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Early Brother-Sister Exploration

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Until finding this website I used to think that my sister and I were the only two brother and sister who ever 'played' with each other when we were younger. Some of the stories on this site about brother-sister masturbation I seriously doubt are true, but many of them do have a ring of authenticity, and have helped me to realize that sibling sexual play at a young age might be more normal then I had ever thought possible.

Here's my story.


When I was fifteen my little sister was thirteen. She had always been a cute little kid, but recently, she was turning into a hot little teenager and I began to spend more and more time looking at her and wondering what she looked like naked now that she was starting to develop. I could tell she was starting to sprout little boobs, and I wondered if she was growing any pussy hair yet, and I enjoyed the sight of her tight little ass when she wore close fitting jeans or shorts. On a few glorious occasions, I would catch a glimpse of her in panties, and these became used as mental images sometimes when I jerked off.

I did wonder, at the time, how normal I was, and I often fought off feelings of guilt for having such thoughts about my little sister. I tried to focus most of my sexual energy and curiosity on girls my own age at school. But, I grew up in a very strict religious home where any thing related to the human body and sex was totally off limits. The internet was still decades away from being invented, and porn was totally not available. I knew the best change I had of ever finding out what a girl looked like naked was the girl living in the same house as me.

Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I devised a plan. I had no idea going into it how she would respond, and I knew I risked serious punishment from my parents if she opted to tattle, but we were good enough pals that I thought it was worth the risk.

Our house was laid out in such a way that to get to her bedroom she had to walk right up to my bedroom door and then take a hard right-turn into her room. If my door was open she had a view of my entire room.

One summer weekday I delayed taking a shower until my dad was at work and my mom was off running errands. After showering I went to my room to get dressed but this time I didn't close my door like I always do. It took some patience and waiting (like a half hour or forty five minutes) but eventually I heard my sister coming up the stairs. I quick stood in front of my dresser with the top draw open like I was about to get dressed, purposely turning myself towards the door so she would have a full frontal view as she walked past my door. The idea of course was for her to believe that she had 'accidentally' seen me naked.

As I heard her reach the top of the stair case my heart was pounding so loud I could hear it, and I almost had the shakes I was so nervous. Needless to say, my penis was hard as a rock. An instant before she turned the corner and came into full view I chickened out, and in a panic I reached for the door to swing it closed. But.... I was too late.

Right as I was reaching for the door, she came around the corner. About six feet away from each other we both froze solid. To my surprise, and to my complete delight, her eyes dropped instantly to my throbbing erection and I watched her eyes become huge and a smile slowly spread across her face. She was not even trying to hide her delight in seeing me this way! And to make it even better, my last second chickening out had given the effect of it seeming like she really HAD caught me accidentally, and that this had not been planned.

I don't know how long we stood in that position with her smiling and staring at my boner, but her reaction made me bold. Eventually I stood upright and swung my hips a little forward, putting my fifteen year old erection on full display. My sister took a few steps forward. I invited her to touch it, and she came into my room and sat on the edge of my bed where she began to play with my penis. At first she just poked it a few times and giggled as it pulsed and throbbed. Then she began to handle it, wrapping her fingers around my shaft, pinching it, feeling it, rubbing it. She commented on the spongy feel of the very tip, the bone hard feel of the shaft, and the loose, fleshy feel of my balls with the hard inner 'nuts' inside them. I can't begin to describe what a rush it was to stand there fully naked in front of her while she sat on my bed groping and fondling my boner like that. At one point she even commented that it looked like a microphone, and she grabbed it and started to sing into it like she was a rock star.

Apparently, it would seem, my little sister was just as curious about boys as I was about girls. She was fully enjoying this.

After a while I commented that it was not fair that I was naked and she had all her clothes still on. That was all it took, and I was surprised at how fast she jumped up and started to strip. But she didn't just take off her clothes, she made me sit on the bed while she took a few steps into the middle of my room and began to do a swanky striptease style dance while she removed her clothing piece by piece. When she was down to her panties, she turned her back to me and while swing her hips back and forth she slowly pushed down her panties to reveal her perfectly round little sexy rump. Then, with her backside still to me, she cupped both hands over her pussy and turned slowly to face me still gyrating her hips like mad, and in a final display of unbelievable sexual expertise for a thirteen year old girl, she jumped up, landed with her legs spread wide and her hips thrust forward, flinging her hands into the air, shoving her now fully naked pussy directly towards me.

I darn near shot my load! It was a thing of sublime beauty! She was just starting to sprout a tiny little tuft of peach fuzz and her labia folds were showing the very earliest signs of losing that little girl slit and starting to bud and flower into multiple folds of tender, rose colored pussy skin.

I motioned for her to come to the bed, and she laid down for me and spread her self open. Just as she had explored my penis moments ago, I now tenderly and gleefully played with her pussy, rubbing it both inside and out as she giggled, moaned, and even softly arched her hips as I slipped a finger inside her.

After a while I asked her to turn over on her tummy. She did, and I ran my hands up her thighs and over her two lusciously round, soft, and perfectly shaped ass cheeks. I knew I was close to finally exploding and I wanted the release terribly. I asked her if she knew what an orgasm was. She did not. I told her I needed to have one and that I would like her to watch. She turned over and sat on the bed looking at me. I started to stroke myself and it did not take long. I felt the familiar warm tingling in my balls that singled the start of a powerful orgasm. The warmth turned to heat and began to spread out of my balls and encompassed my entire lower half. Watching my sister closely as she watched me with mouth wide open and eyes agape with curiosity, the heat shot up my shaft and rocketed gloriously up a good three or four feet into the air! SQUIRT! SQUIRT! Each ejaculation sent shivers down to my toes and up to my fingers and I gasped again and again as I sprayed myself with cum. My sister, I could tell, was paralyzed with shock, surprise, and delight. When it was over she told me she had NO idea a penis could do that and she had a ton of questions about all of it.

Well, that was about it for that day, but it was not the last time we 'played' together. Most of the time, I instigated our 'sessions' but a couple times she came to me and asked if we could 'do some more exploring' (those were her own words). On the second go-around, we were again sitting on my bed both of us naked, and my sister asked me to make my penis 'do that squirting thing again.' I got bold and asked her if she would do the honors for me. At first she looked confused, so I explained that one of my dreams was to have an orgasm with somebody else rubbing my penis.

'Will any of that white stuff get on me?' she asked. I said it probably would, on her hands and arms, and that if that grossed her out she didn't need to do it. She asked what it felt like and I told her it was warm and a little sticky, kind of like maple syrup, but that it came off easily with very little clean up. She agreed to try. I laid down next to her and while she sat Indian style next to me, both of us naked, she took my shaft into her hands and started to stroke. At first she was gripping too hard, so I showed her how to let it slide gently against her skin, and soon she was rubbing me like an old pro at giving hand jobs.

It didn't take long, and pretty soon I shot a spiral of white cum upwards and over my head. I had told her ahead of time to NOT stop rubbing when the squirting began, as that was when the rubbing felt the very best. She performed masterfully and kept stroking even as her hands were dripping and covered in my cum. When it was over I helped clean it off me and her hands, and then I thanked her about 10,000 times!! It felt even better then I had ever imagined!!

Well, during the next couple of sessions, she obliged me a few more times, and it was heavenly each and every time. But more importantly, she also asked me to 'tickle' her vagina for her. I was happy to, as you can imagine. She told me that it felt wonderful when she rubbed herself just above her 'opening' as she called it (at the time neither of us knew what a clit was) and she showed me how she did it. I said I thought we should try that at the same time I slid a finger inside her, the same place a penis would go if she was having sex. She agreed, and pretty soon I was rubbing her on the inside with one finger and stroking her clit (although I didn't know to call it that) with my other hand.

As I did this she would close her eyes and gyrate her hips ever so softly and let out little moans of pleasure. I did this to her twice during two different 'sessions' before it finally happened. It was the third time, and I was doing exactly what I just described... one finger inside her and the other hand rubbing her clit, and she was laying there before me fully exposed and venerable to me, when all of a sudden it was like the energy of it all began to pick up. We both seemed to sense it, and the pace of her hip thrusting and moaning became faster. Pretty soon her fists were clenched and her face was all scrunched up and she said 'damn it, do NOT stop!' She began to wildly buck her hips and her moans became panting, and then I felt it... the inside of her pussy tightened around my finger, she arched her naked little hips WAY up into the air, and I noticed that my hand that had a finger inside of her had suddenly become drenched with a warm, heavy fluid that smelled strong and sweet. Following her instructions, I did not stop, but after a moment she yelled, 'STOP! STOP IT'S TOO MUCH!'

Afraid that I had hurt her, I pulled my finger out of her pussy and stopped rubbing with the other hand. 'What the HELL was that????' I laughed, because she normally never swore and she had just done it twice. But the truth was, I too was curious about what had just happened. I had no idea that girls could have orgasms. But before all of this 'exploring' came to an end, I had given her a few more.

Our 'sessions' slowly became further and further apart, and then they just stopped. By the time school started that fall they were a thing of the past. It was like we both knew the limits of a brother-sister relationship, neither of us wanted to cross that limit, and we both knew we had come as close to it as we could, and if we kept going it would be too much.

All in all, we had both used our hands to give each other about five or six orgasm each.

One thing that never did change, however, was that we never really stopped being shy about the other seeing us naked, and all the way to me going to college three years later, we didn't take any thought about sharing the bathroom or walking around with little or nothing on. It was a delight to watch her develop from the little budding thirteen year old with tiny bumps for breasts to a full fledged woman at the age of sixteen with size C boobs. The last time I ever saw her naked was a few days before I moved out of the house to go live in the dorms.

In the years since then (I am now 37) we have both gotten married and had kids, and we live at opposite ends of the country. We see each other at times like Christmas and summer vacations, but we have never talked about or mentioned our sessions of mutual exploration and fun.

My wife has no idea they ever happened, and I often wonder if she told her husband. My guess is she has not. But, sometimes I still think about those days when I jerk off. It's a grand memory.



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