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Edging Lessons

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This is another of my early adult theater adventures. I started going to an adult movie place in a neighboring city when I was 26. It was scary for me at first and it took months for me to get up the courage to actually contact any of the men who were there. The openness of the men in the front and back rows was too much for me and I used to sit in the middle and watch what was going on but not participate.

As a young man I would get a terribly hard erection on my way to the theater and after watching the movies and the sexually charged activities I would often cum in my pants or with just a few strokes. I usually took an extra hanky to cum into so that I wouldn't make a mess of my pants.

One of the first men who I masturbated with slid into the seat next to me and began to touch my leg in a sexy way. Just rubbing my leg almost made me go off and I sat there struggling to slow down as he touched me. He was a nice looking man of about 50 and as he touched me he took his own penis out and I touched it. After a few minutes of his rubbing my bare leg (I had shorts on) he pulled my zipper down and removed my penis which was hard as a rock. As he held it I shuddered and trembled trying not to cum but after just a few seconds I lost control, grunted and released streams of cum into his hand.

He seemed disappointed at first because I went off so quickly. But then he was encouraged when he continued touching me and I started to get hard again. He leaned over to me and said that he was going to teach me how to edge and asked me if I ever got morning piss hardons. Which of course I did. Then he sent me to the concession stand to get a large cup of soda, which I did. He himself already had one that he was drinking from and when I returned with mine he told me to drink it down.

I chugged the drink quickly as he instructed me and then we sat together holding each other's penises. After several minutes of my manipulating him, he suddenly pulled away placed the head of his penis in his almost empty coke cup and peed. 'Do what I do' he told me. 'When you start to feel like you might cum and that you also really have to pee badly, let just a little out into the cup.'

We sat togeather eding and peeing into our cups for an hour. It was the longest that I had ever gone without cumming. His touch varied on my penis from manipulating the tip to the base, and up and down different sides. I would let him continue until the urge to pee was so great that I couldn't stand it. Then he would sternly tell me to let just a little out. Several times I almost lost it, but he squeezed me when I was obviously about to lose control and aimed me into the cup.

After an hour both of our cups were spilling over with urine. That was when he signalled me to follow him into the men's room where we emptied our cups into a toilet, then closed the door of the stall and masturbated together into the commode.

It was the strongest orgasm of my life, and accompanied by burning and uncontrolled peeing. I saw that man several more times during my visits and every time I picked up a large coke just before I sat with him. Once I joined him and two of his friends who were all doing the same thing.



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