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Early J/O Adventures

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Early j/o Adventures
I am a 13 year old boy. Here are the best jack-off sessions i've ever had. i hope you like them. These experiences were all true, and spectacular. I can only pray, for more like them.
1.) While on vacation in puerto rico, i went skinny dipping at night. While i was doing it, 2 guys my age came by. I got an instant hard-on, and started jerking of, hoping they'd catch me, to my surprise, they took off their shorts and jumped in next to me. we all jerked each other off, and filled the pool with more cum, than water. it was really intense.
2.) When i was staying after school, the band was having a rehearsal. so i figure, what the hell, and go back stage. i pull my cock out, and jerked off till i cummed. It was funny, cause just as i reached the peak of my pleasure, the band played a really loud note, so it covered up my moans.
3.) Here's my favorite. one time in the winter, i was on a trip with some friends at a ski lodge. We got seperated and i was horny, so i decided to find a nice place to jerk off. thats when i got a really good idea. i found a spot near where my friends were, stripped down, and buried myself in the snow. i was freezing cold, but extremely turned on. my friends came over, and didn't see my cloths. i told them someone pulled a pramk on me. the said they'd dig me out, but instead, they all dropped their pants, and started jerking off. so i decided to tell them the truth, and i burst out of the snow, revieling my very cold, naked body. they laughed at the joke but insisted i get back in the snow. they continued to jerkoff iin a circle around me (their were four of them) while i did it in the snow. when we all cummed, it landed all over me, and melted the snow. After wards, we had some more fun. I sucked them all off one at a time, while the others jerked each other off. Then we had an amazing orgy, involving anal and oral sex. When it was all over, we were all lying in a heep in the snow, covered in eachothers cum. We had been moaning very loudly, so out of fear of being caught, we got dressed quickly. Just as we were about to go back to the lodge, we noticed several kids, all younger than us, on top of a hil, all holding binoculars in their hands. we wer shocked, and ran away quickly, and as we did, we heard them clap their hands for the show.



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