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Eating Feet

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This is totally true.


In the summer I was fifteen, I went to a party at my friend Andrew's house, he was seventeen and so were most of his other friends. There were several pretty girls there. I struck out with the girl's though I did get one of them to walk barefoot on my back. Anyway, I ended up crashed out in my sleeping bag on the floor by Drew's bed. I awoke early, like 6:00am, I was totally horny from all the girls at the party the night before. I wanted to masturbate, but I didn't have anything to clean up with if I came and I didn't want Drew to hear me.

I like girls feet a lot, and since a truth or dare game when I was twelve have been sucking my own toes and nibbling my own feet. I decided if I couldn't cum I could at least eat some toes, so I got out of the bag nude except my boxers and started feasting on my right foot. I imagined all these girls feet and I was really into it, I mean I had left tooth marks in my own foot!

I was very surprised to hear Drew's voice when he asked, 'Are you enjoying yourself?' He knew I liked girls feet, I had told him, but I'd never mentioned my favorite homemade meal. There was no way to deny what I was doing, I turned my head toward him, four of my toes still filling my hungry mouth and said around my foot, 'Yes, do you want me to stop?'

He replied that as long as I didn't mind him watching I could keep enjoying my 'breakfast'. I looked directly at him and nibbled my toes and chewed my heel and generally ate myself for about an hour until I had to go home. He gave me a ride, as I couldn't drive yet, and I asked if he was sure he hadn't minded waking up and seeing me eating toes. He assured me he thought it was cool, so I asked if he would mind if he woke up and saw me fucking my own feet. He said I could sleep over again that night.

The next morning he awoke to find me nude on his dresser facing him, my right hand pumping my cock and my left hand holding my right foot up so I could chew my toes. He asked if he could masturbate too and I said sure. He stayed under the covers, but I could see his hand moving. I licked the whole sole of my right foot and then lowered it in front of me some and rubbed my cockhead against the wet underside of my toes until I came all over my foot. He came seeing that, grabbed a shirt to clean up with and offered me another shirt, I said, 'No thanks,' and lifted my right foot to my mouth and then as he watched me I sucked all my cum off my toes.

The rest of the summer whenever I was over he would ask if I was hungry, and if I was he'd suggest I eat my feet which I usually did. One time I even made a sandwich and placed the bread around my foot and actually ate it while my toes were in my mouth.



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