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God made us horny-He made us where we have a need to jack-off, but he did not make us where we need to have intercourse until after marriage.


After reading many of these stories I realize how lucky I have been all of my life regarding jacking-off with other guys. I have a twin brother, John, and we have shared a room and bed all of our lives. Our Baptist dad sat us down before we had our first wet dream and told us about sex. Dad also told us about the pleasure of jacking-off and that he knew we would jack-off, and he wanted us to do it and enjoy it rather than feel guilty about it. Dad told us that we would probably start jacking-off after we had our first wet dreams. Dad was almost right.

Our cousin Joe was over for the weekend, he was six months younger than John and I. We were all skinny dipping in the backyard pool, something that we did all the time. Joe placed his arms on the side of the pool and leaned back - he was totally erect. This was not anything unusual, the three of us had been skinny dipping together all of our lives. I pushed out of the water beside Joe and John did the same thing. We were all three on the side, feet in the water leaning back with rock hard dicks. Joe then started to jack-off, not fast just a very intentional stroke.

John and I started playing with our own dicks in the same manner. It was fun, but you need to understand at this time John nor I had ever jacked-off and neither of us had had a wet dream. As far as John and I knew is that we were playing with our hard dicks, not understanding where this would lead.

After about an hour of intense horseplay John, Joe and I grabbed our towels and wrapped up and headed to John and I's bedroom. On our side of the house there are two bedrooms connected by a bathroom. One of the bedrooms has a king size bed and the other bedroom has twin beds. Mom and dad allowed John and I to make our decision about sharing a room or having our own room. We always shared the king size bed - for as along as I can remember John and I have slept naked - dad sleeps naked. When we got to the room the towels went over chairs and Joe sat on the bed and leaned back, once again with a rock hard dick. John sat on one side of Joe and I sat on the other. Joe stared jacking-off with a good hardy quick stroke, John and I joined right in.

In a few minutes John and I started to get that wonderful feeling that goes with an orgasm. John and I had our first orgasms at the same time, I guess a twin thing - our first wads all over our stomachs. A few seconds later Joe shot a wad all over his stomach. We repeated the action about thirty minutes later and after that we all fell asleep. My first time to jack-off was with my brother and cousin. Dad told John and I that we would enjoy jacking-off, he was right. Without a second thought when we woke up the next morning the first thing we did was jack-off. Joe spent weekends at our house or we were at this house all of our lives, that weekend Joe was our jack-off teacher. Joe had joined us in that king size bed all of our lives - we always slept naked.

After high school all three of us went to different universities, me to Baylor, John to UT and Joe to SMU. John, Joe and I still sleep in that king size bed naked when we are home from college on the weekend. It is still fun to lay back and jack-off together. We love jacking-off together - sharing being totally masculine together. We are all twenty now, we are all great looking straight guys who are virgins. Jacking-off is our way of to remain virgins. Keeping our hands to ourselves is the way we remain straight.

Just like every other sexually healthy guy I had one burning question when I left for Baylor - how was I going to jack-off. Dad told John and I that it would work out. Well, it worked out just fine and quicker than I could ever imagine. I intentionally decided to take a roommate that I did not know. I got to school in the afternoon finding that my roommate had his stuff on the bed on the right side of the room. I put my stuff in my closet and left the room until after dinner. When I got back to the room my roommate was on his bed in a pair of shorts. We introduced ourselves. His name is Matthew and he is a missionary's kid from Southeast Asia. Matthew is 6 ft 4 in. and he is built like Michangelo's David - if a guy can be beautiful, Matthew is beautiful - blond, tan and a perfect body.

I am also a hunk, black hair with dark blue eyes and because of the private pool in our backyard I have a perfect all over tan - I think that my dick is tanned. My body is without blemish. I am 6 ft 2 in. I stepped out of my flip flops and put my shirt over a chair by my bed. Now Matthew and I are both wearing nothing but shorts. We talked until past mid-night and I am thinking all of the time - how in the hell am I going to jack-off with a missionary's kid as a roommate.

I said at the beginning of my story that I am the luckiest guy in the world regarding jacking-off and other guys. Matthew got off of his bed and went over to this closet, slipped out of his shorts and tossed them in the bottom of the open closet; he then took off his bikini briefs and threw them on his bed. He grabbed a towel and stepped into the bathroom and took a shower. While Matthew was in the shower I stripped naked and got under my sheet. I was glad to see that Matthew was a bikini brief guy rather than a boxer guy - boxers to me are so overrated. I like wild colored tight bikinis myself.

Matthew returned to the room, toweled off, turned off the light and laid down on his bed naked. I was liking my new roommate more all of the time. The room was not dark because of outside lighting. Matthew began to play with his dick and then he stopped and said to me, 'Luke, I jack-off every night before I go to sleep and sometimes I jack-off in the morning if I don't have to be in a hurry. Is that OK with you?' In answer I kicked back my sheet reveling my naked body and started jacking-off. Matthew and I have shared a room for two years now and we have jacked-off every night. Matthew is also a devoted Christian who uses jacking-off as his sex act prior to marriage - two confirmed virgins in the same room - what are the odds. Matthew keeps his hands to himself and I keep my hands to myself. We both like jacking-off and once again we are sharing total masculinity. Man enough to be virgins by choice, believe we both have offers.

This past summer I was going on a mission trip to South America. I am a Spanish minor and I joined the mission trip to work building an orphanage and to become fluent in Spanish. I went to pickup my roommate for the summer on the way to DFW. My summer roommate is planning on being a missionary when he gets out of college. Baylor is a pretty big campus and I had never met Dustin and once again I had my ever current question - how was I going to jack-off all summer with a roommate that was going to be a missionary.

I got to Dustin's grandparents house earlier than I really planned. I had talked to Dustin on the phone and told him I would be there as soon as I got checked out of the dorm. I figured I would get to his house around eleven and I actually go there just before nine. Dustin told me to come to the side of the house and come in the side gate. Dustin and his brother were living in the guest house in the back of the house. I looked into the backyard and there was a naked guy on a float in the pool. He was playing with his dick, he was not really jacking-off he was just playing with his dick.

I knocked on the gate and the guy on the float yelled, 'come on in.' He added, 'You must be here to pickup Dustin, I am Austin and you must be Luke.' We talked for a few minutes and I sat in a chair by the pool. Austin was not bothered one bit by we being there seeing him naked. I also noticed there was a small basket on the table - it contained: baby oil, sun tan oil, KY jelly, hand lotion and a roll of toilet paper - all of the makings of a good jack-off stash. I then asked about Dustin to which Austin responded, 'He is in there, pointing to an open patio door of the guest hours, either still asleep or in there jacking-off, laughing.'

Austin told me to go on in and wake him up and tell him to get his lazy ass out of bed. I went through the open door and found of large room with one king size bed. The day was warm and Dustin was fast asleep uncovered, on his back, butt naked and hard as a rock. The first time I saw my summer roommate he was naked and hard. I said, 'Hey dude.' Dustin half-asleep reached down and tugged on his dick, you know that thing we all do when it is hard. Dustin then looked up at me and said, 'Hey guy, you must be Luke.'

Dustin swung his legs off of the bed, making his hardon a little less obvious. He remarked that I was early and that it would take him a little while to get ready. This time I decided that I would be the one that was a little more aggressive on the subject of jacking-off. I told Dustin that I guessed that I would go out by the pool and use some of his and Austin's jack-off supplies. Dustin laughed and said, 'Be my guest - I have a hardon that I need to work on myself.' He stood and began to tug on his dick without any embarrassment at all. He then said, We have a lot of time before we need to be at the airport you want to go for a swim?'

I indicated that that would be great. Dustin sporting has hardon led me to the door and I stepped out of the guest house, went over by a chair and took off my t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. I don't' normally wear any underwear under shorts during the summer, I was commando that day. Of course I was now hard, as we all know Dustin was hard and Austin was hard. We all swam for about an hour and then we all got out and laid on the loungers by the pool, Dustin offered the basket of goodies, I took the sun tan oil and lubed up as had Dustin and Austin. My question about how I was going to jack-off during the summer was answered. Dustin and I jacked-off that first day and we jacked-off everyday of the summer. He had a great summer. Dustin likes to jack-off as much as I do. We shared our thoughts about why we wanted to marry as virgins, how much enjoyed having dicks and how we looked forward to our wedding nights. We had a good summer, getting to know each other and sharing how much God means in our lives. Horny guys created by God, hands to ourselves, celebrating our masculinity.



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