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Ed and Me

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As a kid I had a best friend, 'Ed'. Our parents were also good friends and almost every Friday night they would alternate at each other's home to play cards. Ed and I would play our own games and watch TV and eventually go to bed together and spend the night. Our parents would go home when they finished playing, about 2 AM. We only lived about a mile apart so we could walk back home in the morning. Ed and I did not know as much about sex as many other boys that age, and used to share our limited bits knowledge to try to get a clearer picture of it all. When I was about 12 I started having wet dreams and of course told Ed about it right away. He had never had any emissions yet, but did have sex dreams and would wake up aroused. We had not learned to masturbate. Ed wanted to know all about my wet dreams so I had to tell him what I dreamed about. I told him I dreamed I was standing next to Arlene, a girl in our class, and that in the dream I fell down on top of her and that she was letting my dick go inside of her. That was true. I did not tell him that somehow in the dream Arlene was magically changing into Ed sometimes, and that I wasn't always sure whether it was Arlene or Ed I was falling on. Then he insisted he wanted to see me have a wet dream. We didn't know how we could best do this, but I suggested that on Friday night we should both take off our clothes when we go to bed and I would lay on top of him like I am on top of Arlene in the dream, and I will try to fall asleep in that position. We tried it and I couldn't believe how good it felt to have my naked body on top of him. It was a joy to lie there for a long, long time. I was very aroused and his dick was obviously growing too, but it did not get as hard as mine was. There was no way I was going to be able to fall asleep like this, but I didn't want it to end. The position was very strained and my weight was starting to make Ed uncomfortable so we decided to lay side by side instead, but with our full bodies still in contact, and cuddling. He seemed to enjoy that position a lot. Our faces were right into each other's, and even though the room was pretty dark I examined all his soft boyish features and my heart took off. He felt my heart beat against his chest and said my heart was really going fast. I admitted it and said it felt real good for me to lie like this. He said it did for him too. I think we were awake lying like that for hours. Then I heard his breathing change and knew he had fallen asleep. I put my hand down between our dicks, which were pressed against each other. I gently kept my hand on his dick and balls and continued to lay there just in ecstasy. Finally I too drifted off to semi-sleep. It was an odd state because I knew the whole time I was laying pressed against Ed, but in my half-sleep state I felt that I was fucking him, I mean really putting my dick inside of him, and I had an emission and immediately came back fully awake. I woke him up to show him that he was wet all over his dick and balls. He turned on the light and examined it very closely and with fascination. I told him I dreamed I was fucking Arlene. Whenever we were sleeping over after that, we always got naked and cuddled. Within maybe two months we learned to move our hips while we did it, and to take turns putting our dicks between the others' legs. I came all the time this way. He did not begin to cum for a few more months. The first time he came we were cuddling face to face and there was a lot of light coming in the room, and I felt he was really looking at me in a nice way. I wanted to kiss him, and I put my mouth on his. This was the first time we ever did that. I was surprised because he put his hand behind my head and kissed back, hard, and had his mouth partly opened. And he wouldn't stop the kissing. We started both moving our hips while we were cuddled and kissing. He suddenly squeezed me really tight and I felt the warm stuff squeezing out of him between our pressed bodies and going all over our bellies. That made me cum right then. There is a lot more I could tell about all the things we learned together through trial and error. The upshot is I fell deeply in love with Ed at some point during all this. He was my first true love. We were good friends till he left for college. I have only seen him once since then and that was a long time ago. I am now happily married (to a man), and Ed is also happily married (to a woman).



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