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Early Start

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I started puberty just after I turned nine. Two friends of mine and I were showering after playing in the mud. While we were drying off, one pointed to my crotch saying I still had dirt there. Rubbing hard with the towel didn't make it go away. Turns out it was the start of hair. Darker than the blonde hair on my head and not even a half inch long. My friends gave it a close look but that's about it. I didn't give it much thought either.

About nine months later I woke early one morning feeling funny, a good kind of funny, relaxed and satisfied. It had been a hot night so I was laying on my back on top of my covers with only my boxers on. I went to scratch my stomach only to feel something wet and kind of sticky. I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror and was terrified to see that it looked like my belly button had sprung a leak! I ran to the kitchen to show my Dad, I was on the verge of tears. He wiped off some of the sticky stuff with his finger and sniffed it. Then pulled the front of my shorts open and looked inside. He asked 'How long have you had hair there?' I told him and he went on to explain what had happened. At about 5:00am that Saturday morning I got 'The Talk'.

Part of Dad's talk was that if I played with my penis long enough, I could make my sperm come out. I had kind of tried to do it, playing with myself in bed or the shower but didn't go far enough I guess. It would feel real good but I would get to a point where it tickled too much and I'd stop. Finally while in the shower one day while cleaning behind my foreskin it started to feel real good with the soap I was using and I got an instantaneous erection. Up until this time I had just used a finger and thumb to rub myself but for whatever reason I wrapped my whole hand around myself and started stroking slowly, watching my head appear and disappear. This felt extremely good so I turned the showerhead toward the wall and sat down. I got to the point where I'd normally stop but just kept going to see what would happen, it felt soooooo good. The faster I stroked, the better it felt. Funny new feelings were going through my whole body. My hips seemed to have a mind of their own and I began bucking up into my hand and then it happened. My toes clenched all on their own and I felt something down inside pulse and I saw my first squirt that went about a foot in the air. A few more followed but none as high as the first. WOW was all I could think. I must have made some noise because my Dad stuck his head in the bathroom to see if I was OK. I said 'Yeah', wondering if he could tell that I was sitting on the shower floor.

That was the beginning of my masturbation history. My Dad never mentioned anything other than to say I should start locking the door, so I figure he knew what I was doing.



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