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Early Memories

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I just love this site. I found it by accident one day when reviewing the places my son surfs. I wonder if he knows he shares an interest with his mum?
I have been a dedicated masturbator for almost as long as I can remember. My mother helped me discover it, although I doubt she realizes that. My mother was obsessed with personal hygiene and at a very early age when she still bathed me, I remember her making a big deal about cleaning 'down below' as she coyly put it. She would lather up a flannel and soap me all over and would rub quite hard to make sure 'down below' was clean. I don't think she knew but I enjoyed that part the best as it made very nice feelings indeed.
As I got a bit older and I bathed myself I followed her example and rubbed myself there with a nice foamy cloth. I experimented with different ways until I found just the right way and place to rub to make it feel especially nice.
I am fairly certain I did not climax in those early years as the first time I did very memorable. I was in early puberty: my periods had not started but my nipples and breasts were just starting to swell. As usual I at bath time I enjoyed foaming myself, but I remember the feeling growing more and more intense and feeling an urge for more stimulation. I folded up the flannel and lifted myself out of the water and used 2 hands to pull the cloth up and down between my legs. The feelings grew very intense then exploded over me. I was quite scared and not quite sure what was happening as I felt lots of parts of my insides contracting. When it was over I remember wondering if something was wrong, but I also remember there being a very strong urge to try it again.
I waited for a few minutes then started to rub myself again. I was extremely sensitive and had to stop. I finished my bath and got out, dried myself and got dressed. My mother was engrossed in the kitchen talking to friend so I went to my room to listen to music. The memory of what had happened was still clear and I had to see if it would happen again. I remember laying on my bed and putting my hand down my panties and feeling myself. It was the first time I had really explored like that - up until then all my 'pleasures' had been in the bath. I quickly found my clit was where it felt nicest to touch (although I didn't know the name then). I found if I rubbed it between my lips using two fingers it felt amazing: much more intense than it had been with the flannel. It wasn't long before I was lost in the experiences and came again. This time I just let myself go and enjoyed the experience. After I had cum I noticed now wet and damp I was - strangely at the time I was playing I had not noticed.
I think I probably came about 4 or 5 times more that afternoon. I learned to judge just how quickly I could start again: for about 2 or 3 minutes I am just too sensitive to touch, but after than I can get going again.
Well that was my early experiences, I've loved reading everyone else's so I hoped you liked mine. Time for me to go and cum now!



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