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Early Days (2)

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I know it says female male, but it really is FMFM. Some MM and FF and FM too. The first story is from Feb 1st


As I said, Vicky and I became great friends. We made each other cum all the time, and we actually threw out all our bras except one each (for a special occasion or family thing we had to wear them) and we never wore them in school. I remember one time Vicky came to my house before our school hockey training, and you know the 'Skorts?' (skirts with shorts inside?) yeah we cut the shorts out of those so we had really short skirts and no panties on. Our coach never found out, but I think the rest of the team saw and Vicky gave a parent at the sideline an eyeful. Afterwards we went back to the school changing room and rubbed each other off completely naked in the school showers. No one saw, but I don't know If I would have minded anyway.

So summer came along, we had finished our 1st year exams and my family was going to Portugal. My parents surprised me the day before we left with the news that Vicky was coming with us. I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! I cycled to her house so quickly and I ran inside.

Now Vicky and I had the habit of walking around our houses naked when no one else was around. This was one of those occasions.

So I took off all my clothes on her porch and knocked at the door. She ran to the door, (I hate it when she runs because her breasts bounce and mine don't because they're so small), and we hugged and screamed and hugged and kissed and fingered each other all at the front door. Anyway, we went upstairs where she was packing. She said she was going to make herself some food and would be back in a minute.

I suddenly had an evil, horny plan. I could feel my wetness dripping down my legs. My pussy is still totally shaved for those of you who want to know. Vicky had a small, well groomed patch at the top of her slit.

I took all her bras and all her panties out apart from her tanning swimsuit. That was basically a piece of fabric that covered your nipples and your slit. Everything else was on show. Including most of her areola, her patch, her ass and the sides of her pussy. I left those on as a surprise.

Speaking of suprises, I saw a HUGE dildo further into her bag that I had never seen before. I knew it would hurt, so I couldn't wait for the trip.

Anyway. We got to the airport (after masterbating together 100 times in the airplane bathroom) and we get in our taxi to go home. Because there were six of us, four got in one taxi and me and Vicky got in another one. We decided to put on a show for the taxi driver (being the horny sluts we are) and we began to make out. Passionately too. Vicky even unbuttoned my top, letting my boobs show and started pinching my nipples. The driver nearly crashed.

Just before we arrived I buttoned up and thanked the driver with a kiss on the cheek and a slap on the butt.

Me, Vicky, my Brother Sam and his friend Aj were all sharing a two bedroom apartment. Now I have a big crush on AJ, and Vicky has a huge crush on Sam, so we decided that before these two weeks were over, we'd get with them. Obviously not sex, but I wanted to make Aj cum and I wanted to see my lesbian lover make my brother cum.

Vicky unpacked her stuff, when she realised what I had done. She playfully attacked me. She ripped off my top and my shorts leaving me naked because I never wear knickers or bras anymore. I thought we would have another Jill off session, as she pinned me against the door. She shoved two fingers in me and I moaned. Next thing I knew she opened the door and pushed me out of it, locking me out in an apartment with two guys completely naked with girl cum running down my legs.

I covered myself with my hands in case my brother came out. But he didn't. AJ did. So I uncovered and went about my business as though fully clothed. He stammered and saw me and apologised and tried to leave. He was 15 at the time. I told him to stay and if he sat down I'd reward him for being a good boy. This dirty talk side of me was something I had never seen before.

He sat down stunned and I kneeled in front of him. I unzipped his shorts and let his MONSTER cock spring out. It was seven inches, no joke. I didn't think it would be that big. But he wa shaved too. It made it look about 10 feet bigger. All I wanted to do was let him ram it up my tight hairless pink pussy, but I knew I couldn't, so I closed my hand around it, and started to jack him off. He grabbed my tit in his hand and caressed my pussy with the other. I felt my orgasm building up.

A minute later he whispered that he was gonna cum. So was I. Suddenly a white spurt short out and hit my chin. I immediately squirted too. I lay on the floor as he continued to cum on me. When he was done, I kissed him and told him to wait there, and call Sam out.

I ran to my room and Vicky let me in. I was covered in cum! Vicky said she wanted to lick it off, so I let her, she licked it off my chin to my belly button. AJ missed my pussy thank god.

I told Vicky Sam was gonna be outside and we were gonna get in on all of us together. She took off all her clothes and pinched her nipples. 'Ready' she grinned.

We ran out to the living room where the boys were waiting, and Aj told Sam that I was his, he could have Vicky.

The boys sat on the couch as we became their slaves.

'make out' said Sam

We did

'fingered each other' said AJ

We did

'now give us handjobs you horny cunts' shouted my brother. I nearly came there and then. I love the word cunt.

Anyway, I started giving Aj another handjob, and Vicky was working away at my brother. Suddenly I feel a finger slip inside me. IT WAS SAM! My own brother was fingering me! I saw Vicky look at me, and we kissed. Then I reached up and kissed Aj, as he came all over me.

Vicky took her time though. Eventually she leaned up and kissed my brother too. He came all over her. We giggled and kissed again.

Needless to say we began realationships with these boys, and we even shared beds with them. Vicky and Sam in one room. Aj and I in the other. No sex though. That was a rule.

That holiday soon became a nudist holiday. And our relationships with the boys are still strong. Vicky and I go lesbian together for the boys sometimes and sometimes just for us.

I came seven times while writing this. They've all said I can put this up here.

Happy jilling and jacking guys xxxxxxx



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