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Early Sunday Start

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I had a hot community assistant and a very sexually active couple in the room above me.


I was up early for a Sunday morning. I went out to get coffee. When I came back I got my keys out and opened the door. Little to my knowledge my very attractive community assistant, Amy, walked out the door I opened. She smiled at me and said 'Good morning' before leaving down the lane. I knew there was an activity all the community assistants had to help with, I saw and asked about it when I went to get coffee, and it being about five minutes before they all had to be there I knew she had left in a hurry.

I walked to my room, and placed my coffee down at my desk before turning my computer on and walking over to open my window. Now I'm not usually all that horny in the mornings but I couldn't get Amy off my mind and how, for quite a while, I wanted something of hers to help get me off. That's right, a pair of her panties. I wanted a pair of her panties, preferably ones she had creamed up good or rubbed off in. Sipping my coffee and getting an idea that went through my head like a bullet. She got up, and left in a hurry, if she was only leaving five minutes before she had to be there (it usually takes about seven minutes to get anywhere on campus), could, no... but maybe... could she ... ... ... could she have forgotten to lock her door? All the assistants had to be there by 7:30 and knowing the people in my dorm and their behaviour, none of them would be up before nine. So I got up from my chair and went upstairs.

I started to get more nervous every step I took on the stairs. Once on the second floor, my heart beat started to get more prominent as I kept getting closer to her door. I kept looking around and listening like crazy for anyone that might be stirring. Once at the door I needed to calm myself as I just stared at the door knob. My hand is slightly trembling as I reach for the knob. I grab it, take a deep breath and oh my god. It twists open.

The room is dark, with the sun being so low and the shades drawn. A frightening thought crosses my head and then relief as I look at the bed and there is no one else sleeping there. I gently close the door behind me and start snooping. I knew it, there was a pile of bunched up clothes at her bed. She must have gotten up, pulled down her shorts and underwear, and went to the bathroom to shower. But... as I looked at the shorts there was no underwear and it hit me... she sleeps in just shorts, no underwear. The thought sent a throb straight to my penis.

I went over to her clothes drawers and jackpot, she didn't wear any super risqué underwear but what she did wear was enough to get me even hornier as I gently picked through them, then what I saw next got me so hard. She had a purple vibrator in her drawer. It was a decent size with a clit stimulator, I sniffed the end but her scent wasn't on it. Sure her clean panties were hot and gave me good thoughts of her but I wasn't looking for anything washed, I was looking for something dirty.

I went into her closet and into her private bathroom. The room still had the feel of steam and vapour in the air. I saw her bra hanging from the handle and quickly loved the idea of creaming in the cups of them. But I knew she would definitely notice that and she would notice more if I were to have taken them. I left the bra and scanned the room for any underwear that might have been left on the floor. None, man this girl really liked to go without underwear.

I walked back out and in the closet I saw it, her hamper, jackpot! I couldn't help but be less delicate going through her hamper. It wasn't the gold mine I hoped it to be, I guess she did her laundry recently too, but I found two, I probably would have found more if I looked longer. One was a nice skimpy bikini style with zebra print, and the other was just a regular bikini style solid black. I looked in the black hoping to see white spots in the crotch area, none really. Then I sniffed it, just a fabric smell, dull. I looked in the zebra print and the inside lining was white but I could tell there was something up with the crotch area. I put my nose to it, took a big whiff and, oh my god, the familiar musky smell of pussy. I was hard instantly.

I decided I had spent enough time in the room, although I did think about jerking off on her bed. I stuffed the zebra print in my pocket and headed for the door. Now I got nervous again, what if someone had come out of their room while I was in Amy's room? I decided to just go for it and to my luck, no one again. I gently closed the door and went down to my room.

I hopped on the computer, took the panties out of my pocket and took another big sniff. Oh how I love that smell. I started to pull up some websites I like to go to and pictures and videos I have on my computer. Just as I was starting to get really into it, pumping my hard cock, watching the videos, and sniffing Amy's panties I heard a faint moan.

I got up and went to my window, because that's where I thought I heard it from. Standing there with a hardon and the panties in my hand I heard it again. I heard some rustling upstairs and then I heard the moan again, this time much clearer. I realized, that the couple above was up and horny having sexy, they had moved from the bed and over to their open window, and the girl was facing the window, having sex doggy style.

I was so hard, stroking my cock, sniffing Amy's panties, listening to the couple go at it above me. I started stroking with their rhythm, and as I heard them getting closer and closer I realized that the girl was a moaner, a loud one. As I could almost hear the slap of ass against balls get faster, the girls moans got quicker and louder. Combined with the scent of Amy's panties filling my nose I was on the verge of bursting. The thought of returning the panties crossed my mind but as I heard the girl start to scream in orgasm, I took a big sniff of Amy's scent, and moved the panties to shoot my huge load in the ass part of the panties (as to not mix my scent with Amy's scent).

That was the most sexual and adventurous solo day I had at college. Of course I had non solo sexual adventures but that's not what this site is about.



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