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Edging Towards a Cum Eruption

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A very arousing stroke session where I first discovered how intense edging can be.


This happened a few weeks ago and I have been trying to master this technique of masturbating since. So basically I was really horny one night when I came back from a bar after a few beers so I decided to have a wank. I hopped into bed in just my silky boxers and turned on my laptop and quickly began watching some porn revolving around big tits.

So the movie was an hour and a half long and I said to myself I was going to have a long jerking session so I watched the first bit of the movie just waiting in anticipation. My cock was rigid beneath my boxers and I could feel my balls bulging with spunk as a guy shot a massive load onto a huge pair of tits. As I rubbed my body I just got more and more aroused until I removed my boxers. Sitting up in bed as the movie played my cockhead looked like it was throbbing in anticipation and a single drop of pre cum slowly oozed out of the tip of my cockhead. This was a real turn on and as I cupped my balls and grasped my dick it felt harder than it ever had before.

So the movie kept playing as I proceeded to tug at my raging boner furiously, moaning in ecstasy as the pleasure mounted and I knew I was getting closer to a mindblowing orgasm. I was staring at the porn and then at the length of my body which for some reason I find a real turn on when masterbating, seeing the hairs on my chest and stomach heave up and down as I begin to inhale and exhale faster. I like to alternate hands and then as the movie got to a scene I really like I gripped my cock with both hands and began to thrust my cock up and down vigorously.

By this stage I was groaning in anticipation and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm but I didn't want to come just yet. I began to gently rub one hand up and down my shaft at a slower pace, gently teasing the sensitive area at the back of my cock head until the tremors of an orgasm began. I could feel cum quickly engorging the base of my shaft. I kept teasing my cock right up until the point of no return, where I immediately stopped all stimulation. My cock started bouncing up and down slightly like it was trying to shoot a load but it couldn't but I felt an amazing wave of pleasure rush through my body exactly like an orgasm.

Then as this wave finally subsided 3 large drops of pre cum shot out of my cock and splattered onto my treasure trail. It definitely wasn't actual cum because it had the consistency of pre cum but amazingly I still had a rock hard boner so I scooped up the expelled fluids and lubed up my cock with it and began all over again. Now my cock was aching to blow and the pre cum made my dick all slippery and shiny.

Again when I started to arrive at the point of no return I stopped all stimulation and luckily I had another mind blowing orgasm. This time a drop or 2 of actual cum slowly oozed out of my dick though and by this stage I had been masturbating for well over an hour and a quarter so I decided the next time I would just shoot my load. I started jacking my cock with all my might and then I felt the tremors of my orgasm again. I just grabbed my prick and tugged at it vigourously. I could feel the pressure inside me rising until finally I relented and I groaned in pleasure as I had a third orgasm, and possibly the most intense of the night. I thought after letting a drip or two of cum and pre cum escape my load would be small but boy was I wrong, my cock actually erupted with spunk.

My cum flew up into the air and splattered across my chest, landing on my pillow and all over my stomach. It was one of the largest loads I have ever ejaculated and the experience was so pleasurable I have been trying to recreate this act ever since and to varying degrees of success, I think it just takes some practice!



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