to feel this, don't stop, don't let it be over. Stroke by stroke, there is nothing else, I lose track of time, not knowing how long I've been going.
Maybe after awhile--who knows how long, fifteen, twenty minutes?--my mind will wander, and I'll realize I'm no longer on the desperate razor-edge of incipient ejaculation. So I take my hand off for a few seconds, take a few deep breaths, lube up, and start over. Relax all my muscles, relax my balls and cock, accept their radiant tension, feel my body, my chest, no more thoughts...
And more, and more. But there are no more words to describe it, just the same and simliar sensations returning, but with such immediacy and pleasure that boredom never comes, only an ever-current now-ness of slippery spasming cock and orgasmic energy spreading though my belly out to my skin. Forevergasm.
Finally, after several prolonged orgams in a different position, and a few brief breaks, my mind will wander more and more and my cock will be less sensitive, the orgasm milder. No need to 'finish,' to ejaculate; I've already had more pleasure than anyone deserves, it can't get any better, and I've still got the unreleased energy to keep me horny all the next day: for eyeing young women in tight dresses, or embracing and kissing my lucious, extra-curvy wife. And of course being ready again for another session tomorrow night. Oh no, no release now... this is too much fun.
Wiping off in the bathroom, I notice by the clock that I've been going for an hour and a half, 90% of which felt like full-on mind-blowing orgasm. Over an hour of orgasm, sustained, intense, just like last night and all the other nights. It's always at least an hour, sometimes two. Yum.
How did a suburban, professional family man like me (age 40) come to not only torture himself nightly with the most wicked sexual teasing possible, but to enjoy it so much? Am I a discipline nut, a self-control freak, an ascetic pervert?
Far from it; I'm more like a practical hedonist. And I've discovered that the ideas of tantric sex (relax, prolong, enjoy, and don't ejaculate) actually work. And they work even better with masturbation, where you can get closer to the edge, and stay there longer, without a partner inadvertently ending the show.
Of course, being worked up every night into absurd heights of unreleased sexual tension makes me a pretty good husband: I always want my wife, I appreciate her gleaming skin and voluptuous body even more than when I met her thirteen years ago, and I can last inside her as long as she can stand it... and, if I don't ejaculate with her, I can snuggle tight afterwards without falling asleep, and can be ready to do it all again in fifteen minutes. Yes, being perpetually horny has its advantages.
It took a couple years to get to this point. At first I thought it was a crime to 'waste' an erection without ejaculating, and positively weird to get deliberately excited without 'finishing up' (plus, my balls hurt like hell for hours afterwards the first few times). But I'm always experimenting with things, so I continued, and discovered that what tantric-sex people say is true: that orgasm and ejaculation are two different things (different nerves too!), you can have one without the other, and if you avoid ejaculating you can make the orgasm last nearly forever. Hence, 'Forevergasm.'
Ejaculation by itself is just a bunch of strong spasms like cramps, which may or may not feel very good, and which prevent much sexual fun for a while afterwards (which means hours or days for middle-aged males). Not much pleasure, and at a big cost.
Orgasm, on the other hand, is pure sensation, a bunch of gentle spasms and yummy feelings, feelings so intense they make you want to rub harder and harder until and while you ejaculate. But if you can avoid the 'harder-and-harder' trap, and just enjoy and prolong the feelings as they are, your body can get used to them, can recognize and accept even more intense feelings, and can reflexively hover in the narrow zone where orgasm has started but ejaculation hasn't.
Of course, this kind of sustained orgasm isn't quite the same as the combined orgasm-plus-ejaculation which most people experience. Sure, forevergasm has got the same sweat, yummy feelings, waves of pleasure, desire, vein-popping tension, and brain-stopping focus. But this kind of orgasm isn't violent and brief, but quiet, feather-touch, relaxed, and sustained. And it can last hundreds of times longer.
I had always envied women for being able to have multiple orgasms, but this is probably as much fun, maybe more. This technique has been the greatest sexual discovery of my life. I just wish I had discovered this back as a teenager. I wonder what this would have felt like when the hormones were really raging? Mmmmm....



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