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Early Days 2

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Here is another true story from when I was growing up. The last time, I mentioned I went to one of those adult theaters that showed 16mm films back in the late '60s and I happened to see a flick called 'Flossie' which was why I enjoy getting handjobs from girls.
One time not too long after that first experience, I went to another theater (this time a much bigger one) to check out another porn flick. I sat down and started getting into the film and rubbing my cock from the outside of my shorts. After about 5 minutes or so, an old guy happens to sit down next to me which I don't think anything of it. But then, all of a sudden I feel this guy grab my arm and pull it over to him. I just thought 'What the fuck?' and got up and moved to another seat. It was only then that I realized that this guy wanted me to play with his cock and jack him off.
I walked outside to the lobby bathroom to urinate and when I went back inside the theater, my eyes didn't adjust too well, so I couldn't see. Except for the lumenation coming from the film, I sort of stumbled down the aisle and found a seat on the other side of the theater, far away from that old guy. There weren't very many people in there as this was during the daytime and most people were at work. What I didn't realize was that I ended up sitting only about 2 seats down from another guy in the same row, except that he was pretty young, about the same age as me.
While I'm not gay nor bi, when I glanced over to him, he looked pretty nice, clean cut. The other thing I noticed was that he had his hands together in his lap and immediately I assumed he was trying to hide the bulge in his pants from me. I stated to have thoughts about what would happen if he was the one, instead of the old fart, that pulled my arm to jack him off that it made me super hard. I pulled up the material of one side of my shorts so the head of my cock was sticking out and I started to pull at the head.
I'm guessing that the guy must have seen me do that so he got comfortable. He removed his hands from his crotch and started to rub himself through his jeans. Although the sound from the film was loud, I could heard the rubbing of material next to me, so I turned my head a little bit and watched him. When I did that, he turned his head and looked at me and I looked up at him and he smiled, so I smiled back.
I got a little more bold and pulled the material of my shorts back even farther so most of my cock was exposed and also my balls. I started playing with my testicles with my right hand and with my left, I wrapped my hand around my dick and let my fingers stroke away at the underside. For the most part, I still had my hands over my groin area so you couldn't really see that much but you definitely knew I was playing with myself.
All of a sudden, I hear this slow zipper sound. It was the guy unzipping his jeans. I look over and his fly is open all the way and the guy has on white briefs. He pulls the front down so the elastic band is behind his balls which pushes them up to his cock which is standing straight up. He then starts jacking off his cock right there!
I am just going crazy at this time so I undo my shorts and pull my cock out too and start to jack myself off. As soon as I do, I hear the guy next to me say, 'Hey' in a quite whisper. When I look over to him, he's got a bottle of hand lotion and makes a motion to offer me some. I hold out the palm of my hand and he squirts a mess of lotion in my hand.
At this point, I was going to smear the lotion all over my cock when I thought about what it would be like to jack off another guy so I moved over one seat next to the guy and move my hand with the lotion over to the guys cock but don't touch it. I look at him and whisper, 'Okay?' He says 'Yeah', so I wrap my hand around this guy's prick. As soon as I do, he lets out a small moan and I proceed to jack his cock off. It was so erotic to hear the sounds the lotion makes when you're jacking off, especially when you're doing it to someone else.
I couldn't believe I was doing this but it was so cool! Feeling someone else's dick in your hand is an awesome feeling. I love to have my balls stroked and have the full length of my cock jacked, so I did the same to this guy. Once in awhile, I'd use the palm of my hand to encircle the head of his cock. It was not two minutes later that I hear him grunt and the next thing I know, his thick cum is shooting out all over my hands and the seat in front of him. I keep milking him until he finally motions me to stop. Then the guy whips out a small terrycloth towel and hands it to me to wipe my hands (he must have been a boy scout).
My cock is still pretty hard by now. This guy pulls out his bottle of lotion again but this time puts some in his hand. Then he leans over to me and starts jacking me. I don't know where he learned his technique, but he did everything I did and then some. Since I was pretty hot by then, I didn't last more than a couple of minutes myself, although I was trying to savor every bit of it for as long as I could hold off. When I was ready to blow, I whispered to the guy that I was going to cum and then he did something which just blew my mind. HE STOPPED, right before I could cum! But it wasn't because he didn't want me to cum. No. About 3 seconds later, he takes his thumb and index finger and wraps it around my cock, just under the head. Almost like you're making an 'ok' sign' with your hand and starts rubbing me really, really lightly.
I don't know what that was all about, but with the pause he did and then changing it to just lightly jacking me just under the head of my cock, I had what was the biggest orgasm that I ever had in my life. I was spurting out thick white gobs of cum like there was no tomorow. After the first rope shot out, this guy used his whole hand and stroked the entire length of my cock again from the base to the head so he could milk every single drop of cum out of me. I can only say that I hope no one took the seats in front of me and the one in the row in front of that because there was cum everywhere.
I later met the guy outside and we got to be friends. He taught me that technique of his and we ended up masturbating together and doing some oral on each other, but when we both got girlfriends we slowed down until we stopped altogether. He's married now and we keep in touch by email. I told him about this website, so maybe he'll see this story and call me up so we can go to the movies again one day just for some jacking.



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