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Early Experiences

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Several stories about first times made me think about stuff I did


From the time I learned how to masturbate, I was fascinated by my penis. I memorized every detail of my pubescent member. From its pink, pointed head and slim shaft, down to the barely visible, wispy peach fuzz at the base, and ending up at my small, smooth scrotum, that pulled up all tight and wrinkly after swimming. My nightly baths started taking almost twice as long because I was spending so much time looking at my naked body in the mirror over the sink and playing with my stiffy. I also loved how my young balls got all loose in their sac and seemed to move all by themselves.

The summer before, some family had visited us and spent the night. The boy and I stayed in my room. Before we went to sleep he wanted to show dicks. we shined my flashlight on his stiff boner and he showed me where he was starting to get fuzz. We didn't do anything else. But from that night on I couldn't wait until my dick would get some peachfuzz too. A couple months after that, I learned to masturbate from a boy who lived on my street.

During the school year, I saw my one boy cousin almost every weekend. We masturbated together as often as we could and kept close tabs on our development, measuring our dicks at least once a week and using a magnifying glass to look at our pubes.

One time when our moms were out together, he called me on the phone and we measured together, then quickly jerked off, talking about this girl in our class who had already developed breasts.

Kenny's dick was slightly larger than mine and definitely redder. he was also slightly ahead of me in the pube race, and his were darkening. For Christmas that year he got a Polaroid camera from his grandmother. A couple days later I got to sleep over, and we stayed up late and took pictures of our boners from the front and the side. It was really cool to see ourselves all butt naked like that. We stood there fingering our stiffies and looking at our dick pictures. We both orgasmed then decided we better get rid of the pictures so we put our pj's back on, snuck out in the family room and threw them in the woodstove.

We were both anxious for our dicks to grow as big as his older brother, who had jacked with us a couple times on sleepovers at my house. His dick was already about 6 inches and had a small dark bush around it. He was getting some armpit hair and a few dark hairs low down on his legs. Kevin was in scouts and told us about jerking off on campouts in his sleeping bag with his tentmate's porno magazine. The best part was seeing his white cum squirt and puddle up in his belly button. There wasn't a real lot of it but it was more than either one of us had. Me and kenny were still dry cummers. Even so, those orgasms were so intense. When I was cumming, my legs twitched and sometimes my whole body would shake kind of uncontrollably.

I didn't know if any other boys in our grade class had jackoff clubs like we had. Nobody really said much about it. Eventually, my cousins moved away, so we only saw each other during holidays. We both found other boys to continue jacking with. All through seventh and eighth grade I had afterschool j/o sessions with 2 other boys where we looked at one boy's dad's VHS porn.

Sometime before the start of eighth grade, I started having cum. Maybe it was because I started masturbating so early, but I've never had a wet dream that went all the way to ejaculation. I had sex dreams about girls and stuff but I would always wake up before I came. It didn't happen very often, but when it did, I would finish what my dream started and hump my bed, my small load wetting my underwear.

Thanks for having this awesome forum. I love reading the stories and have been jerking the whole time I'm writing this. It's cool to remember the way things felt then.



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