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Early Start

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Ok, I know you may not believe me but I started to feel something when I was about 10. I had no idea what the feeling was, all I knew was that my clit throbbed (not that I knew what it was at the time) and that I felt really wet. When I'd go over to my best friend's house, we'd make sure ot sleep in the TV room. As soon as we heard snoring we'd turn the TV on as low as we could get it so we could still hear. We'd watch as many porno's as we could until we'd almost be asleep. The rush of possibly getting caught (her parents' bedroom was just down the hall) made the feelings we had much more intense.

I remember a few years after we discovered this joy, not yet having an orgasm, we found one 'movie' that we just couldn't get enough of and to our great pleasure, it was on again in an hour. We were about 14 at the time, and were starting to learn what was going on. We weren't sheltered and obviously knew about sex. We had masterbated through it the first time, and she had actually come to orgasm, moaning as softly as she could. I hadn't had one yet and asked her to describe it. She told me it felt like her body was exploding into a big ball of good feelings, and that it made her feel really hot. At this point, I wanted to feel it too. She offered to help.

When it came back on, I pulled my shorts off (we'd showered together many a time, so this wasn't a problem). She said, ok, now watch what he does and listen to the noises. So I did. As soon as the woman on the TV started moaning, my friend put her hand on my stomach and slowly made her way down, making my breathing quicken already.

She told me to grab my small boobs. I tried it through my shirt and she said no no, you have to run your hand slowly up UNDER your shirt. As I did, I felt my nipples harden, and when I touched them, I coldn't help but gently pull on them, it just felt too good.

With her hand still on my stomach, she slid it down the rest of the way and stuck her middle finger on my swollen clit and started to slowly rub. As she did, the moaning got louder, and at first, I thought it was the TV. But I quickly realized it was me. She started rubbing in beat with the couple, and when they moved faster, she'd rub my clit faster and harder, until I screamed.

We panicked and quickly turned everything off as her mom ran out. I was glad we had a big blanket, as I had forgotten to put my shorts back on. When her mom left and she asked me if I liked it, all I could say was thank you. It was the strongest and most amazing orgasm I've ever had. But I'll never forget that night. It made me so afraid of being caught, that I hadn't done it again until recently, but this time, by myself with the door. Now I can't help but do it every night. I can't miss one without having multiple the next!



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