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Eddie's Little Show

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When I was 13 I was walking home one afternoon from swimming practice. I passed by Eddie's house at the end of my block and I noticed the blind in one room was pulled part way up. At the edge of the window I saw something sticking out and it moved. I wasn't sure what it was but then I saw a hand wrap around it and start moving. I also noticed a crack part way up the blind. I pretty much figured out that it was a boy's, and probably Eddie's, penis. I heard about boys 'playing with themselves' like this from some girls at school.

The next day again coming home from practice, I saw it again. But, this time he quickly moved right in front of the window facing me. There was no doubt this time what it was. He stood there for a few seconds jerking himself and them moved to the side. Again, the crack was there and I know it was so he could see me.

This time I went home and told my mother about what I'd seen. Instead of getting all upset and angry, mom sat me down and gave me a little 'girl to girl' talk telling me 'you're learning that body of yours does things to boys. That boy seeing you walk by dressed like you were got him excited as boys will get and it's called arousal and they can't really help it'. I asked her what did I do? She answered, 'your maturing real nice. First you're a pretty girl and then when you wear those little shorts, this is all it takes. Or, a bikini top would have the same effect on boys because of your tits showing. Boys love girl's tits, legs and there behinds and all these can get them aroused like he was'.

Mom was so frank with me and I wanted to hear more. I asked her 'why did he do that in front of a window so I'd see him'. Mom then told me 'another thing about boys and men. They love to show off what a girl does to them there. They want us girls to see this and how big and hard we make them get. You're going to learn this more and more as you mature more'.

I'm now 19 and mom was sure right! When I started dating I learned real quick that when I allow them to they would be all over my tits and legs and they've always made it obvious to me there hard penises in there pants. And, when I finally went to reaching for it with my hand, they've always been besides themselves with excitement. Obviously a natural response with them. It soon became a natural response with me also having a boy use his fingers on me inside my pussy.

Eddie's little show back then turned out to be a good learning event concerning boys and that 'tool' they have down there.



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