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Early Morning Desire

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My partner and I live very far apart, and in the rare occasions that we can be together, we spend most of our time turning each other on. The last time we were together was really memorable for an experience we had. We had fallen asleep embraced and covered in sweat and cum after hours of lovemaking. It was very early morning and I thought he was sleeping, and I had the urge to lightly kiss his face. That woke him up and he turned to kiss me. There's something about his kisses.... no one else has ever been able to come close. I think it's that they are the right combination of pressure, wetness and tenderness, as if every few seconds, he's inventing a new kiss. That did it for me, I started to feel wet and when I do, I seem to make a sigh that he always notices. So, he touched me between my legs, and my pussy was already quite wet. He grabbed my hips and threw me on top of him, and in a few more seconds, his cock was hard. We were both still so tired, but both full of desire. I started to rock gently over him, and slid down over his beautiful cock. I really didn't want to have sex, but I couldn't help myself. So, for a while, I fucked him, but then admitted that I didn't intend to have sex at all, and all I meant at the beginning was just to kiss the face I love! He admitted that he too was pretty tired and we just stopped moving, with his cock still inside me, and I laid down on his chest, while he caressed my back. Oddly enough, he didn't slide out. I guess it must have been the position. Once in a while I would tighten my grip on him, and feel his cock stiffen up again. I did this every time he started to shrink down, and it made both of us laugh. So, we were really in a good mood, and I then decided that I wanted to see him cum, even if I didn't feel like an orgasm myself. Watching the way his face looks when he comes is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. He looks so hot and so sweet, and he even tries to look me in the eyes, since he knows I love that. So, I decided to go down on him. I usually prefer to suck him before any sort of penetration, since I don't get that turned on by my own taste, but at this moment, all I wanted was to see him cum. I was sort of fixed on that. So, I licked his cock just the way he likes, long licks and using my tongue in every imaginable way, flicking it, using the sides of it, the flat of it. When it seemed like he could take no more of that, I started to lick his thighs. I love to bring him to the edge and leave him hanging. He always lets me, but eventually he gets to the point of begging me to 'finish', either by moving my head where he needs it most, or by just saying my name, which sends me. But, we were still both pretty sleepy, and I noticed with the side of my face that his cock was starting to get softer. I just took that as a signal that he probably would prefer to continue later on, when we were both more involved, and I rested my head upon his thigh and caressed his chest, sort of ignoring his cock and balls altogether. Then, the thing that was the most memorable happened. Since we are so rarely with one another, our sex is pretty traditional, and we don't have masturbation as a part of it. Well, he wasn't bored with sex after all, and he wanted to get his cock back in form in order for us to keep on having oral sex. He took his cock in his hand and started pumping! I had never seen a man do that before, and I thought it was so hot. He was taking some of the 'maintainance work' off of my hands, and got himself totally hard in just a few strokes exactly the way he knows it feels best! I loved seeing that, and quickly put that beautiful cock in my mouth. I was so much in love with him, and loved the way he was, that I felt like a part of him, and sucking him was making both of us hotter and closer. I looked up while he was cumming, enjoying that sight immensely. After we had finished that, I felt like having an orgasm, and all it took was a minute of him stroking me and looking me in the eyes. We crashed back down to the mattress and slept for a few more hours, preparing for a day of love and sex. I've only once in my life had sex without being emotionally involved, (in love for you youngsters!) and it didn't mean much to me. I think that for me to really love it, I have to feel a very strong attachment to the person, and it must be reciprocal. When the relationship is at that level, I have no fear of letting go or satisfying my man. I think I need to know there will be that emotional pay-off in the end.



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