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Eating Out

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Over a series of love making, my wife discovered that my nipples are more sensitive than I even understood. So she now stimulates them with her hands and mouth. She said it was clear that my "nipples are directly connected to my cock"(her words) Another recent discovery is that I am reluctant to eat my own cum except when I am very excited and usually when she pushes me to clean her up! But my reluctance excites her and she teases me. Because of this, I have tried tasting my cum when I masturbate alone and have gotten to the point where it excites me to think about eating my own cum.

Well, one evening, we went out to eat and I was the designated driver and my wife had a few drinks. She was horny and whispered in my ear that she thought I should have to do what she does. When I asked what she meant, she said never mind. I found out later. When we got home, things progressed until we were naked on the bed with light from the bathroom to make it visible for us to watch each other. She began to tweak my nipples and suck on them and watched how my penis quickly became erect. I was fingering her until she insisted that I stroke myself while she played with my nipples and watched. I lifted my legs with my knees bent pulling them up while I stroked. So in order to watch my cock better, she sits up and straddles my face and continues to tease my nipples with her hands and mouth. I am now jacking off with her pussy over my face while she is playing with my nipples. Wow....I was getting more excited and so was she.

As we are playing I reach up to tweak her vagina lips with my tongue and after a bit of this, she reaches down with her hand and plays with her vagina. I watch her masturbate herself in a very up close and personal way. So much so, that her juice is dripping on my face and mouth. She has an orgasm and I get even more of her juice. When she settles down from her orgasm, she then instructs me to clean her up! With her legs spread it was easy and I continue to jack myself while she leans over and sucks my nipples. She then pulls my legs toward her more so my hips come off the bed and I am laying more on my shoulders. Her hips move back some and I not longer able to reach vagina it with my mouth any longer. She dips 2 figures in her pussy to get them wet and then rubs them on my anus. I generally do not like my butt played with, but this felt wonderful. She is using her saliva her pussy juice and even puts her fingers in my mouth to get my butt good and wet. She uses her middle finger on herself once more before sliding it into my anus, wiggling it as she goes. This is absolutely amazing.

With her finger in my butt and with the help of her other hand she pulls my legs further forward so my cock is over my face. She has moved her hips back now so I am looking up at my cock with her looking down at me. She smiles and says, "I know you want to taste your own cum and I want to watch. So cum baby, cum". So now, I am rolled upside down, my cock over my face jacking off with one hand, the other supporting me, with my wife's her finger in my ass wiggling it gently to stimulate me as she licks and sucks my balls. She is now coaxing me to the point of insisting that I should cum on my face and taste what she tastes saying things like, "come on baby, I eat your cum all the time and I know you want to eat it. I know you would suck your own cock if you could. Eat your cum for me"

I am so excited that in a matter of minutes I blow a huge load all over my face. We had not have sex in a few days so it was a lot of cum. She then licks my cock clean, then sucks and licks balls. She pulls her finger out of my butt which by now is as far as it can go and then lets my hips fall back on the bed. She uses her fingers to push my cum that is on my face into my mouth and then generously kisses me on the lips and face to clean me up. Wow......... I was spent. We did a couple more variations over the next few weeks. Another story for later.



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