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Early Masturbation and Clean-up Question

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I learned to jerk-off when I was 13 years old at a Boy Scout camp. Before that I had no idea about girls, sex, masturbation or anything. It was all new to me.

The first night several of the other boys were making jokes about who was going to jerk-off first, but I did not understand what they were talking about. I asked a friend and he told me as best he could. We had several group discussions on how we all did it and that is how I learned to masturbate although I did not start until I was back home, alone in my room.

I remember that one of the boys was running around the cabin one night with his underwear down around his knees. He had an erection that made his small penis stick out from his body and bounce up and down. I got hard as I watched this and I think that was the first time I ever recall having a hard-on or any true sexual feelings.

The first time I masturbated to orgasm I almost passed out from the experience. I was amazed that I could receive so much pleasure from just touching my penis. Being 13, I could jerk-off and climax, go soft, get hard again and start over in about five minutes. Most nights I would jerk-off at least two, often three times both in the bath tub and again when I was in bed.

Some of my friends from school, in grade six, masturbated together in 'circle jerks'. I desperately wanted to try this but was never invited to the right sleepovers. The closest I came was at a sleepover when I awoke in the early morning to see one of the other boys masturbating in his sleeping bag. When he thought I was looking he stopped and rolled over, facing away from me. He did not stop what he was doing and must have come soon afterwards as he rushed to the bathroom to clean up.

It was not until I was in grade seven that I began to ejaculate. I started to notice some small amounts of pre-come would come out of the tip of my penis as I started to masturbate if I had an erection for a while. I also had grown some pubic hair at this time. As my body matured I started to ejaculate small amounts of semen each time I masturbated. I found this very exciting. One time I did not masturbate for almost an entire week as we were on a family trip and I did not have much privacy and I wanted to see if I could build up some cum. When I got home from the airport I went straight to the shower and jerked off. I ejaculated a nice load and from that day onwards I always managed to shoot semen the first time I masturbated each day. I was really proud of myself.

There is one funny story I want to tell Solo Touch readers about; the time my mother walked in on me when I was masturbating.

I usually masturbated in the late evening, either in the bathroom when having a shower or in bed before going to sleep. Once I was ejaculating, I masturbated less in bed as I did not want to clean up all the time. I usually woke up with a hard-on but rarely took the time to masturbate in the mornings. This day was a weekday that I did not have to go to school for some reason. I had gotten up, had breakfast but went back to bed for a while. When I woke up I began to masturbate. I was sitting up straight with my back against the headboard with my legs open, knees raised on the pillows. By holding my penis horizontal it kept the skin nice and tight and I was slowly stroking, very close to orgasm when my mom walked in.

Startled, I grabbed the sheets and tried to cover myself. Mom looked at me and asked me what I was doing. Too embarrassed to say I was masturbating; I said I was reading a book. She walked directly beside the bed, pulled the sheets back and asked me to show her the book.

I looked down between my legs and realized that I had ejaculated and not noticed. There was a large stream of semen on the sheet that ran almost as far as my knee. My penis was hard and twitching with some smaller drips of semen trailing off the tip. I wanted to die, right then and there. I was totally humiliated.

My mother, looked at me in the tender way only a mother can. Seeing my embarrassment and shame she said that it was a perfectly normal thing for a boy my age to do and she had no problems with my masturbating and it was her fault for walking in on me, but she had forgotten I was home. She took my hand and stood me up, totally naked, my dick still hard and made me strip the sheets off the bed so she could wash them.

We never spoke about it again but she later did something for me that I really appreciated then and now. Shortly after that day, my parents bought me some new bedroom furniture that included a larger bed, a desk and new bedside tables. With the set came two new sets of sheets and towels to be stored in one of the dressers and I was given the responsibility of changing and washing my own linens. She made it clear that if I wanted to sleep in crusty semen soaked sheets that was my choice. She also bought me a large supply of face cloths that she kept in the night table. On top of the pile was a large tube of KY jelly. It took me a few days to realize what it was; I first thought it was toothpaste. When the tube got empty, a new one magically appeared in its place.

Once I had learned the joys of lube, I stopped masturbating so much in the shower and would only masturbate in bed at night. I learned to go slowly, often taking up to 30 minutes to come. The orgasms were much more intense than the quick ones I had been giving myself before. I would place a face-cloth on my stomach and when it was time to come, ejaculate directly onto it so that I did not make a mess.

Even today, 30 years later, I still enjoy slowly masturbating with lube before going to sleep the nights my wife and I don't have sex. She likes to watch me ejaculate and sometimes will masturbate with me as well. We both admit that as much as we like making love together, masturbating always gives a more intense climax.

I travel for work quite often and always take a small bottle of astroglide with me. One thing I like about a hotel is that I can come, ejaculate on to myself, the sheets, pillows or whatever and just roll over and go to sleep. I never can do that at home in my own bed. Ever since my mother made me clean my own sheets I have a need to wipe up before going to sleep.

Thanks for the great web-site. Please leave a comment as I would like to know what other men do after coming; do you need to clean up or not?



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