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Early Public Masturbation First Time

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This is an early jerk-flash, maybe the first, but I don't remember for sure. I was about 13, and had already been exposing myself to neighborhood girls after school and on weekends. I remember for sure this was midweek, after school on a hot day. I don't remember the season, except to say it was girls field hockey season. I was on a long walk looking for girls to flash. I was about a mile from my house, it was near 5pm and I hadn't had any luck. I was about to go home. I had wandered to an old elementary school that had been abandoned a year or two earlier when a new school was built. I remember there were heavy chains locking the doors, but the playground and fields were still used by the local kids. It was empty that day, and not real close to any houses. I was actually about to go, when a school bus pulled into the parking lot. It was the after-school sports bus from the regional high school (I was only in junior high, about seventh grade). Apparently, the old school was still used as the bus stop for the high school.

Off the bus stepped two girls in their hockey uniforms, with short skirts. One was a cute blonde who I knew was two years ahead of me, about 15 years old. I didn't really know her, but her sister was in my year, and I always thought she was so pretty! I had seen her before at different times in the past. I doubt she knew who I was. She was with a brunette girl from the neighborhood I didn't recognize or know. They looked so hot I was instantly turned on looking at them, and their legs! This time I didn't want to do a simple flash, but wanted to cum looking at them, but was too shy to just drop my pants and masturbate. I ran to the swings and sat down. I was sitting sideways to them, not facing them. I took my dick out through my shorts pants leg, I was wearing no underwear of course, and began to masturbate. They looked over at me, as my running to the swing must have caught their attention. I wanted to cum, buy was too shy to face them. They looked at me for less than a minute, I was trying to secretly masturbate. Then they turned away and started walking across the field to their houses. I masturbated furiously now to cum before they were too far away. I remember shooting the cum into the sand below the swings as they walked away. Well, I figured if they were on the sports bus, I knew they would be there again the next day!

The next day I was already on the swing and masturbating when the bus pulled in, right on time. I saw the blonde (her name was Joan) looking out the window at me as the bus pulled in, so I quickly stopped my action. I wanted to cum this time while they were still close to me. I was still too shy to jerk off openly for them. They got off the bus and after the bus pulled out they just stood at the bus stop. I was trying to quietly masturbate. They were talking and kept glancing at me, without saying anything to me. I was only 20 to 30 feet away. I was still sitting sideways to them, rubbing my dick between my legs. After a minute or two, they started to slowly walk across the field, not away from me, but along a line at the end of the playground. I swung the swing as they walked to keep staring at their legs as I masturbated. I started to cum, pointing my dick straight down and the cum shot out. They never stopped walking, but did seem to keep glancing at me. I didn't see any sure reactions, but I thought I saw a shocked look on Joan's face for a second as they crossed the field. I thought I was secretly jerking off in public near these two hot girls! It felt great. I ran home and jerked off again!

Well, the next day, like clockwork. I was already on the swing, my dick out, playing with myself in the deserted schoolyard as the bus bus pulled in. There was Joan looking out the window, her friend seated next to her. I stopped my action as the girls got out, until the bus left. Once again, the girls stood there as I resumed masturbationg. This time, there was no doubt they were looking right at me, and talking and quietly laughing amongst themselves. They walked towards me a few steps, which got me scared, so I stopped masturbating and pinched my legs closed to hide my dick. They were only 15 feet away, when they turned into the field, walking slowly. I swung the swing around again to face them, and as I did they were looking right at me. Then, instead of walking, they both sat right down in the grass.

I was spooked a little, and got up, not sure what to do. I walked to the nearby school building, away from them, but they got up and seemed to follow. The building was deserted. It had a stone wall that came out from the locked entrance. I stoppped there and the girls sat down on the grass again, about 30 feet away. They didn't say anything to me, but quietly whispered to each other, and kept looking at me. It then occured to me that Joan had seen me jacking off the day before. I wasn't sure that day, but I knew it was possible. All of a sudden I had an overwhelming urge to expose myself. I stood against the wall, and faced them. There was no hiding the fact we all knew each other were present. Then, as if driven out of control, I dropped my shorts to the ground, and raised my shirt up to my chin. I then started jerking off, rubbing my cock like crazy!! They sat and stared!, I think hugging each other. At one point I saw Joan slapping the ground and laughing! I shot cum all over the place!!

Then I quickly picked up my shorts and ran!! They were hooting at me and hollering stuff as I ran away, but I was so panicked I didn't hear what they said. I looked back and saw them running away too!!



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